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Symbol Arrow Key Globe Meaning An arrow indicates an HTTP 302 redirect. A key indicates a Kerberos ticket transaction (the 401 code indicates that authentication is required). A globe indicates a response to a successful request, which means that the user can access a Web site.
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Lesson 1: Creating User Controls
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SET STATISTICS PROFILE ON returns information similar to SET SHOWPLAN_ALL ON. There are two differences, however. SET STATISTICS PROFILE is active during statement execution, which is when it produces additional information alongside the actual result of the query. (The statement must
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ownership and recursion is phenomenally expensive because the lock must keep track of all the reader threads that it has let into the lock and keep a separate recursion count for each reader thread . In fact, to maintain all this information in a thread-safe way, the ReaderWriterLockSlim internally uses a mutually exclusive spinlock! No, I m not kidding . The ReaderWriterLockSlim class offers additional methods (not shown earlier) that allow a reading thread to upgrade itself to a writer thread . Later, the thread can downgrade itself back to a reader thread . The thinking here is that a thread could start reading the data and based on the data s contents, the thread might want to modify the data . To do this, the thread would upgrade itself from a reader to a writer . Having the lock support this behavior deteriorates the lock s performance, and I don t think that this is a useful feature at all . Here s why: A thread can t just turn itself from a reader into a writer . Other threads may be reading, too, and these threads will have to exit the lock completely before the thread trying to upgrade is allowed to become a writer . This is the same as having the reader thread exit the lock and then immediately acquire it for writing . Note The FCL also ships a ReaderWriterLock construct, which was introduced in the Microsoft qr code reader
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One of the best examples of custom handling is the Trace handler built into ASP .NET . 17, Diagnostics and Debugging, describes tracing . You turn tracing on in the web .config file by inserting the trace element, <trace enabled=true /> . This instructs the ASP .NET runtime to store summaries of the requests going through the site so that they can be viewed for diagnostic purposes . ASP .NET caches the tracing output in memory . To view the trace results, you surf to the virtual directory managing the site and ask for a specific resource: Trace .axd . Take a look at Listing 19-1 and you ll see the first entry among all the standard HTTP handlers is for a resource named Trace.axd . The tracing functionality behind ASP .NET falls outside of normal UI processing, so it makes sense that tracing is handled by a custom handler .
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Lesson 1
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The full Aero user experience is available only on premium editions of Windows Vista with hardware that meets the Aero standards. With all editions, the Windows Vista Basic interface is the default choice on systems with underpowered video hardware and is a user-selectable option in all editions.
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dependencies A CacheDependency object identifies a file or a key to another item in the cache. When the file or related cached item is changed, this will trigger this cached object to be removed from the cache.
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The access method covering nonclustered index seek + ordered partial scan is almost identical to the previously described access method, with the only difference being that the former uses a covering
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Combining Managed Modules into Assemblies
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Within this solution, you can identify all the elements I used in the previous solution. The inputs to the PIVOT operator are as follows:
Part I CLR Basics
Setting rights and permissions for groups and assigning groups to use shared fold-
hen you decline an update, it disappears from the SBS Updates page completely. There s really no way to change your mind and decide to deploy it
A user enters an address, such as, into the web browser. The web browser connects by using HTTP and sends a GET request, such as GET / (to retrieve the root page), to the web server. The web server processes the requested page. This action might cause the server to return static HTML or image files, or it might execute ASP.NET code that performs workflow tasks or connects to a database. The web server uses HTTP to send a response back to the web browser. If the request was processed successfully, the web server returns the HTTP status code 200, along with an HTML document. If the server cannot find the page, it returns the code 404. If the user requests an outdated or relocated page, the server returns the code 302 and the new URL so that the browser can access the correct page. This is known as redirection. Several other responses are possible as well, depending on the particular situation. The user s web browser then processes the response by displaying the HTML page (if the code was 200), showing an error message (if the code was 404), or loading a different page (if the code was 302). Other server responses are similarly handled by the browser, depending upon the response.
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