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In the previous section, you saw how you could expose your .NET code so that your functions could be called from JavaScript residing on the hosting page. In addition to this, you can use JavaScript to edit the Silverlight render tree by adding, removing, or editing the XAML. This section discusses what is involved in manipulating the render tree. In this section, you also add the following functionality: When the user clicks a country button and the country label does not exist, your Silverlight application will create a new country label. When the country label is created, the user interface (UI) needs to change to allow it. In this case, the data needs to move downward to make room for the new label. If the country label already exists when the user clicks one of the buttons, you can edit the label using the contents of the country. You can see how this would appear in Figure 7-4.
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Difference Between NAT and ICS
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Using Internet Explorer 7
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Partitioned outer joins are especially useful when you want to aggregate information over the time dimension, a typical requirement for data warehouse reporting. See Oracle SQL Reference for more details and examples.
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To create a hidden field, you can use the plain INPUT HTML tag with the type attribute set to the hidden keyword. In ASP.NET, however, you can also use the new RegisterHiddenField method exposed by the Page object. The advantage of this technique is that you can create and add the field dynamically. The following code shows how it works: RegisterHiddenField("xml", "<xmldata>my data</xmldata>"); The method takes two arguments: the unique name of the input field and the contents to be output. When the method executes, no actual HTML code is generated, but a reference is added to an internal collection to keep track of the hidden fields to be created. The hidden input field is actually added to the output when the HTML code for the page is rendered.
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GO -- Data Distribution Settings DECLARE @numorders AS INT, @numcusts AS INT, @numemps AS INT, @numshippers AS INT, @numyears AS INT, @startdate AS DATETIME; SELECT @numorders @numcusts @numemps @numshippers @numyears @startdate
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most common ones you'll see in the Disassembly window, though there are 62 different conditional jumps in the Pentium Xeon II manual, many of which perform the same action except that the mnemonic is expressed with "not." For example, JLE (jump if less than or equal) has the same opcode as JNG (jump if not greater than). If you're using a disassembler other than the Visual Studio .NET debugger, you might see some of the other instructions. You should get the Intel manuals and look up the "Jcc" codes so that you can decode all the jump instructions. I listed the conditional jump instructions in the same order they're shown in Table 7-9 so that you can match them up. One of the conditional jumps closely follows any CMP or TEST instructions. Optimized code might have a few instructions interspersed between the check and the jump, but those instructions are guaranteed not to change the flags. When you're looking at a disassembly, you'll notice that the conditional check is generally the opposite of what you typed in. The first section in the following code shows an example. void JumpExamples ( int i ) { // Here is the C code statement. Notice the conditional is "i > 0". // The compiler generates the opposite. The assembler that I show // is very similar to what the compiler generates. Different // optimization methods generate different code. // if ( i > 0 ) // { // // } char szGreaterThan[] = "%i > 0\n" ; __asm { CMP -0). JLE to // the label. PUSH i LEA PUSH EAX CALL DWORD PTR [printf] can // tell printf probably comes from a DLL // pointer. ADD clean up ESP , 8 // printf is __cdedcl so I need to // the stack in the caller. 295 because I am calling through a // Call printf. Notice that you // Push the parameter on the stack. EAX , szGreaterThan // Push the format string. JE_LessThanOne // If i is less than zero jump around i , 0 // Compare i to zero by subtracting (i printf ( "%i > 0\n" ) ;
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Restricting Access to Websites
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Using Server Controls
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Close the Command Prompt window if you see a success message, as shown in Figure 22-23.
The System.Threading.Barrier construct is designed to solve a very rare problem, so it is unlikely that you will have a use for it . Barrier is used to control a set of threads that are working together in parallel so that they can step through phases of the algorithm together . Perhaps an example is in order: When the CLR is using the server version of its garbage collector, the GC algorithm creates one thread per core . These threads walk up different application threads stacks, concurrently marking objects in the heap . As each thread completes its portion of the work, it must stop waiting for the other threads to complete their portion of the work . After all threads have marked the objects, then the threads can compact different portions of the heap concurrently . As each thread finishes compacting its portion of the heap, the thread must block waiting for the other threads . After all the threads have finished compacting their portion of the heap, then all the threads walk up the application s threads stacks, fixing up roots to refer to the new location of the compacted object . Only after all the threads have completed this work is the garbage collector considered complete and the application s threads can be resumed . This scenario is easily solved using the Barrier class, which looks like this (some method overloads are not shown):
Overriding Your Privacy Settings for Particular Websites
6 The Silverlight Browser Object
Read Committed
Newcomer, Joseph M. Optimization: Your Worst Enemy, May 2000, Newcomer is an experienced systems programmer who describes the various pitfalls of ineffective optimization strategies in graphic detail.
Understanding Security Threats
Managing Connectivity
A frame is an encapsulation of layer 2, or network interface layer, data. To say that Network Monitor captures frames is to say that it reads and displays encapsulations that include both network interface layer data (such as Ethernet data) and higher-layer data from protocols such as Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), IP, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and Domain Name System (DNS). Technically speaking, a frame is distinct from a packet in that a packet is an encapsulation of layer 3, or internet-layer, data. However, these terms are often used interchangeably.
Although this is a simple example, you should still be able to see the enormous benefit you get from encapsulating the data fields. You should also be able to see how easy it is to make read only or write only properties: just don t implement one of the accessor methods. Encapsulating the data as shown earlier has two disadvantages. First, you have to write more code because you now have to implement additional methods. Second, users of the type must now call methods rather than simply refer to a single field name.
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