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The full path to the MSBuild tools being used to build the project. The version of the tools being used to build the project. Possible values include 2.0 and 3.5.
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The formulas in cells M12:M23 and N12:N23 determine whether #N/A values or the margin values for the selected indicator category are to be read .
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24 Runtime Serialization
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19. In the Inbound Filters dialog box, click New.
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One of the main differences between the AccessDataSource control and the SqlDataSource control is how they connect to the database. The AccessDataSource control replaces the SqlDataSource.ConnectionString property with the DataFile property. You pass a path to a database file to this property to define a connection to an Access database. The following markup shows how you configure the AccessDataSource control to connect to an .mdb file in the App_Data folder.
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ChildAccount types can NOT write checks. AdultAccount types can write checks. App types can NOT write checks.
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between languages is an awesome feature of the CLR . Unfortunately, I also believe that developers will often overlook this feature . Programming languages such as C# and Visual Basic are excellent languages for performing I/O operations . APL is a great language for performing advanced engineering or financial calculations . Through the CLR, you can write the I/O portions of your application in C# and then write the engineering calculations part in APL . The CLR offers a level of integration between these languages that is unprecedented and really makes mixedlanguage programming worthy of consideration for many development projects .
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implementing the m v v m pattern
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Notice also the default filters created for this list. The Discontinued filter is based on a Boolean field in the data. The Category filter is based on the relationship between Product and Category. In fact, relational IDs won t be displayed in the table, but related data will be. You can see that this was possible for the Category, because it exposed the CategoryName field. However, this was not possible for SupplierID because this table does not include a SupplierName field. You can also see that the form allows you to page the data; select how many rows to show in a page; edit, delete, and view the details of an item; insert a new item; and connect to data related to a particular row (View Order_Details). Figure 12-25 shows an example of inserting a product. Notice that here you again get the Category drop-down list. You can also see that default data validation is being used. The validation is based on stored data types.
Boehm, "A Spiral Model of Software Development," IEEE 21, no. 5 (May 1988): 61-72.
You ve been updating the source code as you ve gone along, and in each case you ve put the logic next to the puts statement that shows the result to the user. However, for the final version of your basic application, it would be tidier to separate the logic from the presentation a little and put the calculations in a separate block of code before everything is printed to the screen. There are no logic changes, but the finished source for analyzer.rb looks a little cleaner this way: lines = File.readlines("text.txt") line_count = lines.size text = lines.join word_count = text.split.length character_count = text.length character_count_nospaces = text.gsub(/\s+/, '').length paragraph_count = text.split(/\n\n/).length sentence_count = text.split(/\.|\ |!/).length puts puts puts puts puts puts puts puts "#{line_count} lines" "#{character_count} characters" "#{character_count_nospaces} characters excluding spaces" "#{word_count} words" "#{paragraph_count} paragraphs" "#{sentence_count} sentences" "#{sentence_count / paragraph_count} sentences per paragraph (average)" "#{word_count / sentence_count} words per sentence (average)" When run, the result will be somewhat like the following:
The CLR provides each AppDomain with a GC handle table . This table allows an application to monitor the lifetime of an object or manually control the lifetime of an object . When an AppDomain is created, the table is empty . Each entry on the table consists of a pointer to an object on the managed heap and a flag indicating how you want to monitor or control the object . An application adds and removes entries from the table via the System.Runtime. InteropServices.GCHandle type shown below . Since the GC handle table is used mostly in scenarios when you are interoperating with unmanaged code, most of GCHandle s members have the [SecurityCritical] attribute applied to them .
Figure 18 9 : Selecting the kind of code I want to debug for my project
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