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10 Mbps Ethernet
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} } this.surveySqlStore .SaveSurvey(tenant.SqlAzureConnectionString, surveyData); }
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As with DataCash, you ll have to modify the PsCheckFunds and PsTakePayment classes to use the new functionality. Remember that you can use the files from the Source Code Download section of the Apress web site ( instead of typing the code yourself. The final modifications involve changing the pipeline section classes that deal with credit card transactions (PsCheckFunds and PsTakePayment). We ve already included the infrastructure for storing and retrieving authentication code and reference information via the OrderProcessor::SetOrderAuthCodeAndReference method.
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namespace Ch6_WCFService.Web { [ServiceContract(Namespace = "")] [AspNetCompatibilityRequirements(RequirementsMode = AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsMode.Allowed)] public class StartingHandService { [OperationContract] public void DoWork() { // Add your operation implementation here return; } // Add more operations here and mark them // with [OperationContract] } }
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The text for object 'Sales.CustsWithOrders' is encrypted.
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Although the ability to remember and recognize networks is more important on mobile computers, it may still be useful to have a deeper understanding of how Windows determines what kind of network it is connected to. When a domain-joined computer successfully logs onto its domain, the domain profile is automatically applied you cannot specify this profile, as shown in Figure 5-9. When the computer is connected to a network that is protected by a perimeter firewall, you can select the private profile if you have administrative privileges. When the computer is connected directly to the Internet, you should select the public profile. You probably noticed that the dialog box presents three choices, but note that selecting either Work or Home will cause the private profile to be applied. In the event of a network change, such as a new IP address or a new network interface, the Network Location Awareness (NLA) service notes the change. NLA creates a database of previously used networks so that it can recognize them when the computer reconnects to them. The database includes information about which interface is connected to the network,
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Planning Your SBS Network
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Note: In Silverlight, imported properties and fields must be public.
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Three Things to Try
Personally, I think these disadvantages are quite minor . Nevertheless, programming languages and the CLR offer a mechanism called properties that alleviates the first disadvantage a little and removes the second disadvantage entirely . The class shown here uses properties and is functionally identical to the class shown earlier:
In the System.Threading.Thread autoexpand, I'm just interested in the Name property, so I place this value in the file: <System.Threading.Thread>=Name=<Name> Figure 6-3 shows the result of adding the expansion in the Watch window. The icing on the cake is shown in Figure 6-4, in which you can see that the tool tip shows the autoexpand as well. Included with this book's sample files is my MCEE_CS.DAT file, in which I added common autoexpands I thought Microsoft forgot, such as the StringBuilder class. You can use it as a base for starting your own expansion files.
Part IV
Of course, SQL Server has no reason to change the order of the rows in the output if it scans them in index order or sorts them to lter the requested number of rows, but the point I m trying to make is that in this case presentation order in the output is not guaranteed. Programmers who don t understand this point or the difference between a table and a cursor try to exploit the TOP option in absurd ways, for example, by trying to create a sorted view:
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