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Now, the code that creates a list can be rewritten more simply (without less-than and greater-than signs) like this:
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it on servers with slow processors or high-speed links, and in environments that replicate only new content or les smaller than 64 KB. To disable RDC on a connection, click the Connections tab, right-click the member, choose Properties, and then clear the Use Remote Differential Compression (RDC) check box. You can also change the minimum le size that RDC engages from the 64-KB default size by using the Dfsradmin ConnectionSet command. Monitor RDC statistics and CPU utilization before and after disabling RDC to verify that you reduce processor utilization enough to warrant the increased network traf c.
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Expression Blend 3: The next thing to install for your Silverlight development environment is Expression Blend (see Figure 1-8). Expression Blend a design tool for building XAML based interfaces including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight. Expression Blend is not required for creating Silverlight solutions, but is the only designer that provides design-mode WYSIWYG functionality until Visual Studio 2010 is released (currently expected to hit mid-2010). Expression Blend 3 is covered in detail in 11.
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TABLE 21-1 Attributes and Parameters for a Custom Alert
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Retry Interval The value you configure in the Retry Interval box determines how long a secondary server waits before retrying a failed zone transfer. Normally, this time is less than the refresh interval. The default value is 10 minutes. Expires After The value you configure in the Expires After box determines the length of time that a secondary server, without any contact with its master server, continues to answer queries from DNS clients. After this time elapses, the data is considered unreli able. The default value is 1 day. Minimum (Default) TTL The value you configure in the Minimum (Default) TTL box determines the default Time to Live (TTL) that is applied to all resource records in the zone. The default value is 1 hour. TTL values are not relevant for resource records within their authoritative zones. Instead, the TTL refers to the cache life of a resource record in nonauthoritative servers. A DNS server that has cached a resource record from a previous query discards the record when that record s TTL has expired.
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Users with administrative credentials can transfer ownership of an object by following these steps:
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You can also use the _CrtMemBlockHeader structure definition to get more information from the _CrtMemState structures returned by _CrtMemCheckpoint because the first item in the structure is a pointer to a _CrtMemBlockHeader. I hope a future version of the DCRT library gives us real access functions to get the memory block information. As you look through the source code in MEMDUMPERVALIDATOR.CPP, part of the BUGSLAYERUTIL.DLL project included with this book's sample files, you might notice that I use straight Windows application programming interface (API) heap functions from the HeapCreate family for internal memory management. The reason I use these API functions is that the dump and hook functions you use with the DCRT library will cause reentrancy if you use routines from the standard library. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about multithreaded reentrancy. If my hook code allocates memory with a call to malloc, my hook would be reentered because the hooks are called on every memory allocation. Initialization and Termination in C++ After I finished implementing MemDumperValidator and started to test it, I was pleased that the extension worked as planned. However, as I was pondering all the ways that a program can allocate heap memory, I started to break out in a cold sweat. Were static constructors that possibly allocate memory going to give me any problems As I looked at my initial code for MemDumperValidator, I discovered a glaring hole in my logic. Although most developers don't do it much, in some cases, memory is allocated before an application's entry point. The problem with my approach in MemDumperValidator was that I needed to ensure that the appropriate flags to _CrtSetDbgFlag are set before any allocations take place. The last thing I wanted to do with MemDumperValidator was force you to remember to call some goofy initialization function before you could use the library. It's bad enough that you have to drag around your BSMDVINFO structures for C programming. I wanted to make MemDumperValidator as automatic as possible so that more developers would use it without any hassle. Fortunately, my cold sweat didn't last too long because I remembered the #pragma init_seg directive, which can be used to control the initialization and destruction order of statically declared values. You can pass one of several options to the #pragma init_seg directive: compiler, lib, user, section name, and funcname. The first three are the important ones. The compiler option is reserved for the Microsoft compiler, and any objects specified for this group are constructed first and destructed last. Those marked as lib are constructed next and destructed before the compiler-marked group, and those marked user are constructed last and terminated first. Because the code in MemDumperValidator needs to be initialized before your code, I could just specify lib as the directive to #pragma init_seg and be done with it. However, if you're creating libraries and marking them as lib segments (as you should) and want to use my code, you still need to initialize my code before your code. To handle this contingency, I set the #pragma init_seg directive as compiler. Although you should always follow the rules when it comes to proper segment initializations, using the compiler option with debug code is safe enough. Because the initialization idea works only with C++ code, MemDumperValidator uses a special static class, named AutoMatic, that simply calls the _CrtSetDbgFlag function. I need to go to all this trouble because it's the only way to set the DCRT flags before any 643
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C h a P t e r 6 C La S S e S , O B Je C t S , a N D M O D U Le S
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private void SomeMethod2() { Int32 x = 1, y = 2; IComparable<Int32> c = x; // CompareTo expects an Int32; passing y (an Int32) is OK c.CompareTo(y); // y is not boxed here // CompareTo expects an Int32; passing "2" (a String) results // in a compiler error indicating that String cannot be cast to an Int32 c.CompareTo("2"); // Error }
3389 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), only used if you allow direct RDP connections
1. Open the Internet Authentication Service administrative tool. 2. In the console tree, right-click Remote Access Policies, and then click New Remote Access Policy. 3. On the Welcome To The New Remote Access Policy Wizard page, click Next. 4. On the Policy Configuration Method page, type Dial-up remote access to intranet in the Policy Name text box and click Next. 5. On the Access Method page, select Dial-up and click Next. 6. On the User Or Group Access page, click Group and then click Add. 7. In the Select Groups dialog box, type DialUsers in the Enter The Object Names To Select text box. Click Locations to specify the location as exam, not IAS1. Click OK. The DialUsers group in the domain is added to the list of groups on the User Or Group Access page. Click Next. 8. On the Authentication Methods page, the MS-CHAP v2 authentication proto col is selected by default. Click Next. 9. On the Policy Encryption Level page, clear the Basic Encryption and Strong Encryption check boxes, and click Next. 10. On the Completing The New Remote Access Policy Wizard page, click Fin ish.
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