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In this example, b and 200 are first converted to 32 bit values and are added together; the result is 300. Then 300 is converted to a Byte: this generates the OverflowException. If the Byte were cast outside the checked operator, the exception wouldn t occur.
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Part IV
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Improve Both Speed and Size
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VPN server
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Using DNS Troubleshooting Tools
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Avoid the consumer-focused HomePNA and HomePlug network types.
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FIGURE 8-8 Custom layouts applied to the Key Point, Explanation, and Detail slides.
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Part III Essential Types
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The plan performs a seek within the clustered index on Customers to return the filtered customers. For each customer (in our case, there's only one), a loop join operator initiates a seek within the index on Orders.CustomerID. The seek is followed by a partial scan to get the row locators to all the customer's orders. For each row locator, another loop join operator (below and to the right of the first one) initiates a lookup of the data row. Note that this loop join operator does not correspond to a join in the query; rather, it is used to initiate the physical lookup operations. Try to think of it as an internal join between indexes on the Orders table. In the plan, the lookup shows up as a seek within the clustered index on Orders, because the table is clustered and the row locator is the clustering key.
Planning for Disaster
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Pros and cons of deploying routing protocols with VPNs When looking at the preceding examples, you would think that you d want to use dynamic routing whenever possible because it is self-configuring and static routing is less configurable and less flexible. So why would we ever want to use static routing There is one basic, but flawed, assumption administrators make when deploying a dynamic routing protocol: the network links are relatively stable and are always under the control of the administrator. Neither one of these conditions applies when routing traffic over the Internet! What s more, Internet links are susceptible to latency issues. One example is when there is a long delay on an Internet connection and there is no communication between nodes for a few seconds. In such a case, the link can be perceived as being down by the dynamic routing protocol, thus causing a reconvergence of the routing infrastructure when there was no real physical change in the topology.
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