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Part III Essential Types
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ASP.NET Security
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Figure 2-9. Display Estimated Execution Plan
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Lesson 1
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Transitive Closure
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
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Page 198
the three hierarchical levels of Act II slides.
The domain attribute specifies an optional domain that is assigned to the domain property of the HttpCookie class for outgoing authentication cookies. This attribute has no default value and is ignored if it isn t explicitly set. It is useful because it allows you to share authentication cookies between two machines located in the same domain. For example, suppose you run two Web sites named and If you choose as the authentication domain, the two applications will recognize each other s cookies. Setting the domain attribute doesn t cause anything to be emitted into the ticket; it simply forces all form authentication methods to properly set the domain property on each issued or renewed ticket. The attribute is ignored if cookieless authentication is used. Note that this setting takes precedence over the domain field used in the <httpCookies> section.
Page 15
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What s New in Windows Vista
Part I ASP.NET Essentials
By default, Windows Media Player saves ripped CD tracks in the Music folder within your user profile. If you decide you want ripped tracks to go to a different location, click the arrow beneath the Rip button and choose More Options. On the Rip Music tab of the Options dialog box, click Change. This capability is especially useful if you share a home computer with other family members and want everyone to have access to the same music library. In this case, specify that you want ripped tracks to be stored in the Public Music folder instead. If you are online when you copy a CD, Windows Media Player connects to the Windows Media online database and gets whatever information is available about that CD. Typically, this information includes the name of the album and the songs it contains, the names of performers and composers, information about musical genres, and album art. Windows Media Player uses some of this information to create file names for your copied CD tracks. (All of the information Media Player gets from this online repository of information can be used in one way or another, even if it doesn t become part of your file names. The album art, for example, appears in the Library tab, in the Now Playing list when you play tunes from that album, and in Windows Explorer when you use Thumbnails view. By default, the file names for your tracks are made up of the track number, followed by a space character, followed by the song title (which probably includes spaces). Such a file name might look like this: 09 Tell Me All The Things You Do.wma. Because the library uses metadata to sort, group, and display items in your collection, it s not vital that you include a lot of detail in the actual file name. Using the track number as the beginning of the file name ensures that the tracks on an album always sort correctly within their folder, even when you copy that folder to another drive, device, or media-playing program. However, if you copy a group of songs to a portable player that doesn t use subfolders, that device may display and sort by only the file name. Therefore, when you choose a file-naming convention in Windows Media Player, give some thought to how your files will work in your portable device. In that context, if you want
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