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Develop Denso QR Bar Code in .NET In a similar manner, you can split large updates into batches. For example, say you need to change

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Temporary table names are prefixed with a number symbol (#) . A temporary table is owned by the creating session and visible only to it . However, SQL Server allows different sessions to create a temporary table with the same name . Internally, SQL Server adds underscores and a unique numeric suffix to the table name to distinguish between temporary tables with the same name across sessions . For example, suppose that you created a temporary table called #T1 . If you query the view sys.objects in tempdb looking for a table with the name LIKE #T1% , you will find a table with a name similar to the following (the suffix will vary): #T1__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________00000000001E . Although this is the table s internal name, you refer to it in your code by the name you used when you created it #T1 . Within the session, the temporary table is visible only to the creating level in the call stack and also inner levels, not to outer ones . For example, if you create a temp table in the session s outermost level, it s available anywhere within the session, across batches, and even in inner levels for example, dynamic batch, stored procedure, and trigger . As long as you don t close the connection, you can access the temporary table . If it s created within a stored procedure, it s visible to the stored procedure and inner levels invoked by that procedure (for example, a nested procedure or a trigger) . You can rely on the visibility behavior of
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Appendix G
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In the code example near the beginning of the chapter, I explained how to use delegates to call static methods. You can also use delegates to call instance methods for a specific object. To understand how calling back an instance method works, look at the InstanceCallbacks method from the code shown earlier:
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the sequence in which the case unfolded. It would be daunting to select the most important evidence to explain the case from more than 3 million documents and countless hours of videotaped depositions from witnesses. On top of the vast amount of information to choose from, Mark faced the constraints of a limited amount of time to communicate to his audience, as you do in your presentations. In no more than 2 hours, he had to present the jurors with an overview of the case, educate them about key concepts, and equip them with a framework to understand the six weeks of testimony to come. And he had to do all this while keeping jurors interested and engaged. Just as you ll do in 5, Mark solved the problem of potentially overwhelming his audience by distilling his presentation into three roughly equal parts that he would spend equal amounts of time explaining. With his three key points identi ed, and using the murder-mystery motif as a familiar structure, Mark verbally and visually introduced the enormously complex case to jurors as being as easy as 1-2-3 to understand, using this summary slide as he spoke. Next Mark clicked the remote to show the slides containing his key points, similar to the images shown in Figure 1-12, as he introduced each of the three sections of the presentation. Instead of overwhelming jurors with 3 million documents, Mark now guided them along what appeared to be a very simple story as he introduced the three most important parts of the case, which he then explained in more detail as his presentation moved forward. Now the jurors could relax as they listened and watched the story unfold. In any presentation, the audience can t possibly remember all the information they see and hear, but it helps if you give them graphical cues to the presentation s organization and the slides relative importance. The look of these three slides was based on the style of the earlier summary slide, carrying forward the story visually to complement Mark s verbal explanation. The simple split-screen layout of the slides, the use of the striking red color, and the consistent graphical style ensured that when these slides appeared, they would stand out as the most important among all of the other slides. You ll learn more about how to apply these techniques when you sketch your own storyboard in 7.
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The first major improvement of JavaScript IntelliSense in Visual Studio 2008 is type inference. Since JavaScript is a dynamic language, a variable can be one of many different types, depending on its current state. For example, in the following code snippet, the variable x represents a different type each time it is assigned. function TypeInference() { var x; x = document.getElementById("fieldName"); // x is now an HTML element alert(x.tagName); x = 10;
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When the AcquireRequestState event fires, the module retrieves the session ID for the request by calling the GetSessionID method (listed earlier in Table 9-2). In implementing this method, you should take into account cookies or implement alternative schemes for client storage of the session ID. If no session ID is
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From the original table header, you can read a predicate saying that a supplier with identification supplierid, named companyname, having contact contactname, and so on is currently our supplier, or is currently under contract . The Suppliers_Since table header has this predicate modified with a time parameter: a supplier with the identification supplierid, named companyname, having contact contactname, and so on is under contract since some specific point in time . In the Suppliers_FromTo table, the header has this predicate modified with an even more specific time attribute: a supplier with ID supplierid, named companyname, having contact contactname, and so on is (or was, or will be, depending on the current time) under contract from some specific point in time to another point in time . This predicate can be shortened: a supplier with ID supplierid, named companyname, having contact contactname, and so on is (or was, or will be, depending on current time point) under contract during some interval of time . So far, everything seems quite simple . You add one or two columns, and you have temporal support . However, immediately a number of questions arise . As soon as you have represented validity time in the Suppliers table, you have to implement it on supplied products as well . Furthermore, a supplier can supply a product only at times when the supplier has a valid
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In this example, the URL identifies the Default.aspx page. The query string contains a single parameter named kbid. The value for that parameter is set to 315233. In this example, the query string has one parameter. The following example shows a query string with multiple parameters. In this real-world URL, the language and market are set as parameters and the search term for searching the website is set as a parameter.
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A simple HTML test page on which to exercise the Silverlight content An entire ASP .NET site so that you can exercise the Silverlight content in an ASP .NETtype setting
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Authenticators and Authentication Protocols
The two approaches are similar, hiding the complexities of the underlying network protocols and providing the programmer with a stream containing the results of the download request. The key difference with WebClient is that the target URI is passed as an argument to the OpenRead method, not the constructor as with URLConnection, allowing WebClient instances to be reused across multiple URIs. The WebClient class also provides two convenience methods for downloading data into byte arrays and directly into local files. To download data into a byte array, use the DownloadData method, as in the following example:
Named constants are in ALL_CAPS. Enumerated types are prefixed with a mnemonic for their base type stated in the singular for example, Color_Red, Color_Blue.
n this chapter, we re going to look at some advanced Ruby techniques that have not been covered in prior chapters. This chapter is the last instructional chapter in the second part of the book, and although we ll be covering useful libraries, frameworks, and Ruby-related technologies in Part 3, this chapter rounds off the mandatory knowledge that any proficient Ruby programmer should have. This means that although this chapter will jump between several different topics, each is essential to becoming a professional Ruby developer. The myriad topics covered in this chapter include how to create Ruby code dynamically on the fly, methods to make your Ruby code safe, how to issue commands to the operating system, how to integrate with Microsoft Windows, and how to create libraries for Ruby using other programming languages. Essentially, this chapter is designed to cover a range of discrete, important topics that you might find you need to use, but that fall outside the immediate scope of other chapters.
VPN Overview
DECLARE @firsttomonth AS DATE = '20061201', @lasttomonth AS DATE = '20081201', @monthstrailing AS INT = 11;
This section will introduce an example for a SQL injection attack that exploits code constructed dynamically at the server . Consider the very common technique of passing SQL Server a dynamic list of arguments using a single input string with a comma-separated list of values . For example,
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