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How does OFFSET create this array Let s take a look at the following comparison . The relevant part of the formula is on the left and the syntax for comparison purposes is on the right:
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Figure 6-3. Adding the StartingHands.cs class to the project
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15 . . Now run the page again . Switch to Catalog mode . Select the A TextBox check box, and click Add .to add a TextBox to the Try These Links zone . (This might not seem too interesting yet . However, in the next exercise, you write a hyperlink Web Part that you can add to the links page from the catalog and then update it with your own links and display names .)
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to create them, or simply don t see the benefits. The benefits are significant: code can be reused; there is less code to support; there is a single source for updates; developers can quickly compose pages made up of multiple bits of functionality; and more. These benefits are hard to ignore. I therefore recommend that teams start by at least creating user controls for almost everything. User controls are as easy to create as a webpage (often becoming even easier as the developed functionality is further encapsulated) and provide most of the big benefits of custom web controls. Think user control first and you will start to see these benefits in your code base. As you develop your site, you will undoubtedly discover those bits of functionality that would be useful to both your site and to other sites you plan to build (or sites that others in your organization will build). In this case, you should first determine whether this functionality is specific to your business domain. If it is not, you might want to seek out controls that already offer this functionality. You can typically download very good controls for a reasonable price. If the functionality is specific to your domain and used across sites, you should seek sponsorship from management for turning that functionality into a custom web server control. You will be glad you did every time someone adds that control to a page.
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In this case, the composite application allows the UI to be composed dynamically. This delivers a flexible user experience. For example, it can allow new functionality to be dynamically added to the application at run time, which enables rich end-user customization and extensibility. Although Prism helps you to address many of the challenges you might face when building WPF or Silverlight applications, there are many other challenges that you might face, depending on your application scenario and requirements. For example, Prism does not directly address the following topics: Occasional connectivity and data synchronization Service and messaging infrastructure design Authentication and authorization
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Issue the following code, which rst removes Aaron and his subordinates and then displays the resulting tree:
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Figure 9-4 Even if it doesn t look like one: a line chart with three data series .
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Several factors contribute to the difference between a great test case and a poor test case. Some of these factors include the following: Purpose Identify why this test case is important and what it does. The purpose could be to verify specific functionality, verify error handling, verify a specific situation, or some other specific purpose. Conditions Identify which aspects of the environment are important or unimportant. State whether the test needs to run on specific hardware or a specific operating system, if other software is required, or if additional preconditions are necessary. Specific inputs and steps List all steps required to accurately and repeatedly run the test case. Predicted results Provide information that allows whoever runs the test to determine correctly whether the test has passed or failed. Other attributes of a test case specify where and when a test case is run. These attributes include the following:
LPCWSTR lpName BOOL DD_PulseEvent ( HANDLE hEvent ) ; BOOL DD_ResetEvent ( HANDLE hEvent ) ; BOOL DD_SetEvent ( HANDLE hEvent ) ; #endif // _DD_FUNCS_H
Aside from guessing that errors show up around boundary conditions, you can guess about and test for several other classes of bad data. Typical bad-data test cases include Too little data (or no data) Too much data The wrong kind of data (invalid data) The wrong size of data Uninitialized data
A Microsoft Of ce PowerPoint 2007 presentation like a story is a sequence of ideas over a nite period of time. People naturally follow this linear structure when they tell one another stories, whether in person or in novels and lms. The beginning of a story de nes your speci c opportunity to lay down the sequence of ideas that will make the most ef cient use of your audiences limited capacity for new information and your limited time to make a rst impression. If this sequence is put together well, it can quickly and ef ciently engage your audience.
Test Type s Fields and Methods (Obtained from Metadata)
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Figure 10-22. An example of inline properties overriding style properties Notice that even though FontSize was defined inline, the control still picked up the remaining properties from TextBoxStyle. However, a locally defined style will prevent any properties from being applied from an application-level style.
{ } ~CleanUpCrashHandler ( void ) { // Are there any outstanding memory allocations if ( NULL != g_ahMod ) { VERIFY ( HeapFree ( GetProcessHeap ( ) , 0 g_ahMod g_ahMod = NULL ; // FIXED BUG - Thanks to Gennady Mayko. g_uiModCount = 0 ; } if ( NULL != g_pfnOrigFilt ) { // Restore the original unhandled exception filter. SetUnhandledExceptionFilter ( g_pfnOrigFilt ) ; g_pfnOrigFilt = NULL ; } } } ; // The static class static CleanUpCrashHandler g_cBeforeAndAfter ; /*///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// // Crash Handler Function Implementation /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///*/ BOOL __stdcall SetCrashHandlerFilter ( PFNCHFILTFN pFn ) { // A NULL parameter unhooks the callback. if ( NULL == pFn ) { if ( NULL != g_pfnOrigFilt ) { // Restore the original unhandled exception filter. SetUnhandledExceptionFilter ( g_pfnOrigFilt ) ; 472 , ) ) ;
You can create a UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY constraint on a computed column that invokes a UDF . Keep in mind that both constraints create a unique index under the covers . This means that the target computed column and the UDF it invokes must meet indexing guidelines . For example, the UDF must be schema bound (created with the SCHEMABINDING option); the computed column must be deterministic and precise or deterministic and persisted, and so on . You can find the details about indexing guidelines for computed columns and UDFs in SQL Server Books Online . The following code attempts to add to T1 a computed column called col1 which invokes the AddOne UDF and create a UNIQUE constraint on that column:
4 Personalization: User Profiles and Themes
Figure 9-2. Employee Organizational Chart
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