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Draw QR in .NET Puzzle 14: Piece of Cake

As you know by now, we may think about concepts, but in practice, we must work with representations of concepts. As best we can, we choose representations of concepts that don t mislead us or to be more precise, that don t require us to sacri ce our ability to answer questions.
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Unit Testing the QuakeEvent Class
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Publish method
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Figure 2-10. To add a new database, click the Create New Database button.
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process that is running the application you want to debug.
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Part V
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In many ways, the programming model has gone back to the form that dominated in the mid-1970s, when large mainframes served output to terminals connected directly to them . Users submitted jobs to the mainframe and got output to their terminals . So, what s changed here First, the terminal is a lot fancier it s a powerful computer running a browser that interprets HTML . The endpoint to which the browser connects is a Web server (or perhaps a server farm) . Finally, the connection protocol used by the client and the server is indirect (and a request can quite literally cross the globe before the user sees a result) . In Web application development, the program s primary job is to receive requests from out there and provide meaningful responses to the requestors . That often means generating complex HTML that renders in a form humans can read on the client s browser . That can be fairly involved, for example, in a modern commercial Web site supporting commerce . Customers will undoubtedly ask about current pricing, request inventory levels, and perhaps even order items or services from the Web site . The process of generating meaningful HTML for the client suddenly means accomplishing such tasks as making database accesses, authenticating the identity of the client, and keeping track of the client s product order . Imagine doing all this from scratch! Although frameworks such as classic ASP go a long way toward making Web development more approachable, developers are still left with many features to create on their own (mostly related to the two issues mentioned at the beginning of this section) . For example, building a secure but manageable Web site in classic ASP usually meant writing your own security subsystem (or buying one) . Managing the state of the UI emitted by your Web site was often a tedious chore as well .
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Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types FUT.netmodule IL compiled from FUT.cs Metadata Types, methods, and so on defined by FUT.cs Types, methods, and so on referenced by FUT.cs
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Important Keep in mind that I demonstrated the older proprietary syntax just to make you aware of its issues in case you still have legacy code using it. It is of course strongly recommended that you refrain from using it and revise all code that does use it to the ANSI syntax. In short, don t try this at home! When you re done experimenting with the old-style syntax, change the database s compatibility level back to 100 (SQL Server 2008):
FIguRE 21-3 Managed heap before a collection
not every system needs claims
An application configuration file is stored in the same directory as the application it relates to. The file name is the name of the application with a .config extension. For example, an application named MyApplication.exe would have a configuration file named MyApplication.exe.config. For multifile assemblies, the configuration file should be named after the file that contains the manifest. When an application requests configuration information, the common language runtime (CLR) tries to satisfy the request from the global machine configuration file before the application file; that is to say that the machine configuration file overrides the application file. This approach allows machine administrators to redefine the settings for an application after it has been installed; this should not be done lightly and can result in unexpected application behavior. The machine configuration file is named Machine.config and can be found in the Config subdirectory of the .NET Framework installation. The CLR ensures that configuration files are loaded automatically; thus, no action is required by the programmer. Configuration files must contain the root XML node <configuration>, as shown here:
Description Creates the table based on the content of a DiffGram file. Reads XML documents, such as those generated by executing FOR XML queries, against SQL Server. Ignores any inline schema and reads data into the current table schema. Ignores any inline schema and infers schema from the data.
This XAML snippet defines a LinearGradientBrush that extends from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner of the rectangle. The first gradient stop, at the beginning of the gradient, is black (#FF000000), and the second gradient stop, at the end of the gradient, is white (#FFFFFFFF). You can see this rectangle rendered in Figure 4-3.
service from starting.
When you start a lesson review, the Custom Mode dialog box appears so that you can configure your test. You can click OK to accept the defaults, or you can customize the number of questions you want, how the practice-test software works, the exam objectives to which you want the questions to relate, and whether you want your lesson review to be timed. If you are retaking a test, you can select whether you want to see all the questions again or only the questions you missed or did not answer. After you click OK, your lesson review starts.
In other words, the code above tests for an exact match, not a compatible match, which is what you would get if you use a cast or C# s is or as operators .
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