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Open the Windows SBS Console if it isn t already open. Select Network on the top navigation bar and then click Connectivity to open the Connectivity page shown earlier in Figure 18-2. Select POP3 Connector in the main pane and then click View POP3 Connector Properties in the Tasks pane to open the Windows SBS POP3 Connector dialog box, shown in Figure 18-6.
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Note that the ef ciency of this plan compared to the previous one depends on the selectivity of the query. As the selectivity of the query gets lower (low selectivity means a high percentage of rows), the more substantial the cost is of the lookups here. In our case, the query is fairly selective, so this plan is more ef cient than the previous two; however, with low selectivity, this plan will be less ef cient than the previous two. Here are the performance measures that I got for this query:
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Subqueries, Table Expressions, and Ranking Functions
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Let s start with a simple and classic deadlock example . I apologize if you ve seen such examples a thousand times already . I promise to be more exciting in subsequent examples . Here I just want to make sure that the fundamentals are covered, so bear with me . Open two new connections, and call them connections 1 and 2 . Issue the following code from connection 1:
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A loop is too long or too deeply nested Loop innards tend to be good candidates for being converted into routines, which helps to better factor the code and to reduce the complexity of the loop. A class has poor cohesion If you find a class that takes ownership for a hodge-podge of unrelated responsibilities, that class should be broken up into multiple classes, each of which has responsibility for a cohesive set of responsibilities. A class interface does not provide a consistent level of abstraction Even classes that begin life with a cohesive interface can lose their original consistency. Class interfaces tend to morph over time as a result of modifications that are made in the heat of the moment and that favor expediency to interface integrity. Eventually the class interface becomes a Frankensteinian maintenance monster that does little to improve the intellectual manageability of the program. A parameter list has too many parameters Well-factored programs tend to have many small, well-defined routines that don t need large parameter lists. A long parameter list is a warning that the abstraction of the routine interface has not been well thought out. Changes within a class tend to be compartmentalized Sometimes a class has two or more distinct responsibilities. When that happens you find yourself changing either one part of the class or another part of the class but few changes affect both parts of the class. That s a sign that the class
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12: Finding Source and Line Information with Just a Crash Address
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Part V
Core Facilities
Considering Internet Payment Service Providers
Photosynth is a technology from Microsoft Research and Microsoft Live Labs that you can use to construct a scene from photographic information about the scene. Probably you ve visited many locations where you ve taken pictures and then realize that pictures don t do the place justice. For starters, a camera can only take a rectangular image of the scene, not the entire scene, and a flat image can t make the viewer feel immersed in the scene. With Photosynth, you can effectively stitch together a three-dimensional image of the scene by using a number of flat images. So, imagine you are in the center of a beautiful downtown area and you take pictures of the entire location. When you show these photos to friends, you explain the scene, saying that this building is to the left of the other one in the other picture, and so forth. Photosynth fixes this for you. It works by examining the images for similarities to each other, and then uses this information to estimate the shape of the viewed object in three-dimensional space using the vantage point of each photograph. Photosynth then recreates the object in 3-D space and maps the images to the appropriate places in space. Figure 11-14 shows an example synth of images from the Louvre in Paris.
Applying the DNC makes for a great prelude to modeling use cases because it helps prevent one of the cardinal sins of use case modeling: use cases dictating an object-model s structure. When use cases drive a model s shape, the model effectively becomes a slave of the current functionality being addressed and no longer is a true representation of the business. This means that although a use case might give you a clear understanding of a single interaction between an actor and the system, it doesn t give you an understanding of the problem domain (as the domain model does), which can lead to design tunnel vision. To an extent, you can equate the moment-interval classes with either a use case, part of a use case, or an encapsulation of one or more use cases. Use cases are typically documented as short but concise textual descriptions or scenarios similar to how Extreme Programming (XP) creates user stories, descriptions of how a system is supposed to solve a problem. Table 1-2 shows the partial list of business use cases, showing the actors involved as well as any use cases extended or included.
snapshot, and then installing the next build of our application right away. This way, on a day-to-day basis the only cost to us is installing the daily build which takes only five minutes rather than the hours of setup time needed previously. I do wish I had snapshots back in the day of testing service packs. I remember times of having to install the RTM operating system and then installing a service pack and testing. I would have to do this on a daily basis. If I had snapshots, I would only need to install the RTM operating system once and take a snapshot, and then install the service pack. When I was done testing the service pack, I would reapply the snapshot and have a guaranteed clean RTM operating system on which to install the next build of the service pack. This truly would've saved me hours. Shawn McFarland, Senior SDET
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