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This line tells the C# compiler to compile the FUT .cs file to produce the JeffTypes .dll file . Because /t:library is specified, a DLL PE file containing the manifest metadata tables is emitted into the JeffTypes .dll file . The /addmodule:RUT.netmodule switch tells the compiler that RUT .netmodule is a file that should be considered part of the assembly . Specifically, the /addmodule switch tells the compiler to add the file to the FileDef manifest metadata table and to add RUT .netmodule s publicly exported types to the ExportedTypesDef manifest metadata table . Once the compiler has finished all of its processing, the two files shown in Figure 2-1 are created . The module on the right contains the manifest .
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RETURN outCustomerId; END; $$; The customer_add function is called when a user registers on the site. This method returns the customer ID for that user to be saved in the session. 5. Use the query tool to execute this code, which creates the customer_get_customer function in your hatshop database: -- Create customer_get_customer function CREATE FUNCTION customer_get_customer(INTEGER) RETURNS customer LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inCustomerId ALIAS FOR $1; outCustomerRow customer; BEGIN SELECT INTO outCustomerRow customer_id, name, email, password, credit_card, address_1, address_2, city, region, postal_code, country, shipping_region_id, day_phone, eve_phone, mob_phone FROM customer WHERE customer_id = inCustomerId; RETURN outCustomerRow; END; $$; The customer_get_customer function returns full customer details for a given customer ID. 6. Use the query tool to execute this code, which creates the customer_update_account function in your hatshop database: -- Create customer_update_account function CREATE FUNCTION customer_update_account(INTEGER, VARCHAR(50), VARCHAR(100), VARCHAR(50), VARCHAR(100), VARCHAR(100), VARCHAR(100)) RETURNS VOID LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inCustomerId ALIAS FOR $1; inName ALIAS FOR $2; inEmail ALIAS FOR $3; inPassword ALIAS FOR $4; inDayPhone ALIAS FOR $5; inEvePhone ALIAS FOR $6; inMobPhone ALIAS FOR $7; BEGIN UPDATE customer SET name = inName, email = inEmail, password = inPassword, day_phone = inDayPhone, eve_phone = inEvePhone, mob_phone = inMobPhone WHERE customer_id = inCustomerId; END; $$;
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Spooling a SQL*Plus Session
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Figure 5-34
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using System; public sealed class SomeLibraryType { // NOTE: C# doesn't allow you to specify static for constants // because constants are always implicitly static. public const Int32 MaxEntriesInList = 50; }
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So far, I ve covered scalar and multivalued subqueries. This section deals with table subqueries, which are known as table expressions. In this chapter, I ll discuss derived tables and common table expressions (CTE).
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An ASP.NET MVC application has a different architecture, page processing model, conventions, and project structure than an ASP.NET web form site. Requests to an ASP.NET MVC application are handled by the UrlRoutingModule HttpModule. (See 10, Writing and Working with HTTP Modules and Web Services, for more information regarding HttpModules.) This module parses the request and selects a route for that request based on a configuration that you define. Ultimately, the request is routed to one of the many controller classes that you write to manage request processing. It is the selected controller s job to access your data and business logic (the model), connect it for display (the view), and send the response back to the user. The controller handles all requests view and updates (posts). This is considerably different than the basic architecture of an ASP.NET application, in which requests are handled by ASP.NET: it calls your page; it executes your events in order; those events affect the response; and ASP.NET ultimately returns the response. With ASP.NET MVC, you write the model, create the views, and code the controllers; thus you have finer control over how each request is handled and each response is rendered. With ASP.NET MVC, there is less hidden from you (and thus less work done automatically for you). Figure 14-1 shows the high-level architecture of the components you write to manage a request with ASP.NET MVC. As you can see, requests are routed to controllers. The controller works with the data model, selects a view (based on an action), and returns the results. code 128 barcode
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CREATE UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED INDEX idx_unc_oid ON dbo.Orders(orderid);
Table 11-1
Step 9: Applying the DISTINCT Clause
Part II Solutions
server and your private intranet are now exposed to attack. An Internetbased attacker can try to attack the VPN server by flooding it with various types of packets or try to access your intranet by using your VPN server as a router. To combat both of types of attacks, the Internet interface of the VPN server is configured with a series of IP packet filters that only allow VPN traf fic. This is different than the internal IP filters that apply to a user s authentication this process makes sure that only authorized conversations will be accepted by the VPN server. This will ensure that Denial-of-Service attacks and internet hacks cannot affect operations. Each of these basic elements of VPN security is discussed in further detail in the fol lowing sections.
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