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Visio Documents Stored in an XML Column
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public static class Interlocked { // return (++location) public static Int32 Increment(ref Int32 location); // return (--location) public static Int32 Decrement(ref Int32 location); // return (location1 += value) // Note: value can be a negative number allowing subtraction public static Int32 Add(ref Int32 location1, Int32 value); // Int32 old = location1; location1 = value; return old; public static Int32 Exchange(ref Int32 location1, Int32 value); // Int32 old = location1; // if (location1 == comparand) location1 = value; // return old; public static Int32 CompareExchange(ref Int32 location1, Int32 value, Int32 comparand); ... }
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have been lucky to observe web services move from an idea to a real solution for real business problems. Whereas developers in the past faced a very difficult
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Materialized views have two important properties, in the areas of maintenance and usage: Maintenance: Materialized views are snapshots. That is, they have a certain content at any point in time, based on refreshment from the underlying base tables. This implies that the contents of materialized views are not necessarily upto-date all the time, because the underlying base tables can change. Fortunately, the Oracle DBMS offers various features to automate the refreshment of your materialized views completely, in an efficient way. In other words, yes, you have redundancy, but you can easily set up appropriate redundancy control. Usage: The Oracle optimizer (the component of the Oracle DBMS deciding about execution plans for SQL commands) is aware of the existence of materialized views. The optimizer also knows whether materialized views are up-to-date or stale. The optimizer can use this knowledge to replace queries written against regular base tables with corresponding queries against materialized views, if the optimizer thinks that approach may result in better response times. This is referred to as the query rewrite feature, which is explained in the next section.
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Figure 7-12. Execution plan for the query in Listing 7-11
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.NET Append()
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Especially with a sliding cache expiration, it is possible that heavy usage will result in an item never being removed from the cache, preventing updates to the original object from being accessed. By defining an absolute expiration in addition to a sliding expiration, you can be sure an object is eventually removed. When possible, add a cache dependency to your absolute and sliding cache expirations to immediately remove the cached object when the original is updated.
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To create an error bar, select a data series, and choose the Error Bars command in Chart Tools/Layout/Analysis . Then, in the picklist (see Figure 9-19), you specify a type or directly open which is usually the better idea the formatting dialog box by clicking on More . Here, you define:
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information regarding the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus endpoints.
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Quote Quote Product Recurring Appointment Report
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R. Solum, and M. Sobol, The Visionary Leader (Roseville, CA: Prima Lifestyles, 1992).
box and type VPNUser1 in the User Logon Name text box.
Managing Fax Users and Administrators
Figure 6-16 Service-based firewall rule.
1. Create the file presentation/templates/reviews.tpl, and add the following to it: {* reviews.tpl *} {load_reviews assign="reviews"} {if $reviews->mTotalReviews != 0} <span class="description">Customer reviews:</span><br /> <ul> {section name=cReviews loop=$reviews->mReviews} <li> Review by <strong>{$reviews->mReviews[cReviews].customer_name}</strong> on {$reviews->mReviews[cReviews].created_on|date_format:"%A, %B %e, %Y"} <br /><br /> <span> {$reviews->mReviews[cReviews].review} <br /><br /> Rating: [{$reviews->mReviews[cReviews].rating} of 5] </span> <br /> </li> {/section} </ul> {else} <span class="description"> Be the first person to voice your opinion!<br /><br />
For a description of all available options, see ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool at
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