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A heap is a table that has no clustered index. The structure is called a heap because the data is not organized in any order; rather, it is laid out as a bunch of extents. Figure 3-17 illustrates how our Orders table might look like when organized as a heap.
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SBS synchronizes with the Microsoft servers once a day, at 10:00 P.M. local time. Normally, this is a suf ciently frequent and timely synchronization that you shouldn t need to do anything special to synchronize. In the event of an active outbreak of a critical exploit that affects your network, however, or for any other reason you need to manually synchronize the SBS Soft-
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14, Securing the Branch Office One of the areas where Windows Server 2008 introduces significant new security features is in branch office scenarios. This chapter shows you how to take advantage of all of them. 15, Small Business Considerations Windows Server 2008 comes in more
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Installed the Domain Name System (DNS) subcomponent of the Networking Ser vices Windows component on Computer1. Once installed, the DNS server should host a primary forward lookup zone named domain1.local that is configured to accept dynamic updates. A host (A) resource record for both Computer1 and Computer2 should exist in the domain1.local zone. Promoted Computer1 to a domain controller (DC) in a new Active Directory domain and forest named domain1.local. Computer2 should be a member of the domain. After Active Directory is installed, the DNS zone domain1.local should be configured as an Active Directory integrated zone, and the zone should be configured to accept only secure dynamic updates. Created a dial-up connection to the Internet named MyISP on Computer1 that you have shared through Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Computer2 should be receiving its Internet Protocol (IP) configuration from ICS. (If you are using a ded icated Internet connection instead of a dial-up account, you should apply this requirement to the dedicated line.) Installed Windows Support Tools on Computer1 and Computer2. Selected the Use This Connection s DNS Suffix In DNS Registration option on the DNS tab in the Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog box for the Local Area Connec tion on Computer2 (Required for dynamic updates with ICS).
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In this example, there are actually three layers of inheritance. The first is the Machine.config file, which specifies the default <allow users= * />. The second layer is the first <system.web> section in the example, which applies to the entire application. This setting, <deny users= />, denies access to all unauthenticated users. By itself, this second layer denies access to any user. However, combined with the Machine.config file, this layer allows access to all authenticated users and denies access to everyone else. The third layer is the <location> section, which grants access to the CONTOSO\IT group. However, this section also inherits the <deny users= /> and <allow users= * /> settings. Therefore, the effective settings for the Protected subfolder are the same as for the parent folder: All authenticated users have access. To restrict access to only users in the CONTOSO\IT group, you must explicitly deny access to users who are not specifically granted access, as the following code demonstrates.
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FIGURE 6-3 Target (without batching) visualization diagram
Data Access
example is approximately 1000 pixels wide by 90 pixels high . Drop the banner into the table cell on the right . Your master page should look something like this now:
Adding Client Drivers for Shared Printers
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