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events. Windows Server 2003 IAS can log information to a local file and to a struc tured query language (SQL) Server database using the new SQL-Extended Markup Language (SQL-XML) logging features. This facility allows for centralized auditing and logging of the corporation s security services a very useful tool with multiple points of access to control logging and to generate reports.
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What Is Distributed Authoring and Versioning
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isolation level, you can do so by specifying the READCOMMITTEDLOCK table hint . Using this hint, a reader will be blocked when requesting a shared lock on a resource that is under modification (exclusively locked) . This hint allows readers to work at a similar level to read committed while at read committed snapshot level .
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In the first main section of 4, Colors, Areas, and Outlines, you learned essential information about colors and color selections . Here are a few notes in relation to assigning colors to areas:
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The object is to output 12 values . However, the highest value must be 11 because the minimum value must be 0 (see the note above) . Here, the minimum value must be set to 0 instead of 1 .
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has a lower bug density. It is crucial to use the metrics at the individual level only to show where additional investigation might be needed. For example, if a tester is not reporting very many bugs, it would make sense to look at the feature area and determine the cause of the low bug count. If other users (customers, developers, beta users) find bugs in the area, the tester's low bug count might be a concern. If there were a low number of tests run (measured by test cases or code coverage information), the low number of bugs might also be something worth investigating. However, if upon further investigation you determine that the area is well tested and just doesn't have very many bugs, it certainly isn't a situation where you would want to penalize the tester. A Story of Bug Metrics When I first started at Microsoft, I had a bug quota. My manager told me that every tester on the team was expected to find 10 bugs per week. That seemed like a reasonable request, so I diligently went to work and started finding bugs. Like most Microsoft employees, I always wanted to do a little more than was expected of me, so I regularly reported at least 12 or 13 bugs per week. Fortunately, the area I was testing was undergoing a lot of change, and I never had a problem reaching the quota. In fact, some weeks I would find 20 or more bugs! When this happened, however, I worried that I had somehow found too many bugs and that I wouldn't be able to reach my quota the next week. So, I reported 13 or so, and "saved" the remaining bugs for the following week just in case my well of bugs dried up. This demonstrates another classic case of getting what you measure. My manager wanted 10 bugs per week, so that's what I gave him regardless of whether I found more bugs. I repeatedly see attempts at using bug metrics to measure individual performance, but these metrics are rarely, if ever, effective.
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Any customizations to the build or clean process should be declared after this statement to ensure that they are not overwritten. The following snippet shows how we can override the BeforeClean and AfterClean targets.
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Times tab providing expiration dates
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16 Arrays
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Look at the following class definition:
Lessons in this chapter:
AND C.mgrid = P.empid CROSS JOIN TwoNums AS TN
Where Does Service Broker Fit
Exercise 1: Installing Network Monitor
SELECT S.supplierid, S.companyname, P.productid, P.productname, P.unitprice FROM Production.Suppliers AS S OUTER APPLY dbo.GetTopProducts(S.supplierid, 1, 2) AS P;
Select the time-scale axis and change the Base Unit to Months in the formatting dialog box . Press the F9 key several times and you will see that some months include multiple data points, while others remain empty . If you use years as the base unit, most of the randomly generated data combinations of all data points are displayed in one single category . Particularly the two settings mentioned last indicate that a line chart with time-scale axis is closely linked with the scatter chart (XY) and that you must decide for the individual cases whether it makes sense to display the line or whether you should limit the display to the markers of the line . In the formatting dialog box, define different combinations of various minimum and maximum values as well as fixed intervals of different types (days, months) and different sizes . Note the effects on the display of the category axis and the data series . In the source data range D5:E16, overwrite the formulas with their results (Copy, Paste Special, Values) and then sort the data at your discretion (both according to calendar dates and measurement results) . Note that the display of the chart doesn t change . So, you can create a chart with a calendar-structured time-scale axis from a source data range that is not sorted chronologically .
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