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FIGURE 12-6 Proxy registry settings
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The following sections explain how an XML Web service is built and deployed, a process that's often called publishing an XML Web service. Although there seem to be a lot of steps to be performed, the process is simple and easily repeated.
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ignored, especially if the warning is for a component that will definitely be in the target system, such as the System User entity. You will have to decide whether the solution needs the required components before exporting the solution package.
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C# supports extension methods only; it does not offer extension properties, extension events, extension operators, and so on . Extension methods (methods with this before their first argument) must be declared in non-generic, static classes . However, there is no restriction on the name of the class; you can call it whatever you want . Of course, an extension method must have at least one parameter, and only the first parameter can be marked with the this keyword . The C# compiler looks only for extension methods defined in static classes that are themselves defined at the file scope . In other words, if you define the static class nested within another class, the C# compiler will emit the following message: "error
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Generating Web Pages and HTML
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Lesson 1
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Drivers that are unsigned, or with a signature that is invalid or cannot be verified by a trusted Certificate Authority, or with a digital signature that has been altered, can be installed by an administrator on 32-bit (x86) versions of Windows Vista but cannot be installed on any 64-bit (X64) version of Windows Vista.
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External An external network is a virtual network switch that binds to the physical network adapter, providing access to resources outside the virtual network. An external network can be assigned to a VLAN. Internal An internal network is a virtual network switch that allows virtual machines on the server to connect to each other and to the parent partition. An internal network can be assigned to a VLAN. Private A private network is a virtual network switch that allows virtual machines to connect to each other but provides no connection between the virtual machines and the physical computer.
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This section will introduce three scenarios in which you need to work with temporary objects . Based on the knowledge you ve acquired in this chapter, you need to implement a solution with the appropriate temporary object type . The scenarios involve querying Customers and Orders tables . To test the logical correctness of your solutions, use the Sales .Customers and Sales .Orders tables in the InsideTSQL2008 sample database . To test the performance of your solutions, use the tables that you create and populate in tempdb by running the code in Listing 7-1 .
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Correct Answers: B, C, E, and F A. Incorrect: The connection-specific DNS suffix is specified for the network. B. Correct: This FQDN is on the network. C. Correct: This FQDN is on the network. D. Incorrect: The connection-specific DNS suffix is specified for the network. E. Correct: Specifying a connection-specific DNS suffix does not alter the default DNS suffix. Resource1 can still be accessed on either interface using its default FQDN. F. Correct: This answer is correct for the reason stated in the explanation for answer E.
Sample of Visual Basic Code Public WithEvents da As New SqlDataAdapter() Public sb As New System.Text.StringBuilder() Private Sub rowUpdated(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As SqlRowUpdatedEventArgs) Handles da.RowUpdated sb.Append("Rows: " & e.RecordsAffected.ToString() & vbCrLf) End Sub Protected Sub ButtonUpdate_Click(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ButtonUpdate.Click Dim pubs As ConnectionStringSettings pubs = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("PubsData") Dim connection As DbConnection = New SqlConnection() connection.ConnectionString = pubs.ConnectionString Dim cmd As SqlCommand = _ CType(connection.CreateCommand(), SqlCommand) cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM publishers" Dim pubsDataSet As New DataSet("Pubs") da.SelectCommand = cmd Dim bldr As New SqlCommandBuilder(da) da.Fill(pubsDataSet, "publishers") 'Modify data here For Each dr As DataRow In pubsDataSet.Tables("publishers").Rows dr("pub_name") = "Updated Toys " _ + DateTime.Now.Minute.ToString() _ + DateTime.Now.Second.ToString() Next da.UpdateBatchSize = 3 da.Update(pubsDataSet, "publishers") Dim lbl As Label = GetLabel(275, 20) lbl.Text = sb.ToString() End Sub Sample of C# Code public SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(); public System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder(); private void rowUpdated(object sender, SqlRowUpdatedEventArgs e) { sb.Append("Rows: " + e.RecordsAffected.ToString() + "\r\n"); }
What do you think would happen if there were no code to explicitly call Dispose or Close Well, at some point, the garbage collector would correctly detect that the objects were garbage and finalize them . But the garbage collector doesn t guarantee the order in which the Finalize methods are called . So if the FileStream object were finalized first, it would close the file . Then when the StreamWriter object was finalized, it would attempt to write data to the closed file, throwing an exception . If, on the other hand, the StreamWriter object were finalized first, the data would be safely written to the file . How was Microsoft to solve this problem Making the garbage collector finalize objects in a specific order would have been impossible because objects could contain references to each other, and there would be no way for the garbage collector to correctly guess the order in
The SuperSaver Add-In Now that you have some idea of the issues associated with add-ins, I thought it best to discuss some real-world add-ins because they offer the best way to learn. The first add-in I created was SuperSaver, which originally appeared in a Bugslayer column I wrote in MSDN Magazine. However, the add-in version in this book is completely and radically different 390
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