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SELECT empid, mgrid, empname, salary, lvl FROM dbo.Subordinates(3) AS S;
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The first security issue you encounter in programming Web applications in the Windows environment is understanding the security context of IIS . Virtually all access to your Web site is directed through IIS . As with all Windows applications, IIS runs under a specific context . When you install IIS on your computer, the install process creates a separate security identity specifically for IIS . You can see the identity under which your version of IIS runs by starting IIS in Control Panel, opening Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, selecting a virtual directory, viewing the Features pane, double-clicking the Authentication item to open the Authentication page, right-clicking Anonymous Authentication, and then clicking Edit . On my computer, the name of the user is IUSR, as shown in Figure 9-1 .
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There are no hard-and-fast rules for when you should establish a naming convention, but here are a few cases in which conventions are worthwhile: When multiple programmers are working on a project When you plan to turn a program over to another programmer for modifications and maintenance (which is nearly always) When your programs are reviewed by other programmers in your organization When your program is so large that you can t hold the whole thing in your brain at once and must think about it in pieces When the program will be long-lived enough that you might put it aside for a few weeks or months before working on it again When you have a lot of unusual terms that are common on a project and want to have standard terms or abbreviations to use in coding
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Destination: Network mask: Metric: 1 Dial Out Credentials
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9. Click Save & Close in the chart ribbon. 10. In the Default Solutions window, click Publish All Customizations on the toolbar to publish your new chart. Your chart is now ready for use and can also be exported as part of a solution file.
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Sub Authority Identifier Identifier Identifier Count Authority Authority Authority Res., 0 1 2 Rev.
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Many-to-Many relationships are created by adding a third table, called a junction table, which is named product_category in this case. This table contains (product_id, category_id) pairs, and each record in the table associates a particular product with a particular category. So, if you see a record such as (1,4) in product_category, you know that the product with the ID of 1 belongs to the category with the ID of 4. The Many-to-Many relationship is physically enforced through two FOREIGN KEY constraints one that links the table product to the table product_category, and the other that links the table product_category to the table category. In English, this means, one product can be associated with many product-category entries, each of those being associated with one category. The foreign keys ensure that the products and categories that appear in the product_category table actually exist in the database and won t allow you to delete a product if you have a category associated with it and vice versa. This is also the first time that you set a primary key consisting of more than one column. The primary key of product_category is formed by both its fields: product_id and category_id. This means that you won t be
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The bulleted list generated by the code is bound to a Microsoft SQL Server data source and receives the DataTable returned by the specified query. The DataTextField property selects the column to show, and DisplayMode sets the display mode plain text, link buttons, or hyperlinks. In terms of user interface elements, the link button or hyperlink modes look the same. However, HyperLink mode links the page directly to an external URL and the click is handled entirely by the browser. In LinkButton mode, the click is handled by the ASP.NET runtime and originates a server-side event. To handle the click event on the server, you define a OnClick handler, as follows:
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The n switch is case-sensitive; don t capitalize it .
Object Orientation
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<!-- logo --> <Canvas x:Name="Logo"> <TextBlock Text="CFI" ... /> <TextBlock Text="STOCKTRADER" .../> </Canvas> <!-- main bar --> <ItemsControl x:Name="MainToolbar" cal:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static inf:RegionNames.MainToolBarRegion}"> </ItemsControl> <!-- content --> <Grid> <Controls:AnimatedTabControl x:Name="PositionBuySellTab" cal:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static inf:RegionNames.MainRegion}"/> </Grid> <!-- details --> <Grid> <ContentControl x:Name="ActionContent" cal:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static inf:RegionNames.ActionRegion}"> </ContentControl> </Grid> <!-- sidebar --> <Grid x:Name="SideGrid"> <Controls:ResearchControl cal:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static inf:RegionNames.ResearchRegion}"> </Controls:ResearchControl> </Grid> </Grid> </Window>
IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.AddCust', 'P') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.AddCust; GO CREATE PROC dbo.AddCust @custid INT, @companyname VARCHAR(25), @phone VARCHAR(20), @address VARCHAR(50) AS MERGE dbo.Customers AS TGT USING (VALUES(@custid, @companyname, @phone, @address)) AS SRC(custid, companyname, phone, address) ON TGT.custid = SRC.custid WHEN MATCHED AND ( TGT.companyname <> SRC.companyname OR <> OR TGT.address <> SRC.address) THEN UPDATE SET TGT.companyname = SRC.companyname, =, TGT.address = SRC.address WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT (custid, companyname, phone, address) VALUES (SRC.custid, SRC.companyname,, SRC.address); GO
The Relational Model
You can find the following nine UAC settings in the Group Policy Editor or the Local Security Policy editor under: Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Windows Settings \Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options.
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