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the operation the CancellationToken returned from calling CancellationToken s static None property . This property returns a special CancellationToken instance that is not associated with any CancellationTokenSource object (its private field is null) . Since there is no CancellationTokenSource, no code can call Cancel, and the operation that is querying the special CancellationToken s IsCancellationRequested property will always get back false . If you query CancellationToken s CanBeCanceled property using one of these special CancellationToken instances, the property will return false . The property returns true for all other CancellationToken instances obtained by querying a CancellationTokenSource object s Token property .
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Edit captured frames and transmit them on the network (full version only)
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select disk 3 REM Now, create the volume... create volume simple size=28672 REM Assign without parameters will choose the next available HD letter. Assign
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as reopening the file with write access and pushing the data back to the file. The CSV module handles all of the conversion. require 'csv' people ='text.txt') laura = people.find { |person| person[0] =~ /Laura/ } laura[0] = "Lauren Smith"'text.txt', 'w') do |csv| people.each do |person| csv << person end end You load in the data, find a person to change, change her name, and then open up the CSV file and rewrite the data back to it. Notice, however, that you have to write the data person by person. Once complete, text.txt is updated with the name change. This is how to write back CSV data to file. ( 17 provides more information about CSV, along with information about FasterCSV, a faster CSV implementation for Ruby 1.8 that s available as a library.)
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Since loading symbols takes up huge amounts of memory, WinDBG uses lazy symbol loading so that it loads the symbols only when needed. Since WinDBG's original mission is to debug the entire operating system (OS), loading all the OS symbols when it first attaches through kernel debugging would make WinDBG unusable. Thus, the output just shown reveals that the only symbols I have loaded are those for NTDLL.DLL. The rest are marked as "(deferred)" because WinDBG didn't have a reason to access them. If I pulled up a ASSERTTEST.EXE and pressed F9 to set a breakpoint on the line, source file in WinDBG would start loading these symbols until it found one that contained the source file. That's the reason for the message box that prompts you to load symbols. However, at the command-line level, you have finer grained control for choosing which symbols to load.
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APPLY, PIVOT, and UNPIVOT are not ANSI operators; rather, they are TSQL specific extensions.
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Core Facilities
Replacing Corrupted or Missing System Files with Startup Repair
Layer Two Tunneling Protocol With IPSec (L2TP/IPSec)
One of the uses of derived tables is to enable the reuse of column aliases when expressions are so long you'd rather not repeat them. For simplicity's sake, I'll demonstrate column alias reuse with short expressions. Remember from 1 that aliases created in the query's SELECT list cannot be used in most of the query elements. The reason for this is that the SELECT clause is logically processed almost last, just before the ORDER BY clause. For this reason, the following illustrative query fails: SELECT YEAR(OrderDate) AS OrderYear, COUNT(DISTINCT CustomerID) AS NumCusts FROM dbo.Orders GROUP BY OrderYear;
The following steps explain the Quick Mode process in detail: 1. Computer Red performs an IKE mode policy lookup to determine the full policy. (IKE negotiation does not factor in the port number, IP address, or other factors that might have triggered the negotiation.) 2. Computer Red proposes its options (cryptographic as well as frequency of key changes, and so on) and filters to Computer Blue. 3. Computer Blue does its own IKE mode policy lookup. If it finds a match with that proposed by Computer Red, it completes the Quick Mode negotiation to create a pair of IPSec SAs. 4. One SA is outbound, the other is inbound, each SA is identified by a Security Parameters Index (SPI), and the SPI is part of the header of each packet sent. Com puter Red s IPSec driver uses the outbound SA and signs, and, if specified, encrypts the packets. If hardware offload of IPSec cryptographic functions is supported by the network card, the IPSec driver just formats the packets; otherwise, it formats and cryptographically processes the packets. 5. The IPSec driver passes the packets to the network adapter driver. 6. The network adapter driver puts the datagrams on the network.
1. Your organization uses a proprietary protocol named XCA that communicates over two separate TCP ports. You have been asked to allow external users to commu nicate with users on your internal network by means of XCA. What is the minimum number of packet filters you must create on your Windows Server 2003 remote access server that will enable XCA connections to and from your internal network
Allow Visual Studio to create the App_Code directory and add the file into that directory for you. This will launch the Entity Data Model Wizard.
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