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pOrigThunk->u1.AddressOfData // If the name starts with NULL, skip it. if ( '\0' == pByName->Name[ 0 ] ) { // BUG FIX (thanks to Attila Szepesv ry!) // I forgot to increment the thunk pointers! pOrigThunk++ ; pRealThunk++ ; continue ; } // Determines whether I hook the function BOOL bDoHook = FALSE ; // TODO TODO // Might want to consider bsearch here.
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value = coefficient( 0 ) For power = 1 To order value = value + coefficient( power ) * x^power Next
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FIGURE 11-5 Table Scan for a partitioned table in SQL Server 2008 in the Estimated Execution Plan
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The software-engineering field makes extraordinarily limited use of examples of past successes and failures. If you were interested in architecture, you d study the drawings of Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and I. M. Pei. You d probably visit some of their buildings. If you were interested in structural engineering, you d study the Brooklyn bridge, the Tacoma Narrows bridge, and a variety of other concrete, steel, and wood structures. You would study examples of successes and failures in your field. Thomas Kuhn points out that a part of any mature science is a set of solved problems that are commonly recognized as examples of good work in the field and serve as examples for future work (Kuhn 1996). Software engineering is only beginning to mature to this level. In 1990, the Computer Science and Technology Board concluded that there were few documented case studies of either successes or failures in the software field (CSTB 1990). An article in the Communications of the ACM argued for learning from case studies of programming problems (Linn and Clancy 1992). The fact that someone has to argue for this is significant. That one of the most popular computing columns, Programming Pearls, was built around case studies of programming problems is suggestive. One of the most popular books in software engineering is The Mythical Man-Month, a postmortem on the IBM OS/360 project, a case study in programming management. With or without a book of case studies in programming, find code written by superior programmers and read it. Ask to look at the code of programmers you respect. Ask to look at the code of programmers you don t. Compare their code, and compare their code to your own. What are the differences Why are they different Which way is better Why In addition to reading other people s code, develop a desire to know what expert programmers think about your code. Find world-class programmers who ll give you their criticism. As you listen to the criticism, filter out points that have to do with their personal idiosyncrasies and concentrate on the points that matter. Then change your programming so that it s better.
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Ch aPt er 13 W eB a P P L IC a tION Fr a MeW O r K S : r a I LS , S I N a t r a , a N D r a M a Z e
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Figure 3-6. Data from the department table From a table like this, the names would be extracted to populate the list in the upper-left part of the web page, and the descriptions would be used as headers for the featured products list.
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SET NOCOUNT ON; USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Roads') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.Roads; GO IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Cities') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.Cities; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.Cities ( cityid CHAR(3) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, city region VARCHAR(30) NULL, country VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL ); INSERT INTO dbo.Cities(cityid, city, region, country) VALUES ('ATL', 'Atlanta', 'GA', 'USA'), ('ORD', 'Chicago', 'IL', 'USA'), ('DEN', 'Denver', 'CO', 'USA'), ('IAH', 'Houston', 'TX', 'USA'), ('MCI', 'Kansas City', 'KS', 'USA'),
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CREATE TABLE #T1(n INT, filler CHAR(2000)); INSERT INTO #T1 VALUES (1, 'a'), (2, 'a'), (3, 'a'); GO
o = wr.Target;
addresses through DHCP or by manually configuring on-subnet address pools.
In ASP.NET 1.x, the best approach to authoring pages with a common layout is to employ user controls. User controls are aggregates of ASP.NET server controls, literal text, and procedural code. The ASP.NET runtime exposes user controls to the outside world as programmable components. The idea is that you employ user controls to tailor your own user interface components and share them among the pages of the Web site. For example, all the pages that need a navigational menu can reference and configure the user control that provides that feature.
Destination: Network Mask: Metric: 1 Dial-Out Credentials: User Name: VPN_Phoenix Domain: Password: z2F%s)bW$4f Confirm Password: z2F%s)bW$4f
Finding and Organizing Files and Information
the page.
D. Incorrect: The ScriptManagerProxy control is used for creating AJAX-enabled child pages
the two registers together, and then write the result back out to the m_amount field . The unoptimized code is certainly bigger and slower; it would be unfortunate if it were contained inside a loop . Furthermore, C# does not support passing a volatile field by reference to a method . For example, if m_amount is defined as a volatile Int32, attempting to call Int32 s TryParse method causes the compiler to generate a warning as shown here:
is that, if you subsequently make a global change to a theme, you may unwittingly cause colors, fonts, and formatting effects to change in many parts of your model, and may then be unable to undo these changes without excessive effort, unless you make a global change back to your original theme .
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