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A DBA could have a problem finding out exactly what part of a particular .NET assembly is loaded to the database . Fortunately, this problem can be easily mitigated . All .NET assemblies include metadata, describing all types (classes and structures) defined within it, including all public methods and properties of the types . In .NET, the System.Reflection namespace contains classes and interfaces that provide a managed view of loaded types . For a very detailed overview of a .NET assembly stored in the file system, you can use the Reflector for .NET, a very sophisticated tool created by Lutz Roeder . Because it is downloadable for free from his site at, it is very popular among .NET developers . Also, in his blog at, Miles Trochesset wrote a SQL Server CLR DDL trigger that is fired on the CREATE ASSEMBLY statement . The trigger automatically registers all CLR objects from the assembly, including UDTs, UDAs, UDFs, SPs, and triggers . I used both tools as a starting point to create my simplified version of a SQL Server CLR stored procedure . I thought that a DBA might prefer to read the assembly metadata from a stored procedure, not from an external tool (which Lutz Roeder s Reflector for .NET is) . I also thought that a DBA might just want to read the metadata first, not immediately register all CLR objects from the assembly the way that Miles Trochesset s trigger does . The GetAssemblyInfo procedure has to load an assembly from the sys.assemblies catalog view . To achieve this task, it has to execute a SqlCommand . SqlCommand needs a connection . In the GetEnvInfo procedure s code you saw the usage of the SqlContext class; now you need an explicit SqlConnection object . You can get the context of the caller s connection by using a new connection string option, Context connection = true . As in the GetEnvInfo procedure, you want to get the results in tabular format . Again you use the SqlDataRecord and SqlMetaData objects to shape the row returned . Remember that the SqlPipe object gives you the best performance to return the row to the caller . Before you can read the metadata of an assembly, you have to load it . The rest is quite easy . The GetTypes method of a loaded assembly can be used to retrieve a collection of all types defined in the assembly . The code retrieves this collection in an array . Then it loops through
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Each mass emailing method is explored in more detail in the following sub-sections.
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Select the Silverlight Application template type, and give your project a name and location. Click OK, and Visual Studio will start the New Silverlight Application Wizard, as shown in Figure 3-5. In this wizard, you have several options for creating and managing your Silverlight application. All Silverlight applications are built as user controls that can then be instantiated and hosted on a page. Thus, this discussion concentrates on how you will do this.
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Effective Permissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .217 217
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DNS design specifications recommend that at least two DNS servers be used to host each zone. For standard primary zones, a secondary server is required to allow the zone to appear to other DNS servers in the network. Secondary servers provide a means to offload DNS query traffic in areas of the network where a zone is heavily queried and used. Additionally, if a primary server is down, a secondary server provides name resolution in the zone until the primary server is available. The servers from which secondary servers acquire zone information are called mas ters. A master can be the primary server or another secondary server. You specify the secondary server s master servers when the server s secondary zone is created, through either the New Zone Wizard, the Configure A DNS Server Wizard, or command-line tools.
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At that first ASP.NET author s summit, I happened to get teamed up with G. Andrew Duthie of Graymad Enterprises for a hands-on exercise. Since then, we have corresponded and commiserated through e-mail and in person at various conferences. Andrew s book on ASP.NET should be finished real soon now, and I encourage you to take a look at it when it hits the shelves. Andrew is perhaps the most outspoken proponent of Microsoft technology that I know, and he uses that technology to do some neat things. Others who I trust for technical feedback and just plain advice include Ed Colosi, Tom Dignan, Michael Zaccardi, and Sue Shaw. Claudette Moore, my agent, worked harder on this book than she might on some others. Thank you for getting in there and helping me organize my thoughts. Writing a book for Microsoft Press is different than most other book-writing experiences. But writing this book was different than even the normal Microsoft Press experience. This is not exactly the book I had initially planned, due in part to the huge success of ASP.NET, even in beta. Because of this unexpected success, it was important to get the book out there, even if that meant some last-minute changes. My editor, Sally Stickney; Jennifer Harris, the manuscript editor; David Clark, the acquisitions editor; and Robert Lyon, the technical editor, have all been amazing even in the face of seemingly unreasonable deadlines, the normal beta software weirdness, and my constantly remembering one more great thing I needed to add. Robert especially has saved me from myself on more than one occasion. Thanks! Of course, living with an author while he or she is writing a book can be quite an experience as well. Erin, my daughter, has ensured that I continue to be involved in some of the finer things in life, such as Ani DiFranco s music. I can t wait for that concert coming up! My son, Tim, reminded me all summer how important exercise is, and I really did listen. Thanks for the walks and the bike rides! Jean, my wife of 23 years, has long been the rock that grounds our family. While I may drift off on this or that tangent, Jean is the one who makes sure everything that needs to be done gets done. In the case of our family, that includes almost daily dealings with one health insurance company or another. For that alone, she has earned a seat in heaven. Of course, there s much more than that. You know that whole, In sickness and in health, for better or worse agreement Jean really meant it! There has been more health than sickness, and more better than worse, but you really know someone will be there for you when they are there for you at the worst time of your life and show no signs of giving up on you. Jean, may we spend forever together, with 100-year extensions!
