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WHEN YOU stand up to make a presentation, your audience has many other things on their minds that compete with their attention to you and your information. You have to break through the clutter quickly, or you lose your chance to focus their working memory on the new information you will present. In addition to the limited capacity of working memory, you also have only a limited amount of time to make a rst impression. In the rst minutes of a presentation, an audience forms an opinion about you and determines your credibility to talk about the topic in the rst place. This puts you in a critical situation where you really need to get it right the rst time.
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Note The default build process copies binaries only to the drop location for triggered builds,
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Here s another example of a complicated test:
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In general, diagnosing and troubleshooting client computers from over the network is more efficient than doing so locally. But this task is not always possible sometimes the network problem experienced at the client computer precludes establishing a connection across which to run diagnostic tools. When the problem is both serious and remote such as when an employee in your organization calls you from a different city and requests assistance in connecting to the network you typically have to talk the employee through elaborate procedures to gather enough information to solve the problem. The Network Diagnostics tool includes the Save To File feature, which gives you another way to help diagnose remote clients to which you cannot connect directly. Instead of talking users through Ipconfig, Ping, and other utilities run from the command prompt, you can simply have them run the Network Diagnos tics tool from the graphical user interface (GUI), save the file to a floppy disk, and then e-mail you the file from another computer.
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2. A remote access connection has been authenticated, the dial-in properties of the user account are set to Allow Access, and the first matching remote access policy is set to Grant Remote Access Permission. If the remote client still cannot successfully connect to the remote access server, what is the most likely explanation
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28. Click Require Security, and then click Next.
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SELECT seqval + 1 AS start_range, (SELECT MIN(B.seqval) FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS B WHERE B.seqval > A.seqval) - 1 AS end_range FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS A WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS B WHERE B.seqval = A.seqval + 1) AND seqval < (SELECT MAX(seqval) FROM dbo.BigNumSeq);
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Listing 9-28. Creating and populating auxiliary table of numbers
Automating Command Sequences with Batch Programs
To publish the software distribution folder in Active Directory so that users can
On the Companion CD Open the file \Samples\0809_3Axes.xlsx on the CD-ROM . The Climate 0 worksheet contains a table with mean temperatures and amounts of precipitation for the Spanish city of Aranjuez, two components of climate data and an already created, simple area chart (variant A in Figure 8-30) . This chart is only used to emphasize the problem, but that s not the appropriate solution . The two different data types are both on the same value axis . As a result, the temperature appears optically compressed and the precipitation relatively high; at first glance, this city seems to have a rather humid and cool climate (what is not the case) . Apart from the effective, graphic accessories, the solution variant B in the Climate Chart 1 worksheet is significantly better and particularly more realistic . In this case, realistic means that such a temperature curve shouldn t be displayed in a value axis that ranges up to 60 or easily exceeds a value of 100 as it would if designing charts for Irish or Scottish measurement points (see the Climate Chart 2 worksheet) . The highs and lows as well as the color of the chart show the climate that you can expect in this city: a rather dry summer with moderate temperatures (and in October, you can quote the German poet Schiller: The lovely days in Aranjuez are now at an end ) .
Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
Changing the permissions on a shared folder is easily done. Open Windows SBS Console, select Shared Folders And Web Sites, and then follow these steps:
Figure 2-3
Tip In 10g and above, the Oracle DBMS treats the use of DUAL like a function call that simply evaluates the expression used in the column list. This provides even better performance results than directly accessing the DUAL table.
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