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COURSE SENIOR JUNIOR ------ -------- -------JAV 7566 7876 SQL> This solution uses a join, for a change. 3. Which employees never taught a course Solution 9-3a. Using NOT IN SQL> select e.* 2 from employees e 3 where e.empno not in (select o.trainer
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ENAME -------JONES BLAKE CLARK SCOTT KING FORD select e1.ename from employees e1 where exists (select e2.mgr from employees e2 where e1.empno = e2.mgr); ENAME -------JONES BLAKE CLARK SCOTT KING FORD As you see from Listing 9-12, the use of IN or EXISTS are equivalent in terms of results, though the actual operations are different. IN builds a list of values that are used for comparison wth empno. EXISTS executes the subquery for each empno and returns TRUE if the join finds a matching empno. However, the two queries return the same results only because NULLs are not involved. If there was a NULL empno, the EXISTS subquery would not return a record for that employee number, because a NULL empno value would not join with the NULL mgr value (NULL = NULL does not evaluate to TRUE). EXISTS answers the question, is this value present in the specified table column If that value is present (as indicated by at least one row being returned from the subquery), the answer is yes and the EXISTS expression evaluates to TRUE. As NULLs cannot be equated, joining a NULL mgr to a NULL empno does not return TRUE. Essentially, the query joins the inner and outer tables and returns the rows that match, one at a time. If the main query value does not have a match in the subquery (i.e., the join does not return at least one row), then the EXISTS evaluates to FALSE. IN answers the question, does the value exist anywhere in this list If one list value matches the external value, then the expression evaluates to TRUE. One way to think of an IN list expression is to rephrase it as a series of OR expressions. For example, the following: 1234 IN (1234, NULL) is equivalent to: 1234 = 1234 OR 1234 = NULL Each equality check can be evaluated separately and the result would be TRUE OR UNKNOWN. Reference the truth table in 4.10 (in 4). TRUE OR UNKNOWN is TRUE. Essentially, once you find a match, you can stop looking and ignore any previous NOT TRUE (FALSE or UNKNOWN) results. If the value does not match at least one value in the list, then the expression returns FALSE.
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Recursive CTEs
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Important The Import Data Wizard automatically creates new picklist and option set values in
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Controlling the Size of the MediaElement Control
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Part I ASP.NET Essentials
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The proposal for HTML5 came originally from the WHAT (Web Hypertext Application Technology) Working Group in June 2004 ( At that time the W3C, keeper of most of the web standards we are discussing, was promoting XHTML as the next generation web markup language. The HTML5 team, including members from Apple, Opera, and Mozilla, argued for a more evolutionary approach to the next generation web, building on the existing HTML4 markup language. HTML5 became the starting point for a new W3C HTML workgroup in 2007. This workgroup operated with an openness policy that encouraged broad participation from the community, including non-W3C members. The first HTML5 public working draft was published on Jan 22, 2008. Today, the group continues to operate with strong industry support from players such as Nokia, Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and many others. The specification has not yet reached final status as a Recommendation and may not for several years. However, much of the work exists in a fairly stable state and is implemented in several browser engines, including WebKit and Gecko. The fact that most mobile players use these common engines ensures that support is mostly equivalent across different vendor platforms. Let s get started by looking at some real HTML5 code.
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FIGURE 6-8 The Installation Results page of the Resume Configuration Wizard
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The options for manually defining and designing shadows are explained below with reference to Figure 4-19 . Select the chart element you want to shade and open its formatting dialog box . When you click Shadow, the relevant tools are displayed as follows .
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You have access to data options while you create the merge fields.
Use structures to simplify parameter lists You can simplify routine parameter lists by using structured variables. The technique is similar to the one just shown. Rather than passing each of the elements needed individually, you can group related elements into a structure and pass the whole enchilada as a group structure. Here s an example of the hard way to pass a group of related parameters.
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If you build and run this code, the message box shown in Figure 14-5 appears .
If you specify a logon account other than the Local System account, be sure that account has the requisite rights . Go to the Local Security Policy console (at a command prompt, type secpol.msc), and then go to Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment secpol.msc), and assign the Log On As A Service right to the account .
FIguRE 25-5 Spy++ showing a thread s properties
Assembly Versioning
Creating Your Own MMC Consoles 1065
no use to you, so you can skip forward to Renaming and Deleting Files, and use this section as a reference later, as needed.
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