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which is something we ve all learned to do . As children, most of us will have been amazed by the colors we can create by mixing watercolors together . However, you may prefer the HSL model if you re primarily concerned with creating a certain effect . For example, saturation, which lends intensity to a color, plays an important part in how that color is perceived . If these concerns are foremost in your mind when selecting a color, you re sure to find that HSL has more to offer . The achromatic colors are the gray colors of the spectrum between white and black . In the HSL color model, these are all hues that have different intensities but the same saturation value (0, zero) .
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This section summarizes the requirements for minimal logging. The SELECT INTO statement has one requirement to be processed with minimal logging the database recovery model should be set to a non-FULL recovery model (SIMPLE or BULK_LOGGED). Note that if you re populating a temporary table, what matters is tempdb s recovery model, which is SIMPLE and can t be changed. You can summarize the requirements for minimal logging for the other insert methods (BULK INSERT, bcp.exe, INSERT SELECT FROM OPENROWSET(BULK . . .), and regular INSERT SELECT) with the following logical expression:
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<Rectangle StrokeThickness="10" Stroke="Black" Canvas.Left="40" Canvas.Top="40" Width="100" Height="200" StrokeDashArray="4,1,2,1" StrokeDashCap="Round"/>
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Comments Makes the elements of a package/namespace accessible without the need to use fully qualified names package namespace Declares program elements to be members of a named package/namespace
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[Serializable] public abstract class ExceptionArgs { public virtual String Message { get { return String.Empty; } } }
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The CLR could profile the code s execution and recompile the IL into native code while the application runs . The recompiled code could be reorganized to reduce incorrect branch predictions depending on the observed execution patterns . Current versions of the CLR do not do this, but future versions might .
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Lesson 2
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The sample files belonging to this chapter contain many charts that have relatively simple structures and formats . Some show formats that were previously impossible to achieve in Excel or were only possible with considerable effort . This can and should also be an incentive for you to experiment with different formats . Most of the charts provided here are less than challenging and relatively well suited to testing the different format assignments and format combination assignments integrated into Excel 2007 . This is a procedure that I recommend with reservation because, even though it is yet to be substantiated, it nevertheless belongs to the extensive new features of Excel and therefore requires practice . One of the goals of this book is for you to also be able to set up, by your own efforts, most of the formats that were recently semi-automated in Excel . It will save you time and effort to initially assign integrated format combinations of varying complexity to charts and then partially modify this combination in detail . Therefore, if you wish to use the sample files for this chapter to test the format combinations, I recommend that you proceed as follows: 1. Rename the relevant file and save it to your hard disk . 2. If necessary, unprotect the sheet (Review tab/Changes group/Unprotect Sheet command button) . Then click the chart that you want to use for the formatting tests . By doing so, you insert the Chart Tools and their three tabs (Design, Layout, and Format) into the ribbon . 3. Determine the options available:
// load the contents of the table, since we want to ignore the PK it is not // part of the select statement ITable actualTable = connection .createQueryTable("MYTABLE", "select COLUMN1,COLUMN2, from MYTABLE"); // load the expected data set from the XML DbUnit file IDataSet expectedDataSet = DatabaseConnectionFactory .createDataSet("AfterDataSubmitted.xml"); // create a virtual table out of the loaded data for the comparison ITable expectedTable = expectedDataSet.getTable("MYTABLE"); // using the DbUnit Assertion class compare the tables Assertion.assertEquals(expectedTable, actualTable); } ... }
Component type Where the failure occurred Device Device that failed Failure type The type of failure that occurred Date Date of the failure
The Build Explorer window shown in Figure 10-17 is the main way to manage build queues and view build history. The Build Explorer can be opened by right-clicking the Builds node in Team Explorer and choosing View Builds. You can also double-click a build de nition, which will open the Build Explorer and automatically lter it to builds of that build de nition. When rst opened, the Build Explorer window will show only queued builds, which can be confusing if you expect to see the completed builds as well (as was the case in Team Build 2005). To see completed builds, you need to click the Completed tab at the bottom of the window.
FIGURE 3-14 You ll continue sketching graphics on each of the rest of the slides.
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