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See the "Statements" section later in this chapter for a full description of the keywords in Table 4-7.
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The Save_Click method calls the spSaveTerritory stored procedure, and the Delete_Click method calls the spDeleteTerritory stored procedure. Both stored procedures use parameters, so I ll discuss only the Save_Click method. Save_Click first creates a SqlConnection object and a SqlCommand object, as in previous examples. Next it creates the parameters. Parameters can be created in a number of ways. There are six overloads of the constructor for SqlParameter. The IntelliSense within Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework documentation explain all the variations in some detail. Each of the constructor overloads contains some combination of arguments to allow you to create a parameter in a convenient way. Just as important, if you create a parameter and you need to set additional properties on it, you can do so. For example, to create the parameter to handle the return value from the stored procedure, I use the following code: prm=new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter("@ReturnValue",3); prm.Direction=ParameterDirection.ReturnValue; cmd.Parameters.Add(prm); As it happens, no convenient constructor would cleanly allow me to specify the name of the parameter, @ReturnValue in this example; the actual value, 3; and the direction of the parameter, ParameterDirection.ReturnValue. I selected the next most convenient constructor, and from there set the Direction property, since the default was not correct in this case. Notice that I don t set a data type in this example, nor in any other examples in this chapter. Because the .NET Framework can identify the type of the value passed in, it s not required that the type be explicitly declared. Once the parameter is constructed, I call Add on the Parameters collection of the SqlCommand object. The remaining parameters are added using the follow code: cmd.Parameters.Add("@TerritoryID","08724"); cmd.Parameters.Add("@TerritoryDescription","Brick"); cmd.Parameters.Add("@RegionID",3);
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Part V
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Boundary analysis also applies to minimum and maximum allowable values. In this example, it might be minimum or maximum grossPay, companyRetirement, or PersonalRetirementContribution, but since calculations of those values are outside the scope of the routine, test cases for them aren t discussed further here. A more subtle kind of boundary condition occurs when the boundary involves a combination of variables. For example, if two variables are multiplied together, what happens when both are large positive numbers Large negative numbers 0 What if all the strings passed to a routine are uncommonly long In the running example, you might want to see what happens to the variables totalWithholdings, totalGovernmentRetirement, and totalRetirement when every member of a large group of employees has a large salary say, a group of programmers at $250,000 each. (We can always hope!) This calls for another test case:
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C# public class ComposeEmailViewModel : NotificationObject, IConfirmNavigationRequest { private readonly InteractionRequest<Confirmation> confirmExitInteractionRequest; public ComposeEmailViewModel(IEmailService emailService) { this.confirmExitInteractionRequest = new InteractionRequest<Confirmation>(); } public IInteractionRequest ConfirmExitInteractionRequest { get { return this.confirmExitInteractionRequest; } } }
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As you can see here, the Mode value in the data binding is OneWay, but other than that, the declaration is identical to the TextBox declaration. Here s the full XAML for this application:
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Msg 229, Level 14, State 5, Line 1 The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'Shippers', database 'InsideTSQL2008', schema 'Sales'.
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If you re using a USB or IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connection to the printer, as soon as you plug the printer into the server, Windows automatically detects, installs, and shares the printer on the network, and also publishes it in Active Directory (although you might be prompted for drivers).
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The Meaning of Relations
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The ASP.NET MVC Request Life Cycle
Making sure that programmers call the VolatileRead and VolatileWrite methods correctly is a lot to ask . It s hard for programmers to keep all of this in their minds and to start imagining what other threads might be doing to shared data in the background . To simplify this, the C# compiler has the volatile keyword, which can be applied to static or instance fields of any of these types: Byte, SByte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Char, Single, or Boolean . You can also apply the volatile keyword to reference types and any enum field so long as the enumerated type has an underlying type of Byte, SByte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Single, or Boolean . The JIT compiler ensures that all accesses to a volatile field are performed as volatile reads and writes so that it is not necessary to explicitly call Thread's static VolatileRead or VolatileWrite methods . Furthermore, the volatile keyword tells the C# and JIT compilers not to cache the field in a CPU register, ensuring that all reads to and from the field actually cause the value to be read from memory . Using the volatile keyword, we can rewrite the ThreadsSharingData class as follows:
same number of times as Enter. Calling Exit to release a lock that isn't held by the current thread will result in an instance of SynchronizationLockException being thrown. The Monitor class also provides the ability to attempt to acquire a lock on an object without blocking, akin to checking to see whether a lock is available, acquiring if available and returning if not. This feature is made available through the TryEnter method. If only an object is supplied as an argument, an attempt will be made to acquire the lock for the object and the success of the attempt is returned as a bool. If an int is supplied as well as the object, the CLR will try to acquire the lock for the specified number of milliseconds before returning.
CUBE, ROLLUP, and Null Values
Chart Types Conventional and Exceptional
By default, the Anonymous User Identity is the built-in IUSR account, well-known SID S-1-5-17 that is new to IIS 7. (See 1, Subjects, Users, and Other Actors, for a description of SIDs.) In IIS 6 and prior versions, a new account with the name IUSR_<machinename> was created for each computer, with an essentially random choice of SID. You can select a different
orderid ----------1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 shipcountry ----------------custid companyname contactname contacttitle address city region postalcode country phone fax
Keywords as Identifiers
Authentication Scheme
.NET Stack Count == 0 Peek() Pop() Push() N/A Clear() Contains() GetEnumerator()
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