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Page 165 The digital media types and the tracks to which they are added by default are shown in Table 9.1. Table 9.1 Default timeline tracks for various file types. Digital media type Default timeline track Video Video Audio track of a video file Audio Audio (not part of a video file) Audio 2 Images Slide Slides Slide HTML HTML Presentation template Template Video transition Transition Video effect Video In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can choose to save your slides as a Web page. If you do this, you can use the PowerPoint presentation (with an .htm file name extension in this case) in your Producer project. Although the PowerPoint presentation and the individual slides have .htm file name extensions, the slides are still added to the Slide track by default and stored in the Slides folder of the current project. You can add some digital media file types to tracks other than the default ones, depending on how you want to use that type of digital media for your presentation. For example, you might have a video file that contains accompanying audio in it, and you only want the audio to play back in your presentation without displaying the video. To do this, you could add the video file to the Audio 2 track of the timeline rather than to the Video track. In your final presentation, the audio would play back, but the video portion of the file would not. Table 9.2 shows which types of digital media files can be added to more than one timeline track. Table 9.2 Digital media files that can be added to more than one track. Digital media type Possible tracks Video Video or Audio 2 Images Video or Slide
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Page 203 If the Trust all installed add-ins and templates check box is not selected, Microsoft Corporation is not listed as a trusted source, and the security settings shown in Figure 10.5 are applied, then a warning dialog box will appear each time you want to use the PowerPoint add-in. This warning will ask whether you want to enable the add-in program (see Figure 10.6). If this occurs, click Enable Macros to use the Microsoft Producer PowerPoint add-in program.
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Although there are some important differences, SQL Server s geography indexes are very similar to those for GEOMETRY . The most immediate difference is that although the GEOMETRY index must be given a bounding box, the GEOGRAPHY index does require in fact cannot take such a parameter . The GEOMETRY index requires this bounding box to limit the space to be indexed; the GEOGRAPHY index always indexes the entire globe . So, a complete GEOGRAPHY index creation statement looks like this:
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<Project xmlns="" ToolsVersion="3.5"> <Target Name="PrintReservedProperties"> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectDirectory: $(MSBuildProjectDirectory)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectDirectoryNoRoot: $(MSBuildProjectDirectoryNoRoot)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectFile: $(MSBuildProjectFile)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectExtension: $(MSBuildProjectExtension)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectFullPath: $(MSBuildProjectFullPath)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectName: $(MSBuildProjectName)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildToolsPath: $(MSBuildToolsPath)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectDefaultTargets: $(MSBuildProjectDefaultTargets)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildExtensionsPath: $(MSBuildExtensionsPath)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildStartupDirectory: $(MSBuildStartupDirectory)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildProjectDirectoryNoRoot: $(MSBuildProjectDirectoryNoRoot)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildExtensionsPath32: $(MSBuildExtensionsPath32)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildToolsVersion: $(MSBuildToolsVersion)" /> <Message Text="MSBuildNodeCount: $(MSBuildNodeCount)" /> </Target>
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3. Lucerne Publishing wants to allow certain employees to be able to connect to the company network over multiple phone lines, but it wants to restrict other employ ees from doing the same. For the employees who are permitted to connect over multiple phone lines, the company wants to ensure that these employees use only two phone lines maximum, and that when the connection falls below 40 percent bandwidth capacity for 2 minutes, one of the phone lines is dropped. How can you implement this configuration
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Notice that the call to the CalculatePrice method goes through a proxy that defines some additional parameters. This allows you to pass in a JavaScript method name to be called by the ScriptManager after the service is called. You can define a method both for success and for failure. In this case, a successful call writes the results to a Label control. The following code shows the markup for the page s controls, to complete the example.
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Format Description and Examples String C or c Formats the number as a currency amount. The currency symbol, thousands separator, and decimal separator are determined by localization settings. The precision specifier controls the number of decimal places displayed. For example:
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Sample of C# Code public class PubsDb: DataContext { public Table<Author> Authors; public Table<Title> Titles; public PubsDb(string connection) : base(connection) { } }
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PRODUCT([Column1], [Column2]) MOD(n,d)
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The Prism MefModuleManager implementation keeps the MEF AggregateCatalog and the Prism ModuleCatalog synchronized, thereby allowing Prism to discover modules added via the ModuleCatalog or the AggregateCatalog. Note: MEF uses Lazy<T> extensively to prevent instantiation of exported and imported types until the Value property is used. Using MEF to Discover Modules in a Directory MEF provides a DirectoryCatalog that you can use to inspect a directory for assemblies that contain modules (and other MEF exported types). In this case, you override the ConfigureAggregateCatalog method to register the directory. This approach is only available in WPF. To use this approach, you first need to use the ModuleExport attribute to apply the module names and dependencies to your modules, as shown in the following code example. This allows MEF to import the modules and allows Prism to keep the Module Catalog updated.
We will now see how we can use these well-known metadata, and later we ll discuss custom metadata. In order to demonstrate using well-known metadata, take a look at the following simple project. This is taken from the le WellKnownMetadata.proj.
Materializing aggregated data to some level of granularity (for example, employee and month), and issuing running, sliding, and other statistical reports against that data Materializing a result of a query for paging purposes Materializing result sets of interim queries, and querying the materialized data Materializing the result of a query with the GROUPING SETS, CUBE and ROLLUP options, and issuing queries against that data Walking through the output of a cursor and saving information you read or calculate per row for further manipulation Pivoting data from an Open Schema environment to a more traditional form, and issuing queries against the pivoted data Creating a result set that contains a hierarchy with additional attributes such as materialized paths or levels, and issuing reports against the result Holding data that needs to be scrubbed before it can be inserted
Lesson 3: Caching
It is time to revise the table with full temporal support the Suppliers_FromTo table . Instead of using two separate from and to columns, I can use now a single during attribute, and create the Suppliers_During table . Of course, the during column s type will be my new IntervalCID data type . Similar to the way I created the SuppliersProducts_Since table in the semitemporal version, I can create a table for supplies with full temporal support, namely the SuppliersProducts_During table . Using this design, I can easily implement quite a few of the constraints I mentioned:
SetColor((Color) 547);
18 Custom Attributes
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