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RepeaterTest.aspx.cs has a single method that contains code critical to the operation of the Repeater control. In the Page_Load method, the following lines are most important: cn.Open(); Repeater1.DataSource= cmd.ExecuteReader( CommandBehavior.CloseConnection); this.DataBind(); First I open the previously created connection object. Next I set the DataSource property of the Repeater object to the return value from the ExecuteReader method of the SqlCommand object. ExecuteReader returns a DataReader object, and because I specify CommandBehavior.CloseConnection, the connection will be closed when the data reader is closed. Finally, I call DataBind. Once again, without this call, the data won t be bound, and nothing will be displayed in the Repeater control. And again, this code won t be added by the .NET Framework, nor by Visual Studio .NET. Whenever bound data doesn t appear, checking to see that DataBind is actually called (and called at the correct level) is critical.
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Conventions and Features Used in This Book
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Version control is indispensable on team projects. It s so effective that the applications division of Microsoft has found source-code version control to be a major competitive advantage (Moore 1992).
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Part V
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Loading http://localhost/hatshop/test_rest.php will show you XML data about Amazon s Super Hats (see Figure 17-5).
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The structure of the SUMIFS formulas in row 19 are very similar in terms of how they are created, but they are a bit more complicated . In Figure 10-17, three of these formulas are shown with their reference lines . If the principle sum there, find a search criterion there, use the criterion stored there is clear, then a formula such as
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Reflecting Over a Type s Interfaces
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Figure 5-4. Using the REPLACE function, you can add the brand name FabWear to the item names.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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s Whenever you run a database backup, make sure you enable the Quote Names option so that quotaTip
In previous versions of Visual Studio, ASP.NET developers were severely limited in the debugging they could do in client-side scripting. Some of the more industrious developers would find a third-party JavaScript debugging tool to assist them. However, the majority of developers would simply use hacks, such as adding alerts throughout their client-side scripting. When an alert was not hit, they could identify where the error had occurred and at least determine the basic location where attention was required. In Visual Studio 2008, JavaScript debugging is now integrated directly into the IDE, and believe it or not, it actually works! Figure 2-4 shows an example where a breakpoint was placed on a line of code in a local script section of an ASP.NET page. At this point, you are in Visual Studio s JavaScript debugger, and you can step through the code one line at a time. If a line of code references a function in an external script file (as in the example), that script file will be opened, and you will be able to debug that script file as well. In addition, you can hover the mouse over code and see the current value of the objects while you are debugging your application.
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Managed heap A C D
The following example demonstrates a native socket implementation of the simple time server from earlier in this chapter. A client connects, and the server writes out the current time:
Service Broker can commit updates to the message queue, database data, and application state in a simple database transaction . MSMQ requires a two-phase commit to do the same thing . Service Broker messages can be processed by any application that can establish a database connection to the SQL Server database . Applications that process MSMQ transactional messages must run on the same physical machine as the queue . MSMQ message ordering is assured within a single transaction . Service Broker message ordering in a dialog is assured across transactions, sending applications, and receiving applications . The maximum MSMQ message size is 4 MB . The maximum Service Broker message size is 2 GB . Service Broker activates another queue reader process only when the current processes aren t keeping up with the load, whereas MSMQ triggers fire for every message that arrives .
If the IsNavigationTarget method always returns true, regardless of the navigation parameters, that view instance will always be reused. This allows you to make sure that only one view of a particular type will be displayed in a particular region. Confirming or Canceling Navigation You will often find that you will need to interact with the user during a navigation operation, so that the user can confirm or cancel navigation. In many applications, for example, the user might try to navigate while in the middle of entering or editing data. In these situations, you may want to ask the user whether he or she wants to save or discard the data that has been entered before navigating away from the page, or whether the user wants to cancel the navigation operation altogether. Prism supports these scenarios via the IConfirmNavigationRequest interface. The IConfirmNavigationRequest interface derives from the INavigationAware interface and adds the ConfirmNavigationRequest method. By implementing this interface on your view or view model class, you allow them to participate in the navigation sequence in a way that allows them to interact with the user so that the user can confirm or cancel the navigation. You will often use an Interaction Request object, as described in Using Interaction Request Objects in 6, Advanced MVVM Scenarios, to display a confirmation pop-up window. Note: The ConfirmNavigationRequest method is called on the active view or view model, similar to the OnNavigatedFrom method described earlier. The ConfirmNavigationRequest method provides two parameters: a reference to the current navigation context, as described earlier, and a callback method that you can call when you want navigation to continue. For this reason, the callback is known as a continuation callback. You can store a reference to the continuation callback so the application can call it after it finishes interacting with the user. If your application interacts with the user through an Interaction Request object, you can chain the call to the continuation callback to the callback from the interaction request. The following diagram illustrates the overall process.
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