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ViewState[Text] = value; if (this.CheckForPalindrome()) { if (PalindromeFound != null) { PalindromeFound(this, EventArgs.Empty); } }
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if ( Condition 1 ) { x = a; } else { x = b; } if ( Condition 2 ) { y = x + 1; } else { y = x - 1; }
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Encryption comes in many shapes and sizes and continues to be a hot topic. There is no definitive solution to encrypting data, although there is plenty of advice on the subject. In general, the two forms of encryption are Symmetric encryption: A single key is used both to encrypt and decrypt data. Asymmetric encryption: Separate keys are used to encrypt and decrypt data. The encryption key is commonly known as the public key, and anyone can use it to encrypt information. The decryption key is known as the private key because it can only be used to decrypt data that has been encrypted using the public key. The encryption key (public key) and the decryption key (private key) are mathematically related and are always generated in pairs. The public key and private key can t be obtained one from another. If you have a public key/private key pair, you can send the public key to parties that need to encrypt information for you. You will be the only one who knows the private key associated with that public key, thus the only one able to decrypt the information. Although asymmetric encryption is more secure, it also requires much more processing power. Symmetric encryption is faster but can be less secure because both the encryptor and decryptor have knowledge of a single key. With symmetric encryption, the encryptor needs to send the key to the decryptor. With Internet communications, there is often no way of ensuring that this key remains a secret from third parties when it is sent to the encryptor. Asymmetric encryption gets around this by using key pairs. There is never a need for the decryption key to be divulged, so it s much more difficult for a third party to break the encryption. Because it requires a lot more processing power, however, the practical method of operation is to use asymmetric encryption to exchange a symmetric key over the Internet, which is then used for symmetric encryption safe in the knowledge that this key has not been exposed to third parties.
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Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (A 180-day evaluation edition of Win dows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition is included on the CD-ROM.)
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new system I m implementing. When I was first getting started, I would simply throw away the installer image file once it finished. I thought that the package could always be downloaded again later if I needed it. Several times after having a system fault, however, I found that the version used on the system was no longer available. The package had been upgraded, sometimes making it incompatible with the data and configuration of the older version. Worse still, the developer sometimes would simply evaporate, and I had no way of obtaining a critical installer. For these reasons, I suggest downloading and backing up the virgin installer just in case. Try to avoid web or Internet installers unless you have no choice.
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Note .rb is the de facto standard file extension for Ruby files, much like .php is standard for PHP, .txt is common for text files, and .jpg is standard for JPEG images.
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The Ruby interpreter has a number of options. You can ask the Ruby interpreter to print out its version details using the -v (version) option: ruby -v
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You don t have to be a Harry Potter fan to appreciate the hazards of time travel. Here are some to be aware of:
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Monitoring Network Performance 12-15
1. Log on to Computer1 as Administrator. 2. Open a command prompt. 3. At the prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns, and then press Enter. This purges the DNS Client service cache on the local computer. 4. At the prompt, type nbtstat R, and then press Enter. This purges the NetBIOS name cache on the local computer. 5. Open Network Monitor. 6. From the Capture menu, select Networks. 7. In the Select A Network window, configure Network Monitor to capture traffic on the local area network (LAN) and not the dial-up connection. 8. In Network Monitor, start a new capture. 9. Switch back to the command prompt, type ping computer2, and press Enter. 10. After you receive four replies from Computer2, switch back to Network Monitor, and click the Stop And View Capture button on the toolbar to stop and view the capture. The Capture window opens, displaying the frames you have just captured. 11. Look at the protocols listed in the new network capture. In Network Monitor, NBT represents NetBT, and DNS represents Domain Name System. Based on the protocol you see in this capture and on the description pro vided for given frames, determine whether NetBIOS name resolution or DNS name resolution has been used to resolve the computer name Computer2. Why has this method been used and not the other method Write your answer in the space provided.
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The Create Record action is used in the same manner for dialog processes as it is for workflow processes. When creating a record, you can assign values to the fields in the record with static information, dynamic values from the primary entity or related entities, or with data that is collected in the dialog process, including input arguments, variables, response values, and process conditions. This is very powerful because the information that is collected before and during a dialog process can be stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for future reference. No more asking your customers for the same information over and over again!
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