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From the Exceptions tab, you can set up a program exception without waiting for the Windows Security Alert dialog box to appear. Follow these steps: 1. Click Add Program. The Add A Program dialog box appears.
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way, both English users and all others will be given the settings in this file.
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As DNS servers make recursive queries on behalf of clients, they temporarily cache resource records. These cached records contain information acquired in the process of answering queries on behalf of a client. Later, when other clients place new queries that request information matching cached resource records, the DNS server can use the cached information to answer these queries. The DNS server cache is cleared whenever the DNS Server service is stopped. In addi tion, you can clear the DNS server cache manually in the DNS console the adminis trative tool used for DNS administration by right-clicking the server icon in the console tree and then clicking Clear Cache. Finally, if you have installed Windows Support Tools, you can clear the server cache at the command line by entering the com mand Dnscmd /clearcache at a command prompt. Time to Live Values A Time to Live (TTL) value applies to all cached resource records, whether in the DNS resolver cache or the DNS server cache. As long as the TTL for a cached resource record does not expire, a DNS resolver or server can con tinue to use that record to answer queries. By default, the TTL is 3600 seconds (1 hour), but this parameter can be adjusted at both the zone and record level.
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Lesson 3
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Additionally, this chapter covers how the Microsoft Expression Suite is designed to complement traditional development tools such as Visual Studio for creating Silverlight applications. It specifically discusses how you can use Expression Design to build graphical assets, how you can use Expression Blend to link assets together into an interactive application, and how you can use Expression Encoder to manage your video assets. Now it s time to go deeper. The next few chapters discuss the Silverlight API. 2 starts with a more detailed examination of Expression Blend and how it is used by Silverlight.
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Number (1, 1.0, 100)
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Figure 8-3 shows all of Windows Mail s optional visual elements. Everything in Windows Mail s presentation is optional, except for the menu bar and the message list. If the display feels crowded, you can eliminate elements that you don t need by selecting or deselecting options in the Windows Layout Properties dialog box (choose View, Layout).
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Deployment and Testing: Visual Studio and SQL Server
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CHAPTER 7: Developing with HTML5
Figure 6-17. Eclipse provides a rich framework in which the PHP IDE project can run.
A change is made to the settings within a GPO processed by the user or computer The list of GPOs applied to the computer or user changes (in other words, a new GPO is added or a previously processed one is removed)
To use the storyboard formatter, copy the BBP Storyboard Formatter Basic.potx le from the companion CD to a folder on your local computer. Locate the BBP Storyboard Formatter on your local computer, and double-click it. Because the le format is a PowerPoint 2007 Design Template, as indicated by the .potx le extension, doubleclicking the le will open a new presentation based on the template s formatting. Your
Next, we need to update the SRID value for each GEOG instance and add a constraint to enforce this SRID:
There are two mechanisms for passing values between SQL statements, the first using SQL*Plus substitution variables and the second by using SQL*Plus bind variables. With substitution variables, you
A. Resources.Resource.Login B. Resources.Resource( Login ) c. Resources( Login ) D. Resources.Login
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