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Printer QRCode in .NET Figure 3-4. Performance workload trace data

Zone Replication Options
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Even within this IFrame, users can still access key SharePoint document functionality, such as check in, check out, and version history, by clicking a document in the list and displaying the context menu, as shown in Figure 4-22. In summary, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM document integration with SharePoint provides users with quick and easy access to documents stored in SharePoint without leaving the Microsoft Dynamics CRM interface. In addition, organizations can take advantage of SharePoint s robust document management functionality. Important The documents stored in SharePoint do not go offline with Microsoft Dynamics
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The .NET Framework runs on top of Microsoft Windows. This means that the .NET Framework must be built using technologies that Windows understands. For starters, all managed module and assembly files must use the Windows portable executable (PE) file format and be either a Windows EXE file or a dynamic link library (DLL). When developing the CLR, Microsoft implemented it as a COM server contained inside a DLL; that is, Microsoft defined a standard COM interface for the CLR and assigned GUIDs to this interface and the COM server. When you install the .NET Framework, the COM server representing the CLR is registered in the Windows registry just like any other COM server. If you want more information about this topic, refer to the MSCorEE.h C++ header file that ships with the .NET Framework SDK. This header file defines the GUIDs and the unmanaged ICorRuntimeHost interface definition. Any Windows application can host the CLR. However, you shouldn t create an instance of the CLR COM server by calling CoCreateInstance; instead, your unmanaged host should call the CorBindToRuntimeEx function (prototyped in MSCorEE.h). The CorBindToRuntimeEx function is implemented in the MSCorEE.dll, which is usually found in the C:\Windows\System32 directory. This DLL is called the shim, and its job is to determine which version of the CLR to create; the shim DLL doesn t contain the CLR COM server itself. You see, version 1.0 of the .NET Framework comes with two versions of the CLR COM server. The MSCorWks.dll file contains the workstation version; this version is tuned to offer better performance in single processor, workstation environments. The MSCorSvr.dll file contains the server version, which is tuned to offer better performance in multiprocessor, server environments. In the future, Microsoft will be producing new versions of the CLR, and these can be installed on a user s hard disk as well. When CorBindToRuntimeEx is called, its parameters allow the host to specify which version of the CLR it would like to create. The version information indicates workstation vs. server as well as a version number. CorBindToRuntimeEx uses the specified version information and gathers some additional information of its own (such as how many CPUs are installed in the machine and which versions of the CLR are installed) to decide which version of the CLR to load the shim might not load the version that the host requested. By default, the shim examines the managed executable file and extracts the information indicating what version of the CLR the application was built and tested with. However, an application can override the default by placing entries in its XML configuration file (as described in s 2 and 3). The following sample XML configuration file shows how an application can tell the shim to load a particular CLR version:
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<PropertyGroup> <IncrementalBuild>true</IncrementalBuild> </PropertyGroup>
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Report Dashboard
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XAML Visual Properties
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Figure 4-15 : The output of the Login.aspx page shown in Listing 4-6 when tracing is enabled and pageOutput is set to true The <trace> tag supports five attributes, as described in Table 4-13. Table 4-13 : Attributes of the <trace> Tag Attribute enabled Option Description Specifies whether tracing is enabled. true Specifies that tracing is enabled. Specifies that tracing is disabled.
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You can find the number of words in an article or a text box by selecting only the text you want to count. The status bar displays two numbers (for example, 35/1250), showing the number of words in the selected text first and the count for the entire document second.
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Managing Clients Through Remote Access Policies
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Interest the audience by acknowledging them as the main character of the story.
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Figure 9-1 Local area networks connected by a router
Figure 9-2 : GridTest.aspx, showing a row in edit mode You can now make changes to all the bound column entries in this row, except the CustomerID and DateEntered columns, which I ve declared as read-only. Still less than satisfying, visually, in this example are the Edit, Delete, Update, and Cancel links. Let s look at this page in design mode in Visual Studio .NET, and see what we can do to improve it it. Figure 9-3 shows GridTest.aspx in Visual Studio .NET.
<input type="button" name="Checkout" value="Checkout" {if $cart_details->mTotalAmount eq 0}disabled="disabled"{/if} onclick="window.location='{ $cart_details->mCheckoutLink|prepare_link:"https"}';" /> </td> ... 7. Modify the constructor of the CartDetails class in presentation/smarty_plugins/ function.load_cart_details.php to add checkout functionality as highlighted: ... public $mRecommendations; public $mCheckoutActive = false; public $mCheckoutLink; // Private attributes private $_mProductId; ... // Class constructor public function __construct() { $url_base = substr(getenv('REQUEST_URI'), strrpos(getenv('REQUEST_URI'), '/') + 1, strlen(getenv('REQUEST_URI')) - 1); $url_parameter_prefix = (empty ($_GET) ' ' : '&'); $this->mCheckoutLink = $url_base . $url_parameter_prefix . 'Checkout'; // Setting the "Continue shopping" button target if (isset ($_SESSION['page_link'])) $this->mCartReferrer = $_SESSION['page_link']; 8. Update the init() method of the CartDetails class in presentation/smarty_plugins/ function.load_cart_details.php as highlighted: ... // Calculate the total amount for the shopping cart $this->mTotalAmount = ShoppingCart::GetTotalAmount(); if ($this->mTotalAmount != 0 && Customer::IsAuthenticated()) $this->mCheckoutActive = true; // Get shopping cart products $this->mCartProducts = ShoppingCart::GetCartProducts(GET_CART_PRODUCTS); ...
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