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Part V
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new DataContext(cnnString))
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Clicking the Repair button on the Support tab of a connection s status dialog box (shown in Figure 8-6) performs the following six functions in sequence: 1. Broadcast a DHCP Request message to renew the currently assigned client IP address. (This step is performed only if the client is a DHCP client.) This function is similar to the one provided by the Ipconfig /renew command, but in the case of the Ipconfig /renew command, the request to renew the cur rently active IP address is sent by unicast, not broadcast, to the DHCP server that assigned the address. If no address ( is currently assigned to the client, the first step performed by the Repair button (as with the Ipconfig /renew command) is to broadcast a DHCP Discover packet to the network. 2. Flush the ARP cache. This step is the functional equivalent of entering arp d * at a command prompt. 3. Flush the NetBIOS cache. This step is the functional equivalent of entering the nbtstat R command at a command prompt. 4. Flush the DNS cache. This step is the functional equivalent of entering the ipconfig /flushdns command at a command prompt. 5. Reregister the client s NetBIOS name and IP address with a WINS server. This step is the functional equivalent of entering the nbtstat RR command at a command prompt. 6. Reregister the client s computer name and IP address with DNS. This step is the functional equivalent of entering the ipconfig /registerdns command at a command prompt.
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For all but the simplest of applications, application resources whether text, data such as XML-encoded default configurations, images, or sounds play a key role. Over time, different operating systems and application frameworks have tackled the problem of carrying resources differently; some using parts of an application s binary, others using data files in specific locations or hidden from the user. Qt provides a simple solution to the problem that works across all platforms, encoding resources as a part of the application binary s static read-only segment. Qt utility classes that deal with files can load any application resource as well. Qt accomplishes this by providing a resource compiler, rcc, as part of its tool chain; the resource compiler takes a collection of resources you specify and includes a copy of the binary data for each resource in the application binary. At runtime, you access the resources using QFile by providing a file path to the resource as defined in the collection of resources at compile time. You simply need only precede the path to the resource with a colon character to indicate that the path is to a resource instead of a file on the file system. Because most Qt classes that work with data can take data from files, in practice loading data from application resources is trivial for you to implement.
8 These lines pick up the case that might fall through the cracks if the loop went by twos instead of by ones.
Clarifying Each Key Point Headline with Its Explanation Headlines
FIguRE 4-1 SDK documentation showing namespace and assembly information for a type
It is also possible to use HTTParty within a class to provide a better abstraction. For example, you could create a Twitter class like so to tidy things up: require 'rubygems' require 'httparty' class Twitter include HTTParty base_uri '' def self.public_timeline get('/statuses/public_timeline.json') end end Twitter.public_timeline.each do |item| puts item['user']['screen_name'] end It s more lines of code, but it s a lot more extensible than the first example. In this case, you ve included the methods the HTTParty class provides into your own Twitter class. The base_uri method has been used to provide a base URL to be used on all outgoing requests, and a public_timeline class method does the HTTP GET request for you. If you wished, you could now create more methods to cover various other features of the Twitter API. HTTParty goes a lot further than this (with authentication support, for example), and you can learn more by following the links in the following section.
28. Managing Construction
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