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The default replication password policy during a new RODC installation.
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Part III:
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Remember that when you added the reference to the CH14_Sample1.Data namespace to the UserControl headers, you defined the data prefix for classes in this namespace. To define an instance of the TimeSeriesBoundData, called TSD, you use XAML like this:
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C h a p t e r 9 F I Le S a N D D a t a B a S e S
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In practice, it doesn't really matter how you populate the Nums table because you run this process only once. Nevertheless, I used an optimized process that populates the table in a very fast manner. The process demonstrates the technique of creating Nums with a multiplying INSERT loop. The code keeps track of the number of rows already inserted into the table in a variable called @rc. It first inserts into Nums the row where n = 1. It then enters a loop while @rc * 2 <= @max (@max is the desired number of rows). In each iteration, the process inserts into Nums the result of a query that selects all rows from Nums after adding @rc to each n value. This technique doubles the number of rows in Nums in each iterationthat is, first {1} is inserted, then {2}, then {3, 4}, then {5, 6, 7, 8}, then {9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16}, and so on. As soon as the table is populated with more than half the target number of rows, the loop ends. Another INSERT statement after the loop inserts the remaining rows using the same INSERT statement as within the loop, but this time with a filter to ensures that only values <= @max will be loaded. The main reason that this process runs fast is that it minimizes writes to the transaction log compared to other available solutions. This is achieved by minimizing the number of INSERT statements (the number of INSERT statements is CEILING(LOG2(@max)) + 1). This code populated the Nums table with 1,000,000 rows in 6 seconds on my laptop. As an exercise, you can try populating the Nums table using a simple loop of individual inserts and see how long it takes. Whenever you need the first @n numbers from Nums, simply query it, specifying WHERE n <= @n as the filter. An index on the n column will ensure that the query will scan only the required rows and no others. If you're not allowed to add permanent tables in the database, you can create a table-valued UDF with a parameter for the number of rows needed. You use the same logic as used above to generate the required number of values. In SQL Server 2005, you can use the new recursive CTEs and ROW_NUMBER function to create extremely efficient solutions that generate a table of numbers on the fly. I'll start with a na ve solution that is fairly slow (about 20 seconds, with results discarded). The following solution uses a simple recursive CTE, where the anchor member generates a row with n = 1, and the recursive member adds a row in each iteration with n = prev n + 1: DECLARE @n AS BIGINT; SET @n = 1000000;
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Implementing Multiple Interfaces That Have the Same Method Name and Signature
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RIP is a dynamic routing protocol that helps routers determine the best path through which to send given data. Routes to destinations are chosen according to lowest cost. By default, this cost is determined by the number of hops or routers between endpoints; however, you can manually adjust the cost of any route as needed. Importantly, RIP discards routes that are determined to have a cost higher than 15. This feature effectively limits the size of the network in which RIP can operate. Another important feature of RIP is that RIP-enabled routers advertise their entire routing tables to each other every 30 seconds. The service therefore generates a substantial amount of network traffic.
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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In our tests, we found that the compression estimates in this dialog box were incorrect, sometimes wildly so . Use them as a guideline, but be sure to check the size of the file attachment in your e-mail message window before clicking the Send button .
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2 . . Examine the files created by Visual Studio . Visual Studio generated several files: IService1 .cs, Service1 .svc, and Service1 .svc .cs . These files are placeholders representing the WCF contract (as a .NET interface type) and a class implementing the contract . 3 . . Tweak the files produced by Visual Studio . Name the code files representing the service: IService.cs should become IQuotesService.cs, and Service1.svc should become QuotesService.svc . When you rename the SVC file, Visual Studio will rename the corresponding C# file, too . 4 . . Change the service interface name from IService1 to IQuotesService, and change the service class name from Service1 to QuotesService . Use the Visual Studio refactoring facilities to do this . That is, highlight the identifier you want to change, right-click in the text editor, and click Rename on the Refactoring menu . Visual Studio will make sure the change is propagated through the entire project . 5 . . Borrow the QuotesCollection object from the project for 15, Application Data Caching (that is, add the QuotesCollection .cs file to the WCFQuotesService project) . You can get the QuotesCollection .cs file from 15 s project, UseDataCaching, by right-clicking the Project node in Solution Explorer and clicking Add Existing Item . Navigate to the UseDataCaching project from 15 (you can use the one that comes with the CD) . Select the file QuotesCollection .cs . The QuotesCollection .cs file will be copied into your WCF solution and added to the project .
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Let s start with a classical request to return subordinates; for example, return all subordinates of a given employee. More technically, you re after a subgraph/subtree of a given root in a digraph. The iterative algorithm is very simple: Input: @root Algorithm: - set @lvl = 0; insert into table @Subs row for @root - while there were rows in the previous level of employees: - set @lvl = @lvl + 1; insert into table @Subs rows for the next level (mgrid in (empid values in previous level)) - return @Subs Run the following code to create the Subordinates1 function, which implements this algorithm as a UDF:
If you drill into an assembly, the solution grid will show the registered plug-in classes, as shown in Figure 5-13.
Note the text near the top of this dialog box. Neither System Protection (the process that creates restore points) nor System Restore (the process that reinstates them) disturbs your documents in any way. And before System Restore returns your system to any restore point, it creates a new restore point making it easy for you to return to the present if time travel doesn t meet your expectations.
This exercise demonstrates the use of the TextBox control in Silverlight 2 by creating a simple application that will request the red, green, and blue values to fill an ellipse with a given color. The resulting application will appear as shown in Figure 4-12.
In this code, the Main method creates a new thread that executes the Worker method . This Worker method counts as high as it can before being told to stop . The Main method allows the Worker thread to run for 5 seconds before telling it to stop by setting the static
26. Code-Tuning Techniques
Setting Up a Small Network
Basic Forms Authentication
Note (rand(26) + 65).chr generates a random number between 0 and 25 and adds 65 to it, giving a number in the range of 65 to 90. The chr method then converts a number into a character using the ASCII standard where 65 is A, through to 90, which is Z. You can learn more about the ASCII character set at, or refer to 3, where this topic was covered in more detail.
The term production refers to the point when lmmakers capture the live action of actors on lm. Film directors spend a great deal of time setting up scenes and lming the action many times so that they ll be able to use the best performances in the nal cut. But you don t have that luxury in your PowerPoint production because you re presenting in a live environment, which means that you typically get only a single shot at engaging the audience. Managing the complex mix of elements in a live presentation can be challenging, but you already have rm control over the projected media, spoken words, and printed handouts in your BBP presentation. As you use the PowerPoint le to deliver your presentation, a set of ground rules can help keep the experience in balance.
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