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By default, if no configuration options are made during installation of the role, IIS 7.0 provides only static HTML support. See 16, Securing Server Applications, for details on IIS. WDS is Microsoft s latest technology to remotely deploy the operating system to computers over the network.
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Remote Access Permission (Dial-Up or VPN)
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Services Files Cluster shares Printers Shares Registry keys SAM objects The IIS metabase (which is no longer used in IIS 7) Processes Kernel objects
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WITH BOMPaths -- All paths AS ( SELECT assemblyid, partid, 1 AS distance, '.' + CAST(assemblyid AS VARCHAR(MAX)) + '.' + CAST(partid AS VARCHAR(MAX)) + '.' AS path FROM dbo.BOM WHERE assemblyid IS NOT NULL UNION ALL SELECT P.assemblyid, C.partid, P.distance + 1, P.path + CAST(C.partid AS VARCHAR(MAX)) + '.' FROM BOMPaths AS P JOIN dbo.BOM AS C ON C.assemblyid = P.partid ), BOMMinDist AS -- Minimum distance for each pair ( SELECT assemblyid, partid, MIN(distance) AS mindist FROM BOMPaths GROUP BY assemblyid, partid )
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For the property grid editor to show up, the Web part must have publicly browsable and personalizable properties. The properties must be exposed by the Web part control, not any of its constituent controls. Even though user controls can be employed as Web parts, they have no browsable properties. Adding a browsable property to, say, the .ascx won t work because the property must be exposed by a WebPart-derived class. You have to create your own Web part class to be able to edit custom properties through the property grid editor. We ll look at a custom Web part class later in the chapter.
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25 Adding a Terminal Server
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The first XQuery expression uses the simplest possible path expression, which selects everything from the XML instance; the second uses the data() function to extract all atomic data values from the complete document; the third uses the data() function to extract atomic data from the element c only .
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Data Providers
Official documentation for abbrev: rdoc/index.html
This is where the test results XML le will be stored. This is not a required input, but you should always set this. If this is not set, then the le will be placed in a le named TestResult.xml in the working directory. This corresponds to the /xml parameter. If provided, this le will be populated with any messages that are sent to the standard error stream. This corresponds to the /err parameter. This can be used to specify the working directory when invoking the tool. By default, NUnit will execute all of your test cases on shadow copies of your assemblies. These are typically contained in the %temp%\nunit20\ ShadowCopyCache\ folder. This behavior can be disabled by providing a value of true for this property. This corresponds to the /noshadow command line parameter. Using this you can specify the value for con guration that the test cases should be run against. This corresponds to the /config command line parameter. If a value of true is provided for this property, then the test cases will be executed in their own thread. This corresponds to the /thread parameter.
Even though you're after a fairly small number of rows (1000 in our case), the whole table is scanned. I got the following performance measures for this query: Logical reads: 25080 CPU time: 1472 ms Elapsed time: 16399 Estimated subtree cost: 19.6211 This plan is trivial and not dependent on selectivitythat is, you would get the same plan regardless of the selectivity of the query.
Use to define the name of the rule, its description, whether it is enabled, and what action to take (Allow, Allow If Secure, or Block).
The Trusted Sites zone (empty on a clean installation of Windows) allows you to specify sites where you allow certain actions such as running ActiveX controls or scripts that you might not permit on other sites in which you have a lower degree of trust. The Trusted Sites zone is the only zone where Internet Explorer s Protected Mode security is disabled. The Restricted Sites zone (also empty on a clean installation) allows you to specify sites where you want to specifically disallow actions that might otherwise be permitted. This zone is the default for HTML-formatted e-mail you read using Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail.
Figure 1-4 Space sufficient in worksheet Space provided should be sufficient for the majority of all cases
mm.add_MailMsg(new MailManager.MailMsgEventHandler(FaxMsg));
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