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Property [LabelStyle]() As String Get Return _labelStyle End Get
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object o = ConfigurationSettings.GetConfig( system.web/httpRuntime );
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Apartment (custom) ultiple Opportunity (system) elations ips Contact (system) ultiple elations ip s Lease (custom)
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Path Draws a series of connected lines and curves according to a path language Polygon Draws a closed shape made up of a connected series of lines Polyline Draws a series of connected straight lines qr code sample
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Keeping Your System Secure with Windows Update
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Be able to describe the various features and limitations of all authentication pro tocols supported in Windows Server 2003. Be able to describe the various steps of remote access authentication and authori zation. Know which conditions must be met for a remote access connection to be established. Be able to describe the configurable options on the dial-up properties of a user account. Be able to describe the configurable options in a remote access policy profile. Be able to describe the difference between PPTP and L2TP/IPSec-type VPNs. Be able to describe the functional differences between RADIUS clients, servers, and proxies. Describe the scenarios in which RADIUS servers and proxies are used. code 128 font
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Input Validation and Site Navigation
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Page 314 Please click the button below to add this service <BR> to the <B>Microsoft Producer Publish Wizard</B> as a <BR> new <B>Web server</B>. <BR> <BR> </BODY> </HTML> Next, add some code to create a command button. You can add this code just after the last <BR> tag. <INPUT TYPE = "BUTTON" ID ="addEservice" NAME = "addEservice" VALUE = "Click Me" onClick ="addEservice();"> The button displays the text Click Me and runs the function named addEservice when clicked. You ll write that function shortly. Now, you must add some JScript code. You can add the following code just after the input button code: <SCRIPT language = "JScript"> // Retrieve an Application object to gain access // to the Producer object model. var Application = window.external; </SCRIPT> Next, add the function that executes when the user clicks the button. This is the function that adds the new Web host key to the registry on the user s computer. This works exactly like the registry files you ve created in the past, except now the Producer object model does the work. You can add this code immediately following the line that retrieves the Application object: function addEservice(){ // Use the Producer object model to add the Web host key to the // registry on the user's computer. Application.Options.AddWebHost("My New E-service","http://MyServer/ MyNewEservice.htm", true); } The first argument of the AddWebHost method specifies the name of the Web host key. The second is the URL of the e-service, and becomes the HTMLBasedUIURL value in the registry. Be sure to change the URL to match the path to your server. The value true for the third parameter tells Producer to allow an overwrite of any existing Web host key with the same name.
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SQL Server 2008
Applying the Principle of Least Privilege
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