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Printing QR in .NET Figure 3-5 shows the trace data loaded with Profiler.

Union i2], [i1 Intersect i2], Minus i2];
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The existence of a manifest provides a level of indirection between consumers of the assembly and the partitioning details of the assembly and makes assemblies self-describing . Also, note that the file containing the manifest has metadata information that indicates which files are part of the assembly, but the individual files themselves do not have metadata information that specifies that they are part of the assembly . Note The assembly file that contains the manifest also has an AssemblyRef table in it . This table
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The first type is a network access server running Routing And Remote Access. The second type is a RADIUS proxy running IAS.
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ISA Server
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Server Cache on the server . ServerAndNoCache Specify that the content is cached at the server but all others are explicitly denied the ability to cache the response . ServerAndPrivate Specify that the response is cached at the server and at the client but nowhere else; proxy servers are not allowed to cache the response .
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The first solution I ll present is one where I use a CTE to calculate the maximum order date per customer, and then in the outer query join the Orders table with the CTE to return the orders with the maximum order date for each customer, like so:
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If you have not worked with fundamental Windows security constructs before, you have a lot of alien terms to learn. Even if you have worked with security infrastructure in other operating systems, some unique terminology is used in Windows. This section will define the major concepts used in access control in Windows.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Note In a real-world situation, you would probably design the whole database (or at least all the tables
Now I d like to give you a sense of how it works . Internally, the class has an Int32 field for the state of the lock, a Semaphore object that reader threads block on, and an AutoResetEvent
FIGURE 11-13 Associating the togglePhoneFields method to the Phone field s event handler
Using a Visual Studio Web Site
class MailManager { // The MailMsgEventArgs type is defined within the MailManager type. public class MailMsgEventArgs : EventArgs { // 1. Type defining information passed to receivers of the event public MailMsgEventArgs( String from, String to, String subject, String body) { this.from this.subject this.body } public readonly String from, to, subject, body; = = = = from; to; subject; body;
1 The CLR s Execution Model
VineyardRRAS and WineryRRAS maintain up-to date routing tables.
This query generates the following output:
WTExample!_RTC_CheckEsp WTExample!Fa WTExample!Mi WTExample!_RTC_CheckEsp WTExample!Mi WTExample!Re WTExample!_RTC_CheckEsp WTExample!Re WTExample!Do WTExample!_RTC_CheckEsp WTExample!Do WTExample!Baz WTExample!_RTC_CheckEsp WTExample!Baz WTExample!Bar WTExample!_RTC_CheckEsp WTExample!Bar WTExample!Foo WTExample!_RTC_CheckEsp WTExample!Foo WTExample!_RTC_CheckEsp
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