net qr code reader open source Figure 3-32. Nonclustered index seek + ordered partial scan + lookups against a heap in .NET

Encoding QR Code in .NET Figure 3-32. Nonclustered index seek + ordered partial scan + lookups against a heap

The subquery's filter is a bit tricky because ordering/precedence is determined by two attributes: OrderDate (ordering column) and OrderID (tiebreaker). Had the request been for precedence based on a single columnsay, OrderID alonethe filter would have been much simplerO.OrderID < Cur.OrderID. Because two attributes are involved, "previous" rows are identified with a logical expression that says: inner_sort_col < outer_sort_col or (inner_sort_col = outer_sort_col and inner_tiebreaker < outer_tiebreaker). This query generates the execution plan shown in Figure 7-6, with an I/O cost of 3,533 logical reads.
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Part II Designing Types
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Part I
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By default, the Information zone contains the BookFinder Web part, and the Miscellaneous zone contains two other sample Web parts MyFavorites (mentioned earlier) and MsNbcWeather. The MyFavorites Web part reads a list of favorite links out of a serverside XML file and displays them through its user interface. The DataSetDataSource class (see 6) is used to load the XML data and bind it to the user interface.
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Creating an ASP.NET Web Service
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Similar to sub-grids, you can configure a number of options to ensure that your web resources display as you want them to on your form, including:
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Type x_string_type = typeof(System.String); BindingFlags x_flags = BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Instance; ConstructorInfo[] x_constructors = x_string_type.GetConstructors(x_flags);
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Element The tag name
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Most of the data types LINQ supports are covered in detail throughout the rest of this chapter. The next section covers some of the basics of writing queries against LINQ to Objects, whereas Lesson 2 focuses on LINQ to DataSet, LINQ to SQL, and LINQ to Entities.
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Figure 3-7. Two departments with the same name Look at this table, and then find the description of the Costume Hats department. Yep, we have a problem two departments with the same name Costume Hats (the name isn t unique). If you queried the table using the name column, you would get two results. To solve this problem, you use a primary key, which allows you to uniquely identify a specific row out of many rows. Technically, the primary key is not a column itself. Instead, the PRIMARY KEY is a constraint that when applied on a column guarantees that the column will have unique values across the table.
To remove a name from the Group Or User Names list, select it and click Remove . To add a name to the list, click Add to open the Select Users Or Groups dialog box, where you can enter the names of the users and groups you want to add .
Figure 9-1. A tree
custid -----A B C D 2006 ----------2 1 1 1 2007 ----------1 1 1 0 2008 ----------1 1 1 0
The versions of the WaitOne, WaitAll, and SignalAndWait that do not accept a timeout parameter should be prototyped as having a void return type, not Boolean . The reason is because these methods will return only true since the implied timeout is infinite (System.Threading.Timeout.Infinite) . When you call any of these methods, you do not need to check their return value . As already mentioned, the AutoResetEvent, ManualResetEvent, Semaphore, and Mutex classes are all derived from WaitHandle, so they inherit WaitHandle s methods and their behavior . However, these classes introduce additional methods of their own, and I ll address those now . First, the constructors for all of these classes internally call the Win32 CreateEvent (passing FALSE for the bManualReset parameter) or CreateEvent (passing TRUE for the bManualReset parameter), CreateSemaphore, or CreateMutex functions . The handle value returned from all of these calls is saved in a private SafeWaitHandle field defined inside the WaitHandle base class . Second, the EventWaitHandle, Semaphore, and Mutex classes all offer static OpenExisting methods, which internally call the Win32 OpenEvent, OpenSemaphore, or OpenMutex functions, passing a String argument that identifies an existing named kernel object . The handle
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