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The drawback of this approach is that you might have more than a hundred slides in the PowerPoint le to manage, so when you try it out, you ll need to balance the exibility of a nested storyboard against the management challenges that large storyboards create.
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A. Create separate area folders inside the Models, Views, and Controllers folders.
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another great feature that randomizes the output while still maintaining n-wise coverage of all variable states. Passing the /r:[seed] argument to the PICT tool randomizes the output, which effectively increases breadth of coverage and can even identify defects that were missed using previous combinations. IS BC and Pair-Wise Coverage Enough Historical evidence suggests that a majority (greater than 50 percent) of defects resulting from parameter interaction occur between simple pair combinations. But, in addition to executing the tests in the BC matrix as well as several randomized pair-wise outputs from the PICT tool, recent studies have shown that sequentially increasing the n-wise combinations tested can expose subtle defects that weren't previously discovered. Current studies suggest that 6-wise coverage is comparable to exhaustive coverage with regard to defect removal effectiveness and structural code coverage measures. However, the number of tests increases approximately quadratically with each sequential increase in n-wise coverage, which ultimately increases the overall cost of testing. I recommend using the output matrix randomization feature of the PICT tool of pairwise combinations to expand breadth of coverage. Microsoft's expert in this area, Jacek Czerwonka, recommends that you start with BC and pair-wise combinatorial tests, and that 3-wise and 4-wise combinations should also be tested. This provides reasonable depth of coverage. Jacek also suggests that 5-wise and 6-wise might expose only a few subtle problems and should be run if the cost of executing those tests is relatively low; 7-wise or greater is extremely unlikely to increase defect detection or expand coverage based on current studies. Jacek maintains the Pairwise Testing Web site ( that provides a wealth of information on this topic.
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Figure 9-3. Sample data in the order_detail table Each record in order_detail represents an ordered product that belongs to the order specified by order_id. The primary key is formed by both order_id and product_id because a particular product can be ordered only once in one order. A quantity field contains the number of ordered items, so it wouldn t make any sense to have one product_id recorded more than once for one order. You might be wondering why the product_id and the price and product name are recorded in the order_detail table, especially because if you have the product id, you can get all of the product s details from the product table without having any duplicated information. We chose to duplicate the product data (the product s name and price) in the order_detail table to guard against product information changes; products can be removed from the database, and their name and price can change, but this shouldn t affect the orders data. We store the product_id because apart from being the only programmatic way to link back to the original product info (if the product still exists), product_id is used to create the primary key of order_detail. product_id comes in very handy here because having it in the composite primary key in order_detail saves you from needing to add another primary key field, and also ensures that you won t have the same product more than once in a single order.
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Which of the following statements about referencing master page methods and properties is true (Choose all that apply.)
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Neither of these stored procedures is terribly difficult to understand, so I won t describe them in detail here. The spSaveTerritory stored procedure will either insert or update a territory, using the TerritoryID as the key to determine whether the territory is already present. Calling either of these stored procedures requires setting up parameters. Parameter objects have a number of properties, the most important of which are listed in Table 8-4. Table 8-4 : Parameter Object Properties Property DbType Description The type of the parameter, specific to the .NET data provider. One of an enumerated type, can be Input (the default), Output, InputOutput, or ReturnValue . There can be a single ReturnValue for any stored procedure, and for SQL Server, the ReturnValue is always an int.
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You can add more than one route definition to the routing table. The routing engine will evaluate each route in order until it finds a match.
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The task of adding a new employee who manages no one requires you to produce a HIERARCHYID value for the new node that positions it correctly within the tree and then
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The Access and SQL Server personalization providers are good at building new applications and are good for personalization data that is inherently tabular. In many cases, though, you won t start an ASP.NET 2.0 application from scratch but will instead migrate an existing ASP or ASP.NET application. You often
Integration testing is the combined execution of two or more classes, packages, components, subsystems that have been created by multiple programmers or programming teams. This kind of testing typically starts as soon as there are two classes to test and continues until the entire system is complete. Regression testing is the repetition of previously executed test cases for the purpose of finding defects in software that previously passed the same set of tests. System testing is the execution of the software in its final configuration, including integration with other software and hardware systems. It tests for security, performance, resource loss, timing problems, and other issues that can t be tested at lower levels of integration. In this chapter, testing refers to testing by the developer which typically consists of unit tests, component tests, and integration tests, and which may sometimes consist of regression tests and system tests. Numerous additional kinds of testing are performed by specialized test personnel and are rarely performed by developers (including beta tests, customer-acceptance tests, performance tests, configuration tests, platform tests, stress tests, usability tests, and so on). These kinds of testing are not discussed further in this chapter. Testing is usually broken into two broad categories: black box testing and white box (or glass box) testing. Black box testing refers to tests in which the tester cannot see the inner workings of the item being tested. This obviously does not apply when you test code that you have written! White box testing refers to tests in which the tester is aware of the inner workings of the item being tested. This is the kind of testing that you as a developer use to test your own code. Both black box and white box testing have strengths and weaknesses; this chapter focuses on white box testing because that is the kind of testing that developers perform. Some programmers use the terms testing and debugging interchangeably, but careful programmers distinguish between the two activities. Testing is a means of detecting errors. Debugging is a means of diagnosing and correcting the root causes of errors that have already been detected. This chapter deals exclusively with error detection. Error correction is discussed in detail in 23, Debugging. The whole topic of testing is much larger than the subject of testing during construction. System testing, stress testing, black box testing, and other topics for test specialists are discussed in the Additional Resources section at the end of the chapter.
Creating Custom Trace Listeners, Filters, and Formatters
TABLE 10-6
Basic Information Basic Techniques
Quality and Quantity in a Single-Point Chart
You should create a separate organization for each planned managed solution because most solutions will at a minimum share the site map. These organizations should be considered your development environments and contain the unmanaged solution code. You should have a test organization to verify the managed solutions before placing them on your production system. Regardless of the solution strategy you employ, test the approach with a small subset of both merging and overwrite components to ensure that you understand the interaction and impact. Be sure to back up the unmanaged solution file or the organization database for every managed solution in case you need to revert or restore any lost work. When building dependent solutions, consider using a separate form or creating separate tabs or sections on the form for each solution. Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM merges changes made to the form, you can t always be sure how it will merge the field layouts within a section. By using a separate form for each solution or at minimum a separate tab or section on the form you can better control the layout. Do not include the site map or application ribbon in multiple unmanaged developer solutions. Instead, consider creating a separate unmanaged solution for site map and application ribbon customizations. This allows developers to only work on that solution and avoid overwriting each other s changes when they import their specific development solution. Use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK and create automated build processes for your solution files. Create a publisher and set a default prefix even if you are only using unmanaged solutions. Remember that all managed components are controlled by the publisher through the solution container. By using the same publisher, you allow yourself options with reorganizing and updating your managed components. When using multiple solutions with a shared publisher, create the publisher first and then use it in all the solutions in different organizations. Only include dependent components in your solution if you are confident they do not exist on your target environment(s). Use version numbers for your solutions and be sure to update them every time you change the solutions components. Consider using the Configuration page for any post-install steps or configuration, or additional help documentation for your solution applications.
The critical component of the site-to-site VPN server connection is the VPN server that acts as a router between the Internet-connected traffic and the intranet traffic of the organization (the VPN router). In this section, we will:
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