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UNIX and the philosophy of programming with small, sharp tools are inseparable. The UNIX environment is famous for its collection of small tools with funny names that work well together: grep, diff, sort, make, crypt, tar, lint, ctags, sed, awk, vi, and others. The C and C++ languages, closely coupled with UNIX, embody the same philosophy; the standard C++ library is composed of small functions that can easily be composed into larger functions because they work so well together. Some programmers work so productively in UNIX that they take it with them. They use UNIX work-alike tools to support their UNIX habits in Microsoft Windows and other environments. One tribute to the success of the UNIX paradigm is the availability of tools that put a UNIX costume on a Windows machine.
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Setting the DEVMGR environment variable described in this section affects only the instance of Device Manager launched from that Command Prompt window. If you want the change to be persistent, open Control Panel, open System, click Advanced System Settings, click Environment Variables on the Advanced tab, and define a new variable for this setting. If you add the variable to the User Variables section, the setting applies only to the current user; if you edit the System Variables section, the extra information is visible in Device Manager for all users of the current computer.
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revious chapters show some of the security-related changes within Windows Vista. This chapter looks a little deeper at security topics, beginning with Windows Firewall. We ll look at how to examine the rules currently running within Windows Firewall as well as how to define your own custom rules. We also explore user rights. You ll see exactly what differentiates administrators from standard users when it comes to performing certain tasks. Finally, we look at auditing a way of keeping tabs on exactly who is doing what on your computer.
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Writing Headlines Using Three Ground Rules
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DHCP: Parameter Request List = (Length: 7) 01 0f 03 2c 2e 2f 06
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public enum GCHandleType { Weak = 0, // Used WeakTrackResurrection = 1, // Used Normal = 2, // Used Pinned = 3 // Used } for for for for monitoring an object s existence monitoring an object s existence controlling an object s lifetime controlling an object s lifetime code 39 generator code
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Productivity is substantially determined by the kind of software you re working on, personnel quality, programming language, methodology, product complexity, programming environment, tool support, how lines of code are counted, how non-programmer support effort is factored into the lines of code per staff-year figure, and many other factors, so the specific figures in Table 27-2 vary dramatically. Realize, however, that the general trend the numbers show is significant. Productivity on small projects can be 2-3 times as high as productivity on large projects, and productivity can vary by a factor of 5-10 from the smallest projects to the largest.
Working with Client-Side Scripting, AJAX, and jQuery
Tunneling Basics
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Because you want only certain users to access the catalog administration page, you need to implement some sort of security mechanism that controls access to the sensitive pages in the site. Implementing security requires dealing with two important concepts: authentication and authorization. Authentication is the process in which users are uniquely identified (most often by supplying a username and password), whereas authorization refers to which resources the authenticated user can access. Users who want to access the catalog administration page should first authenticate themselves. After you know who the user is, you decide whether the user is authorized to access the administration page. In HatShop, you ll use an authentication method called HTTP authentication, which allows you to control the login process through an HTML form. After the client is authenticated, PHP automatically generates a cookie on the client, which is used to authenticate all subsequent requests. If the cookie is not found, the client is shown the login HTML form.
Comments C# alternatives are implemented through static members of the Trace and Debug classes in the .NET class libraries. Conditional statement. if if Optional component of the if statement. else else switch switch Conditional statement. Component of the switch statement. case case default default Optional component of the switch statement. Determinant loop. for for Postloop conditional. do do Preloop conditional. while while
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