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For many people, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is one of those programs you grow into. Unless their job responsibilities demand a detailed working knowledge of spreadsheets right from the start, their earliest experiences with Office Excel 2007 might have been creating simple financial documents maybe in response to a request from a manager, a need in their own business, or a question from a financial advisor. Over the years, Office Excel has evolved from a basic spreadsheet tool to a major business application that enables information workers to create, analyze, consolidate, report on, and share critical information that affects the entire business life cycle. This is not your grandmother s calculator! Office Excel 2007 faces the same challenge that Microsoft Office Word 2007 takes on: offering powerful, sophisticated tools in an accessible way that enables both experts and novices to find what they need easily and produce professional-quality, accurate, and insightful results. The major changes in Office Excel 2007 offer exciting possibilities that can simplify and extend the way users create, work with, and share financial documents spreadsheets, workbooks, reports, and more. Specifically, the additions and enhancements in Office Excel 2007 help users create better spreadsheets faster; understand, visualize, and share important information more easily with others; and make data analysis easier and more effective, resulting in better insight for those decisions that affect the bottom line. This chapter introduces some of these significant changes.
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If you right-click the Address bar, the shortcut menu that appears includes the unnecessary Edit Address command, which simply duplicates the effect of clicking in an unoccupied part of the Address bar . Along with that, however, come two ambiguously named but useful commands: Copy Address and Copy Address As Text . Copy Address As Text creates a text string of the current path, which you can paste into any text-receiving application . Copy Address also puts the text of the current path on the Clipboard, allowing you to paste into a word processor or e-mail message, for example . But it does more . Copy Address lets you copy the entire contents of the current folder, or a shortcut to the current folder, into another location, such as the Desktop . One of the handy things you can do with this obscure feature is create shortcuts to deeply buried folders that are not part of the file system, such as Control Panel applets . For example, to create a desktop shortcut to the Manage Network Connections folder in Control Panel, you could open Control Panel, click Network And Internet, and click Network And Sharing Center . Then you would click the Manage Network Connections link in the Network And Sharing Center task pane . At this point you would have a Windows Explorer folder with the path Control Panel\Network And Internet\Network Connections displayed in the Address bar . Right-click it, choose Copy Address, right-click the desktop, and choose Paste Shortcut .
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Creating a Zone Delegation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-59
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FIGURE 25-34 Remote Web Workplace showing the new link to Windows Mail
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session_start Raised when a new user requests a page on your site and thus begins a new session. This is a good place to initialize session variables.
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ORDER Option for CLR Table-Valued UDFs
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Consolidating Identity Systems
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You can also bind a LinqDataSource control to a data-bound control, as you would with any other data source. You can set values on the LinqDataSource to indicate whether to allow deleting, inserting, and updating of data. The data-bound control will then work with the LinqDataSource as appropriate.
The Process methods summarized in Table A-4 terminate the associated local process; termination of remote processes is not supported.
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Again, we have only scratched the surface on the topic of transitions and transformations. For further information, you can look at the W3C documentation here:
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