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Objective 1.2
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Instead of using an outer join query, you can use a cross join, with a filter that matches orders to steps, and the GROUP BY ALL option which insures that also empty steps will also be returned: SELECT step, COUNT(qty) AS numcusts FROM dbo.fn_histsteps(10) AS S, dbo.Orders AS O WHERE qty >= lb AND qty < hb GROUP BY ALL step;
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Let s now take a closer look at the design details of the chart, with reference to Figure 9-8 . In the adjacent worksheet, RawVersion 1, an open format is used for the same model . You can also follow the information there, as it provides a better overview . Naturally, in a real-life report model of this kind, there are fixed value constellations . The dynamics of such solutions would be, for example, that you use controls to call different survey topics and their results . However, in this example, this option is simulated with F9 for testing purposes . Additionally, you can customize the initial situation and the value constellations in the chart data source as you like . You should note:
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view state With view state, data is stored within controls on a page. For example, if a user types an address into a TextBox and view state is enabled, the address will remain in the TextBox between requests.
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Applies to web client No Applies to Outlook client Yes (offline client only)
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(NAS) solutions can provide a cost-effective way to increase the storage exibility of your SBS network. Many of the available solutions, especially at the lower end of the price range, are designed more for home networks and digital media sharing than for business networks. However, there are also excellent NAS servers available that are based on Microsoft Windows Storage Server. These provide the greatest exibility and support for an SBS network, and we prefer them when adding a NAS to an SBS network. For more on Windows Storage Server powered NAS servers, see http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserversystem/wss2003. Another interesting option (and one we ll discuss in much greater detail later in 16) is Windows Home Server. Although it is not designed primarily as a NAS, it supports much of the same functionality, while adding in the ability to do client backups very ef ciently. If your need for a NAS is primarily to add some nearline storage for occasional use les or to store local backups, we think Windows Home Server is a very interesting alternative, and one we re using on our personal SBS network.
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On the last line, the C# compiler emits an IL instruction to unbox o (get the address of the fields in the boxed instance) and another IL instruction to copy the fields from the heap to the stack-based variable p . Now look at this code:
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Suppose that you want to add a data entry form to a Customers List. With the Customers List tab selected, click the Create tab and select one of the form commands (for example, click Form). The form is displayed in the work area in Layout View so that you can modify it as needed (see Figure 9-9). The Form Tools contextual command tabs are available, providing a set of tools you can use to customize the form to fit your needs.
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Thread State Becomes Unstarted Running Running WaitSleepJoin WaitSleepJoin Running SuspendRequested Suspended Running AbortRequested Stopped Stopped
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Are you using user-level certificate authentication with EAP-TLS If
FIGURE 4-65 Execution plan for query against the BigSessions table with inadequate sample data
C. Netdiag.exe
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