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public override void Initialize(IEventSource eventSource) { // parse the values passed in as parameters InitializeParameters(); if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(LogFile)) { //apply default log name here LogFile = "hello2.log"; } if (File.Exists(LogFile)) { File.Delete(LogFile); } // initialize the writer writer = new StreamWriter(LogFile); // register to the events you are interested in here eventSource.BuildStarted += new BuildStartedEventHandler(BuildStarted); eventSource.BuildFinished += new BuildFinishedEventHandler(BuildFinished); eventSource.CustomEventRaised += new CustomBuildEventHandler(CustomEvent); eventSource.ErrorRaised += new BuildErrorEventHandler(ErrorRaised); eventSource.MessageRaised += new BuildMessageEventHandler(MessageRaised); eventSource.ProjectStarted += new ProjectStartedEventHandler(ProjectStarted); eventSource.ProjectStarted += new ProjectStartedEventHandler(ProjectFinished); eventSource.TargetStarted += new TargetStartedEventHandler(TargetStarted); eventSource.TargetFinished += new TargetFinishedEventHandler(TargetFinished); eventSource.TaskStarted += new TaskStartedEventHandler(TaskStarted); eventSource.TaskFinished += new TaskFinishedEventHandler(TaskFinished); eventSource.WarningRaised += new BuildWarningEventHandler(WarningRaised); } /// /// /// /// <summary> Read values form <c>Parameters</c> string and populate other properties. </summary>
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Changing the Backup Con guration
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As stated previously, statically declared items will be inside an ItemGroup element. The value for the Include attribute determines what values get assigned to the item. Of the few types of values that can be assigned to the Include attribute, we ll start with the simplest. The simplest value for the Include is a text value. In the previous sample one item, SrcFiles, is declared. The SrcFiles item is set to include one le, which is located at src\one.txt. To get the value of an item you use the @(ItemName) syntax. In the Print target this is used on the SrcFiles item. The result of the Print target is shown in Figure 2-7.
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Lesson 2 Review
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However, because activities are so important to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we want to explicitly cover some activity-specific customizations. The default Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation contains 15 types of activities (child entities of the Activity entity) as shown in Table 8-1.
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Creating a PivotChart Report
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How Can I Add A Shared Printer To The Network 13, Installing and
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1. While you are logged on to Computer1 as Administrator, make sure you are con nected to the Internet through the MyISP connection. 2. In the console tree within the DNS console, right-click COMPUTER1 and select Properties. The COMPUTER1 Properties dialog box opens. 3. Click the Monitoring tab. 4. Select the A Simple Query Against This DNS Server check box and the A Recursive Query To Other DNS Servers check box. 5. Click Test Now. The Test Results area shows the successful results of the tests you have just performed. 6. Click OK to close the Computer1 Properties dialog box. 7. Log off Computer1.
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Tracking and Interpreting the Test Results
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User Controls Both Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2010 provide rich support for creating user controls. User controls created with these tools are therefore recommended for creating UI content with the Prism Library. As mentioned earlier, the Stock Trader RI uses them extensively to create content that will be inserted into regions. The WatchListView.xaml user control is a good example of a simple UI representation that is contained inside the WatchModule. This control is a very simple control that is straightforward to create using this model.
Given the following Web.config file, what permissions do users have to the Marketing folder
Canceled Canceling Failed In Progress Pausing Succeeded Waiting Waiting for Resources
A constant is a symbol that has a never-changing value . When defining a constant symbol, its value must be determinable at compile time . The compiler then saves the constant s value in the assembly s metadata . This means that you can define a constant only for types that your compiler considers primitive types . In C#, the following types are primitives and can be used to define constants: Boolean, Char, Byte, SByte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Int64, UInt64, Single, Double, Decimal, and String . However, C# also allows you to define a constant variable of a non-primitive type if you set the value to null:
// C# allows value types to have constructors that take parameters. public SomeValType(Int32 x) { // Looks strange but compiles fine and initializes all fields to 0/null this = new SomeValType(); m_x = x; // Overwrite m_x s 0 with x // Notice that m_y was initialized to 0. }
Launch Text Editor // "simulate" typing Repeat 1000 times //slightly less than infinite, but suitable for this example! { Repeat 500 { Press Random Key } Select some portion of text Select Random Font, Font Size, and Font Color Press one of ToolBar Buttons [Cut | Copy | Paste | ] } Close Text Editor
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