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<location path="ListUsers.aspx"> <system.web> <authentication mode="forms"> <forms loginUrl="AdminLogin.aspx" protection="All"/> </authentication> <authorization> <allow users="admin"/> <deny users="*"/> </authorization> </system.web> </location>
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The Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista, the next-generation operating system from Microsoft, have been going through their beta cycles at the same time. As we near the release date for both products, excitement is building and users are eager to see how both releases will work together to provide an optimum experience in both application and system software. Although older versions of Microsoft Office will run on Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system is designed to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities of the new operating system. Here are just a few of the improvements you can expect to see when you use the 2007 release with Windows Vista:
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As you did in the Key Point layout, add a rectangle to ll the left side of the slide. In keeping with color theory, ll this rectangle with a different color that in combination with the layout will call attention to these Explanation slides second, after the Key Point slides. As you did earlier with the Key Point custom layout, select the rectangle and placeholder and send them to the back, drag the headline over the box on the left side, and change the font color if you need to make it more legible. Change the text in the title area to read Click to edit Explanation headline.
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The MemoryStream is created using the byte array representing the word Java. The second argument in the constructor indicates that the stream should allow write operations. A series of write operations alters the content of the stream, replacing Java with .NET. Finally the contents of the stream are written to the console.
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BrowseDisplayMode DesignDisplayMode EditDisplayMode
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to connect to a virtual oppy disk (.vfd) le as if it were a physical oppy drive.
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This query produces the following output:
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Perform the following tests to confirm that the VPN connection is working correctly: 1. On CLIENT2, ping CLIENT1 at its IP address of to test whether the Seattle subnet is now reachable. 2. To confirm that the packets crossed the VPN connection on CLIENT2, type tracert at a command prompt. Results that are similar to the following indicate that the connection is working:
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FIGURE 8-13 Verifying information for your certificate
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15 Dialog Processes
Because Windows Server 2003 recommends that a computer running the DHCP ser vice have its IP address statically configured, be sure the server computer has its IP address either outside of, or excluded from, the range of the scope.
// Implicitly derived from Object class Employee { ... } // Explicitly derived from Object class Employee : System.Object { ... }
One big advantage of query strings is that their data is included in bookmarks and in URLs sent by email. In fact, query strings are the only way to enable a user to include state data when copying and pasting a URL to another user. For that reason, you should use query strings for any information that uniquely identifies a webpage, even if you are also using another state-management technique.
The Name Manager dialog box also contains a Refers To text box, in which you can enter the name s cell reference . You can also make any necessary corrections here . You ll also find the list of assigned range names in the Go To dialog box (shortcut: F5) . From there, simply double-click a name to locate and select the corresponding range . Finally, you can also use the Paste Name dialog box (shortcut: F3) . However, you can t check the assignment of names here . As you ll see later, this dialog box is useful as a very efficient way to determine the use of range names in formulas .
A CASE expression with no ELSE clause has an implicit ELSE NULL.
called a method written in another language, and that method threw a non CLScompliant exception, the C# code would not catch this exception at all, leading to some security vulnerabilities . In version 2 .0 of the CLR, Microsoft introduced a new RuntimeWrappedException class (defined in the System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace) . This class is derived from Exception, so it is a CLS-compliant exception type . The RuntimeWrappedException class contains a private field of type Object (which can be accessed by using RuntimeWrappedException s WrappedException read-only property) . In version 2 .0 of the CLR, when a non CLS-compliant exception is thrown, the CLR automatically constructs an instance of the RuntimeWrappedException class and initializes its private field to refer to the object that was actually thrown . In effect, the CLR now turns all non CLS-compliant exceptions into CLS-compliant exceptions . Any code that now catches an Exception type will catch non CLS-compliant exceptions, which fixes the potential security vulnerability problem . Although the C# compiler allows developers to throw Exception-derived objects only, prior to C# version 2 .0, the C# compiler did allow developers to catch non CLS-compliant exceptions by using code like this:
An alternative approach is to define an importing constructor on the view, as shown in the following example.
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