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globalization and Accessibility
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Part II Solutions
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Parameters 1 Worksheet
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The DefaultMode property determines the mode that the control reverts to after an edit or insert operation is performed. The output generated by the DetailsView control is a table in which each row corresponds to a record field. Additional rows represent special items such as the header, footer, pager, and the new command bar. The command bar is a sort of toolbar where all the commands available on the record are collected. Autogenerated buttons go to the command bar. The user interface of the control is governed by a handful of visual properties, which are listed in Table 7-12.
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Although you use a projector to show your slides on the screen, consider what paper can do for you too. Especially for an audience such as nancial executives who likely want to see detailed data, quickly establish credibility by handing out a printed detailed analysis when you display one of the Act I slides. Here you would say something like, We crunched the numbers and they re all here, but out of respect for your limited time, we ve pulled to the top what we thought would be most relevant to your situation, which will be the focus of this presentation. Your handout could be printed copies of your presentation in Notes Page view, Microsoft Of ce Excel spreadsheets, or whatever other format your data is in. If you like that idea, sketch a note on the slides where you plan to do that.
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On the right-hand side of the => operator is where you specify the anonymous function body . It is very common for the body to consist of a simple or complex expression that ultimately returns a non-void value . In the code just above, I was assigning lambda expressions that returned Strings to all the Func delegate variables . It is also quite common for the body to consist of a single statement . An example of this is when I called ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem, passing it a lambda expression that called Console.WriteLine (which returns void) .
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expenseData = InitializeExpenseData( expenseData ) expenseData = ComputeMarketingExpense( expenseData ) expenseData = ComputeSalesExpense( expenseData ) expenseData = ComputeTravelExpense( expenseData ) expenseData = ComputePersonnelExpense( expenseData ) DisplayExpenseSummary( expenseData )
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Continue editing the project you created in the previous exercise. Alternatively, you can open the completed Lesson 1, Exercise 1 project in the samples installed from the CD. Open the Default.aspx page. Set the title over the grid (<h2>) to Customers, and delete the default markup content. In Design view, drag an EntityDataSource control onto the page from the Data tab of the Toolbox. This control will be used to expose a list of customers in the database. Click the smart tag in the upper-right corner of the EntityDataSource control to open the EntityDataSource Tasks list. Select Configure Data Source to open the Configure Data Source Wizard.
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Part II Designing Types
toDegrees() N/A toRadians() N/A
To configure the test lab for dial-up access, install Connection Manager Adminis tration Kit and Phone Book Administrator on VPN1. Additionally, create a phone book and post it to the phone book server, and create a dial-up Connection Man ager profile.
4 Silverlight XAML Basics
easier to ensure that a server environment is set up correctly than it is to ensure that the client has the proper environment. Warning Because you have no control over client-side scripting, you should use it only as a way to reduce round-trips to the server. It is not a replacement for server-side validation. Your serverside code should always presume that the data coming in from a form, even a form with client-side validation, is invalid until proven otherwise. Additionally, if the browser in use is considered a downlevel browser, the client-side scripting won t occur for the standard controls that use client-side scripting, such as the validator controls. How ASP.NET Uses Client-Side Scripting One common control used on many forms is a drop-down list with several options. Based on the user s selection in the drop-down list, options in the form are customized to reflect the current selection. Selecting an item in a drop-down list doesn t cause a roundtrip to the server, but client-side scripting can be used to cause a round-trip to the server. Listing 7-1 shows PostTest.aspx, an .aspx file created in Visual Studio .NET. Listing 7-1 PostTest.aspx, a page that generates a postback when the drop-down list selection is changed
Turns on and off the ability for the user to drag columns to reorder them Turns on or off the ability for the user to resize the column s width with the mouse Determines the order in which the column appears in the DataGrid Defines the content of the column s header Determines if the column can be edited by the user Sets the maximum column width in pixels Sets the minimum column width in pixels Determines whether or not the column will be visible to the user Sets the width of the column, or can be set to automatic sizing mode
Table 1-4 Other New Properties of the Page Class
The network ID and host ID bits cannot be all 1s. If all bits are set to 1, the address is interpreted as a broadcast rather than a host ID.
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