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Enterprise Library Configuration Scenarios
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Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Overview
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$.getScript('jquery/UpdateContents.js', function() { GetContent(); });
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Modules are designed to ease the development process by allowing independent development of modules, which can be written in different .NET-supported languages. These modules are later combined into a single assembly. Modules are created with the C# compiler using the option /target:module, for example:
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Although not common, these problems are more probable when deriving from third-party classes, where it's not possible to coordinate versioning. To overcome these problems, C# offers two alternative approaches to member inheritance: overriding and hiding. qr code reader free
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Hold Mismatched Documents Selecting this option tells the spooler to check a document s properties against the printer properties and to hold the document in the queue if the properties don t match. For example, a mismatched document can occur when an application specifies a form that s not currently assigned to a printer tray. Correctly matched documents continue to print normally, bypassing any mismatched documents in the queue. Print Spooled Documents First Selecting this option directs the spooler to print documents that have completed spooling ahead of documents that are still spooling, even if the latter documents have a higher priority. When this option is cleared, the spooler selects the next document to print based only on its priority. Selecting this option maximizes printer efficiency because the print device doesn t have to wait for an incomplete, high-priority document to finish spooling before it can begin printing a complete, lower priority document. Keep Printed Documents When this option is selected, the spooler doesn t delete documents from the queue after they print. You can then reprint a document from the queue rather than from the program that created it, or you can delete the document manually. Enable Advanced Printing Features Selecting this option turns on metafile spooling for print jobs from Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 clients using Windows-based applications. Of more interest to most users, selecting this option enables new options in the common Print dialog box for some printers and some applications, such as Booklet Printing and Pages Per Sheet. The only reason to clear this option is if you have problems printing. Printing Defaults Clicking this button displays the printing defaults dialog box the same one that appears if you right-click a printer and choose Printing Preferences. In this dialog box, you specify default document settings for options such as orientation, two-sided printing, paper tray selection, and so on. Your settings here become the default settings for all users of the printer. (Another reason to create multiple logical printers for a single device: You might want to create printers with different default settings for different types of documents or for users with different needs.) Print Processor Clicking this button opens the Print Processor dialog box, a place you ll probably never need to venture. In a nutshell, it displays the available print processors (a print processor tells the spooler how to alter a print job depending on the document data type) and the default data type for the selected print processor. Separator Page Click this button to specify a separator page. A separator page prints before each document (much like a fax cover page) and identifies the name of the user who printed the job, the date and time it was sent, and other details. Using separator pages makes finding your document among a stack of others in the printer s output bin easier.
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When you get started with batching it takes time to understand its behavior, and even more effort to utilize it effectively. Batching over multiple values requires a deep understanding of how batching works. In this section we will take a closer look at batching, mostly through a series of examples. We will rst examine what the behavior is when we perform task batching with two different items. When a batched statement is encountered, MSBuild will create unique batches based on the item itself and the value for the metadata. What this means is that when you are using quali ed batching statements, no batch will contain references to more than one item.
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Area Test case execution Code coverage
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static void Main(string[] args) { new RSAExample(); }
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delegate void Action<T1, ..., T16>(T1 arg1, ..., T16 arg16);
Installing Team Build
Microsoft already applies a least-privilege security model to all of its services. Applying a least-privilege security model applies more to third-party and custom-developed services. Unfortunately, many software vendors are still slow to come around to the idea of threat modeling and least-privileged security, especially for services. If you install a new service and are unsure about its level of security, contact the software vendor. Using the Sc.exe command, enumerate the service s SID, SID Type, log-on account, and Required Privileges. If the privileges and permissions seem overly generous for the benefit the service is giving, consider contacting the vendor and asking for least-privilege assistance. If the vendor and/or the service does not practice least-privilege programming, consider removing the service and not using it. Nothing speaks louder to vendors than customer reaction and dollar votes.
Click the Migrate Exchange Server Mailboxes And Public Folders link to open the Windows Help le on migrating Microsoft Exchange. Carefully read the information in the help le, paying particular attention to the behavior of Microsoft Forefront for Exchange Server. If you installed Forefront as part of the SBS 2008 install, it will already be scanning mailboxes and will remove attachments that it considers dangerous. Warn your users before you start migrating their mailboxes to save any attachments they want to keep.
Selecting multiple networks, then right-clicking to bridge them
Public Enum LabelLocation As Long LabelLeft LabelAbove End Enum
Litware s ISP has allocated the public IP addresses through You install NAT and add the public and private interfaces. Internet connectivity is achieved, but users report that it can be quite slow. You use Network Monitor on Denver1 s public interface and discover that only two of the public IP addresses are being used. How do you ensure that all eight addresses are used
Part III:
Attempts to renew the DHCP lease Flushes the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache Reloads the NetBIOS cache Sends the NetBIOS computer name to Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) for an update Flushes the DNS cache Registers the name with the DNS server
When Parental Controls is in effect, it displays an icon in the notification area . Hovering the mouse pointer over the icon displays the current status of Parental Controls, including how much time remains until the user will be logged off .
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