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<CommandDefinitions> <CommandDefinition> <EnableRules> <EnableRule/> </EnableRules>
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<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <data:DataGrid></data:DataGrid> </Grid> 10. Highlight the DataGrid definition in the solution and replace it with the following DataGrid definition, which is from the previous DataGrid exercise in 5. The DataGrid contains three columns: one template column containing the two cards in the hand and two text columns containing the nickname and notes about the hand.
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First or Last Day of a Period
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Visual Studio (in concert with ASP .NET) can easily fool you about the real nature of Webbased development . As you saw in earlier chapters, Web-based development dates back to the old terminal mainframe days of the mid-1970s . However, now the terminal is a sophisticated browser, the computing platform is a Web server (or perhaps a Web farm), and the audience is worldwide . When a client browser makes a round-trip to the server, it s really getting only a snapshot of the state of the server . That s because Web user interfaces are built using a markup language over a disconnected protocol . When you build Web applications in Visual Studio, it s almost as if you are developing a desktop application . With Visual Studio, you don t have to spend all your time typing ASP-style code . The Designer is a great environment in which to design a Web-based UI visually . To learn how to work with Visual Studio, you can develop a simple page that uses server-side controls . The page will look roughly like the ones you have seen so far in this chapter . data matrix
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if ( x < 2 ) return 0 ; if ( x < 4 ) return 1 ; if ( x < 8 ) return 2 ; if ( x < 16 ) return 3 ; if ( x < 32 ) return 4 ; if ( x < 64 ) return 5 ; if ( x < 128 ) return 6 ; if ( x < 256 ) return 7 ; if ( x < 512 ) return 8 ; if ( x < 1024 ) return 9 ; ... if ( x < 2147483648 ) return 30; return 31 ; }
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Part II Advanced Features
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Decimal price = 123.54M; String s = price.ToString("C", new CultureInfo("vi VN")); System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show(s);
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Actions actions = Actions.Read | Actions.Write; // 0x0003 Console.WriteLine(actions.ToString()); // "Read, Write"
ProcessWithdrawal( balance, withdrawalAmount, withdrawalDate );
The method to get the variable data is the same, but with the named slot it's possible to get a reference to the LocalDataStoreSlot instance by knowing the name:
End Get Set(ByVal value As String) _lastName = value End Set End Property Sample of C# Code private string _authorId; [Column(IsPrimaryKey=true, Storage="_authorId", Name="au_id")] public string Id { get { return _authorId; } set { _authorId = value; } } private string _lastName; [Column(Storage = "_lastName", Name = "au_lname")] public string LastName { get { return _lastName; } set { _lastName = value; } }
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