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4 Silverlight XAML Basics
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Description Using this snap-in, you can start, stop, and configure services running on a local or remote computer . Most users access these tools using the Services console (Services .msc) or the Services And Applications node in the Computer Management console . With the help of this snap-in, you can view and manage shared folders, monitor current sessions, and see which network users have opened files on a local or remote computer . For more information, see Managing Shared Folders, in 13 . This snap-in provides a place to view, create, and manage scheduled tasks . For details, see Scheduling Tasks to Run Automatically, 29 . This snap-in configures Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security hardware . TPM hardware, which is incorporated on the motherboard of some computers, provides a method for managing cryptographic keys in a way that makes it virtually impossible for an unauthorized user (or thief) to decrypt information stored on the computer .
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The Cookieless Attribute
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Table 7-12
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Avoid Keyword Spamming
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Set the localization options and then click Next to open the Install Now page. Click Repair Your Computer to open the System Recovery Options dialog box shown in Figure 27-2. If you re restoring to a bare system, no operating system is shown, as in the gure.
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Name Resolution (2.0)
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{ } this.alPalindromes = new ArrayList();
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Testing by the developer is a key part of a full testing strategy. Independent testing is also important but is outside the scope of this book. Writing test cases before the code takes the same amount of time and effort as writing the test cases after the code, but it shortens defect-detectiondebug-correction cycles. Even considering the numerous kinds of testing available, testing is only one part of a good software-quality program. High-quality development methods, including minimizing defects in requirements and design, are at least as important. Collaborative development practices are also at least as effective at detecting errors as testing and detect different kinds of errors. You can generate many test cases deterministically using basis testing, dataflow analysis, boundary analysis, classes of bad data, and classes of good data. You can generate additional test cases with error guessing. Errors tend to cluster in a few error-prone classes and routines. Find that error-prone code, redesign it, and rewrite it. Test data tends to have a higher error density than the code being tested. Because hunting for such errors wastes time without improving the code, test-data errors are more aggravating than programming errors. Avoid them by developing your tests as carefully as your code. Automated testing is useful in general and essential for regression testing. In the long run, the best way to improve your testing process is to make it regular, measure it, and use what you learn to improve it.
Network Access Quarantine Control, a new feature in the Windows Server 2003 family, delays normal remote access to a private network until the configuration of the remote access computer has been examined and validated by an administratorprovided script. When a remote access computer initiates a connection to a remote access server, the user is authenticated and the remote access computer is assigned an IP address. However, the connection is placed in quarantine mode, in which network access is limited. The administrator-provided script is run on the remote access computer. When the script notifies the remote access server that it has suc cessfully run and the remote access computer complies with current network poli cies, quarantine mode is removed and the remote access computer is granted normal remote access. If the client computer does not pass quarantine, the server will drop the connection. Quarantine resources consist of servers that a remote access client in quarantine mode can access to perform name resolution (DNS servers), to obtain the latest ver sion of the script (file servers with anonymous access allowed), or to get instruc tions and components needed to make the remote access client comply with network policies (Web servers with anonymous access allowed).
Now, some developers were aware that the CLR supports both CLS- and non CLScompliant exceptions, and these developers might have written the two catch blocks (shown above) in order to catch both kinds of exceptions . If the above code is recompiled for CLR 2 .0 or later, the second catch block will never execute, and the C# compiler will indicate this by issuing a warning: "CS1058: A previous catch clause
By default, DHCP servers interact with DNS servers by performing dynamic updates of pointer (PTR) resource records on behalf of DHCP clients that are also DNS clients. You can modify this default behavior in various ways by changing the settings on both the DHCP-DNS client and on the DHCP server.
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