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To finish this general part of the IntervalCID type, I have to code the ValidateIntervalCID method:
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public sealed class ReaderWriterGateReleaser : IDisposable { public Object State { get; } // Returns the 'state' passed to BeginRead/BeginWrite public void Dispose(); }
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The importance of a service-specific SID cannot be understated. Prior to Windows Vista, services were granted the permissions granted to the service log-on account. If the service log-on account (such as Local Service) had to be given additional permissions for one service to function correctly, it ended up available to all services which shared the same service log-on account. Now permissions can be allowed or denied by service. And because services have SIDs, Object Access auditing can more easily reveal service access successes and failures. In addition, this enables control of network traffic by service. For example, the Windows Firewall enables outbound filtering of traffic by default, permitting each service only to transmit traffic on its specifically granted ports. On a related note, you can also show the permissions associated with a service (who has what access to the service) by running the Sc.exe command with the showsd command-line parameter. The syntax is:
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Does the code avoid magic characters and strings Are references to strings free of off-by-one errors Does C code treat string pointers and character arrays differently Does C code follow the convention of declaring strings to be length constant+1 Does C code use arrays of characters rather than pointers, when appropriate
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FileStream(string path, FileMode mode, FileAccesss access, FileShare share, int buffer, bool async);
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Table 7-2: XSLT Instructions for Data Manipulation Instruction Description the specified XPath expression. Specifies sort criteria for the <xsl:sort select=" " data-type=" " node-set being processed by order=" " case-order=" "> <xsl:for-each> or <xsl:applytemplates> instructions. In this case, you use the select keyword to indicate the sort key and data-type for the type of sorting (text or number). The order attribute indicates the direction, and case-order designates which case comes first in the sort. Evaluates a user-defined <xsl:eval>FuncName() function and returns the output. </xsl:eval> The function can access the underlying XML Document Object Model (XML DOM) using the this keyword as the entry point to the document root node. The <xsl:eval> tag is a Microsoft extension to the XSL implementation. Each XSLT implementation supports a different set of languages for writing userdefined functions. For example, Microsoft's XML Core Services (MSXML) supports only Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript) and JScript. The .NET Framework transformation classes, on the other hand, include support for C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. (More on this later.) Note The syntax shown for the XSLT instructions is largely incomplete. I limited the descriptions to the most important and most frequently used attributes. More attributes are actually available; you can find them documented and explained in the MSDN documentation as well as in the resources listed in the section "Further Reading," on page 343.
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Now, with these two classes defined, I can trivially define more exception classes when I need to . To define an exception type indicating the disk is full, I simply do this:
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double const ACCEPTABLE_DELTA = 0.00001; boolean Equals( double Term1, double Term2 ) { if ( Math.abs( Term1 - Term2 ) < ACCEPTABLE_DELTA ) { return true; } else { return false; } }
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