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The Code-Beside Model
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Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
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tool that helps Web site owners rapidly develop rich content-driven Web sites, but it was also built in anticipation of users being connected to the Internet so that they can download additional content and add-ins. Even though all of these products have service components they are usually purchased through a retailer or PC manufacturer, so we consider them to be part of the shrink-wrap group. Note In 2005, several of Microsoft's major online services such as Hotmail and Passport were renamed to include the Windows Live brand. Hotmail is now Windows Live Mail (WLM), and Passport is now Windows Live ID (WLID). Users with a Hotmail account do keep the @hotmail. com address despite the change in the name we call the service. There are many different names for a Web service. Some common terms are Web service, Web site, Web property, and online service. Generally, inside Microsoft we call our services by the team names such as Xbox Live, Search, Windows Live ID (WLID), Spaces, Sky Drive, and Office Live Small Business (OLSB). In some cases, such as for OLSB or Xbox Live, it would be better to call them a collection of services. OLSB offers public Web sites, private Web sites, Web site management, short message bridge to cell phones, business e-mail, and other services such as contact manager and ad manager as add-ons. Each subservice can be consumed by another service; for example, OLSB is sold with Dynamics Live or CRM Online. Xbox Live has its own on-demand video download services as well as tournament services. In the February 11, 2004, notes of the W3 working group for Web Services Architecture Requirements, web service was defined as follows: "A Web service is a software system identified by a URI [RFC 2396], whose public interfaces and bindings are defined and described using XML. Its definition can be discovered by other software systems. These systems may then interact with the Web service in a manner prescribed by its definition, using XML based messages conveyed by Internet protocols." This is a fine definition, but some Web sites that many consider to be Web services have little to no XML. For the latest notes and changes to definitions, visit S+S Example Consider the Windows Live Mail service as an example. WLM is by far the largest e-mail service in the world with hundreds of millions of active users. Part of the appeal of WLM is its reliability but also its support for multiple client experiences. WLM works with many different Web browsers, the Microsoft Office Outlook client, the Windows Live Email client, Mobile smart phones, and desktop applets that alert users when new mail arrives in their inbox. The down-level browser experience is more like a SaaS experience. SaaS is largely about using a service while connected to the Internet. It does not have an offline capability. In SaaS, a large portion of the processing takes place on the servers in the cloud with the client usually providing just rendering of the user experience. Note Down-level (downlevel) browser is a term used in Microsoft as well as on Web development sites. One strict definition of down-level browser is a browser that supports only HTML 3.2 or earlier versions. Often the term is used more generically for older browser versions that are missing key features such as cascading style sheets or JavaScript and that do not present the best user experience on a Web site. Web 2.0 tends to rely upon newer browsers, Flash, or Microsoft SilverLight for a rich browser experience where the processing is largely shifted from the servers in the cloud to the desktop computer. A Web 2.0 client might also have offline capabilities.
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When you press Enter, WEvtUtil will start dumping the events, as XML, to the command prompt. You can pipe this output to a text file and view it with another program. WEvtUtil also has command-line options to output as text or as RenderedXML. RenderedXML includes the XML of the event as well as the text. Note that the XML that WEvtUtil generates is not well formed it does not have an XML declaration and it usually does not consist of one element. If you are using automation you might want to add an XMLDecl and a tag at the beginning of the WEvtUtil output, and a close tag at the end, if your automation expects well-formed XML.
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option to implement paging, you don t want the same row to end up on two successive pages just because the query was nondeterministic. Remember that you can always add the primary key as a tiebreaker to guarantee determinism in case the ORDER BY list is not unique.
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More Info Not all of the entity privileges apply to all of the entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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Tip Using Calculator, you can quickly determine the number of bits you need to assign to the subnet ID. Simply subtract 1 from the number of subnets that your network requires in decimal format, switch to binary, and count the bit places. For example, if you need to accom modate 31 subnets, enter 30 and select Bin. The result is 11110. Therefore, you need to reserve 5 bits for the subnet ID.
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Three bits (a number from 0 to 7) represent the state of the lock itself . The possibilities are 0=Free, 1=OwnedByWriter, 2=OwnedByReaders, 3=OwnedByReadersAndWriterPending, and 4=ReservedForWriter . The values 5, 6, and 7 are unused . Nine bits (a number from 0 to 511) represent the number of reader threads reading (RR) that the lock has currently allowed in . Nine bits (a number from 0 to 511) represent the number of reader threads waiting (RW) to get into the lock . These threads block on the auto-reset event object . Nine bits (a number from 0 to 511) represent the number of writer threads waiting (WW) to get into the lock . These threads block on the other semaphore object . The two remaining bits are unused and always have a value of 0 .
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5. A user at the Ithaca branch reports erratic network service. He does not know his IP address, and you have not enabled the Telnet service on client computers at the Ithaca office.
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If you are using a Windows Server 2003 enterprise CA as an issuing CA, you can request a user certificate from the Certificates snap-in. This is the preferred method for environments without Active Directory, for those using operating systems previ ous to Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, and for those using imaging as a deployment tool. code 39 generator open source
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One attribute of all validators we haven t yet looked at is the Display attribute. The Display attribute expects one of three values: None, Static, or Dynamic. When the
You are a web developer working for Contoso, Ltd, a financial services company. You have been asked to create a feature that returns a custom-generated financial document based on a request made for a report. Requests are made to the reports by using the format report.xps. The data is time sensitive, so it needs to be generated dynamically upon request and then returned to the user as an XPS document. This feature needs to be secured by a custom security model implemented in code. In fact, all requests to the site that hosts the feature should be authenticated based on this model and logged to a custom event log.
at the address referenced is no longer in physical memory and has been swapped out or placed on a hard drive. However, an application that causes a high number of hard faults will be slow to respond, because it constantly has to read from a hard drive rather than from memory.
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If you configured any of the VPN routers with a static address pool and any of the ranges within the pool are an off-subnet range, you must ensure that the route or
XML Data Readers
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Sending Mail with SMTP
Stateless Services
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