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Creating Non-Zero Lower Bound Arrays
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Creating the Data in Silverlight
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Exercise: Implementing admin_product
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You can use the criteria for a good layout scheme to ground a discussion of layout so that the subjective reasons for preferring one style over another are brought into the open. Weighting the criteria in different ways might lead to different conclusions. For example, if you feel strongly that minimizing the number of lines used on the screen is important perhaps because you have a small computer screen you might criticize one style because it uses two more lines for a routine parameter list than another.
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Demos are narrated video presentations that explain various topics mostly basic ones. When you jump to a demo page, you can click Watch the demo to run the video in Windows Media Player. If you re not ready for a multimedia experience, click Read the transcript to display the demo s narrative text.
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In this section, I compare the APM to the EPM . The biggest benefit of the EPM over the APM is that it can be used with the Visual Studio offering a design-time approach to invoke asynchronous operations . In addition, the EAP was introduced in the FCL at the same time as the SynchronizationContext class, and therefore it has built into it the ability to understand an application s threading model to ensure that, for GUI applications, the event handler method is invoked on the GUI thread . However, the APM is closer to the metal and the EAP classes are typically implemented internally using the APM . This means that EAP classes tend to use more memory and perform slower than their APM equivalents . In fact, the EAP must allocate EventArg-derived objects for all progress reporting and completion events that are raised . Several EPM classes also contain a collection of UserState objects identifying separate operations and an AsyncOperation object, too . In a typical GUI application, these additional memory allocations (which cause additional garbage collections) are probably insignificant . However, the EPM would be an inappropriate choice for building a high-performance server application . For simple scenarios, the EPM is easy to use and a fine choice . However, there are some scenarios where the EPM will actually be more complicated to use . If you call the XxxAsync method before registering the event handler method, it is possible that the asynchronous operation could complete before registering the event handler method and then the event handler method will not be invoked . Also, events are cumulative, and so you must unregister a method from the event and register a new method with the event if you want your next asynchronous operation to invoke a different method . Furthermore, static methods and singleton classes cannot offer the EPM for the same reason: different parts of an application may all register events at once, and all event handlers would be invoked when an operation completes regardless of which part of the application issued the asynchronous operation . Error handling with the EAP is incongruous with the rest of the system . First, exceptions aren t thrown; in your event handler, you must query the AsyncCompletedEventArgs s Exception property to see if it is null or not . If it is not null, then you have to use if statements to determine the type of the Exception-derived object instead of using catch blocks . And, if your code ignores the error, then no unhandled exception occurs, errors go undetected, and your application continues running with unpredictable results .
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Figure 5.1 Presenter with a lavaliere microphone. Headphones Many cameras also include a built-in headphone jack so you can hear the audio in your video, during recording, by listening through the headphones. If you review the recorded video on the camera, the headphones enable you to hear the audio more clearly than you would while listening to the audio through the small speaker on your video camera. Headphones that cover the whole ear are especially useful because they block out external noises. By listening to the audio immediately at the recording location, you can determine whether it has been recorded well enough for your presentation. If it isn t recorded correctly, you can do the recording again. Camera Bag As your collection of recording accessories grows, you will need to find a way to keep all these accessories together. A good basic accessory is a video camera bag or case that is small enough to carry, but that has a lot of pockets and storage room. In addition to providing extra storage room, a video camera case or bag will also protect your camera when you move it from one place to another. Many camera cases and bags have built-in padding to protect the camera from damage. Furthermore, a camera bag will
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As of this writing, the most current version of BIND is 9.2.2.
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Disaster Planning
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Using Smarty to Separate Layout from Code
Configuring DNS Servers and Clients
Option 3 will fail because although EXAMPLE\Administrator is a member (indirectly) of BUILTIN\Administrators, it has never logged on to Denise-PC. Because the computer is offline, authentication of domain accounts has to happen against the password verifier. (See 2, Authenticators and Authentication Protocols, for information on cached credentials.) Cached credentials exist only for accounts that have previously logged on interactively; therefore, we have nothing to verify EXAMPLE\Administrator against. It should also be pointed out that elevating to a domain administrator on a member workstation would be an extraordinarily bad idea. For more information on why, see 13, Securing the Network. Option 4 fails for the same reason as Option 3. Option 5 will succeed. DENISE-PC\Denise is a local account. Therefore, no cached credentials are necessary. It is a member of BUILTIN\Administrators, so it is legal to elevate to this account. And it is not disabled, so it can be actively used to log on with. I have found this write-up very helpful in explaining to people which accounts can be used for UAC elevation, as well as the relationship between domain accounts, password verifiers, and UAC. Jesper M. Johansson Windows Security MVP
The HatShop e-commerce application is shaping up nicely. You ve added customer account functionality, and you re keeping track of customer addresses and credit card information, which is stored in a secure way. However, you re not currently using this information you re delegating responsibility for this to PayPal. In this and the next chapter, you ll build your own
many companies that are that quality conscious. Nor have I heard of many developers who would volunteer to go to the Arctic Circle to fix a problem either. When you do have a problem situation that occurs on only one or two machines, you need a way to see the program's flow of execution on those machines. Many developers already track the flow of execution through logging files and writing to the event log, but I want to stress how important that log is to solving problems. The problem-solving power of flow logging increases dramatically when the whole team approaches tracking the program's flow of execution in an organized fashion. When logging your information, following a template is especially important. With the information in a consistent format, developers will find it much easier to parse the file and report the interesting highlights. If you log information correctly, you can record tons of information and have scripts written in Perl or another language pull out the significant items so that you don't need to spend 20 minutes reading a text file just to track down one detail. What you need to log is mostly project-dependent, but at a minimum, you should definitely log failure and abnormal situations. You also want to try to capture a logical sense of the program operation. For example, if your program is performing file operations, you wouldn't want to log fine-grained details such as "Moving to offset 23 in the file," but you would want to log the opening and closing of the file so that if the last entry in the log is "Preparing to open D:\Foo\BAR.DAT," you know that BAR.DAT is probably corrupt. The depth of the logging also depends on the performance hit associated with the logging. I generally log everything I could possibly want and keep an eye on the release-build performance when not logging. With today's performance tools, you can quickly see whether your logging code is getting in the way. If it is, you can start to back off on the logging a little bit until you strike enough of a balance that you get sufficient logging without slowing down the application too much. The "what" to log is the hard part. In 3 I discuss the code necessary to log in managed applications, and in 18 I show how to do high-speed tracing in native applications with minimal effort. Another technology you might want to look at is the very fast but misnamed Event Tracing system, which is built into Windows 2000 and later. You can find more information at http:// url=/library/en-us/perfmon/base/event_tracing.asp. Frequent Builds and Smoke Tests Are Mandatory Two of the most important pieces of your infrastructure are your build system and your smoke test suite. The build system is what compiles and links your product, and the smoke test suite comprises tests that run your program and verify that it works. Jim McCarthy, in his book Dynamics of Software Development (Microsoft Press, 1995), called the daily build and smoke test the heartbeat of the product. If these processes aren't healthy, the project is dead. Frequent Builds Your project has to be built every day. That process is the heartbeat of the team, and if you're not building, you've got a dead project. Many people tell me that they have absolutely huge projects that can't be built every day. Does that mean that those people have projects that are even larger than the 40 million lines of code in the Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 source code tree Given that it's the largest commercial software project in existence and it builds every day, I don't think those people do. So there's no excuse for not building every day. Not only must you build every day, but you must have a build that is completely automated. 49
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