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Microsoft Outlook Anywhere, VPNs, or Web sites, you need a static IP address or an ISP that supports the Dynamic DNS service, or you need to manage your external DNS with a DNS service that supports dynamic updates, such as SBS 2008 includes support for dynamic DNS if you use the built-in wizards to register or transfer your domain name.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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See Enumerable, a module that s mixed in with Array, for more methods. The following are some of the most popular methods made available by Hash objects: clear: Removes all key and value pairs from the hash. delete: Deletes the hash entry whose key is equal to the supplied object. delete_if: Deletes all hash entries where, for a code block invoked with the key and value, true is returned. For example: { :a => 10, :b => 20, :c => 30 }.delete_if { |k, v| v > 10 } == { :a => 10 }. each: Invokes a supplied code block once for each entry in the hash, passing in the key and value of that element as two parameters. each_key: Invokes a supplied code block once for each entry in the hash, passing in the key only. each_value: Invokes a supplied code block once for each entry in the hash, passing in the value only. empty : Returns true if the hash has no entries (that is, pairs of keys and values). has_key : Returns true if the hash has an entry with the supplied key.
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Arrays Split to Elements
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I created all the XML in this chapter, including the schemas, using T-SQL . In this section, I ll explain how you can convert a query result set to XML using the FOR XML clause of the T-SQL SELECT statement . I ll explain the most useful options and directives of this clause; for a detailed description of complete syntax, please refer to SQL Server Books Online .
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7 Entity Customization: Forms
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Team Build Quick Start data matrix generator
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13 Interfaces
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hosting a multi-tena nt a pplication
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The dm_db_index_usage_stats DMV gives you usage counts of the different index operations: SELECT * FROM sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats;
[ComVisible(true), Serializable] public class EventArgs { public static readonly EventArgs Empty = new EventArgs(); public EventArgs() { } }
If you want to play with the transparent proxy object yourself, you can get a reference to it by using the following code: RemotingServices.GetRealProxy(localObject); The variable localObject is the local instance of the remote object that you have created using the new operator. (More on this in a moment.) As mentioned, RealProxy is only an abstract class. The actual proxy object belongs to the RemotingProxy class in the System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies namespace.
This plan is trivial and not dependent on selectivity that is, you get the same plan regardless of the selectivity of the query.
When you have written the Role headline, you have made sure that you will interest the audience by acknowledging their role in the second slide of your presentation, as shown in Figure 4-7.
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