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private void LoadFilesAndDirs() { using (var store = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication()) { } }
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Software help systems usually get a pretty bad rap. The users who rely on them (oddly enough, statistics show they are often more experienced users) are quick to point out what s missing, what doesn t work, what isn t helpful. And because help systems are where people go when they are up against an obstacle and want an answer fast, there s a level of frustration built into pressing F1 and looking through a help system for the answers. If you are the type of user who prefers to find your own way through a new program, you will most likely click through all the menus and explore the available options, trying to figure things out yourself instead of consulting a resource like help. If you are the type of user who reads the manual (Hello! This book is for you!), you are likely to turn to the printed page (or keep the book handy while you explore the software on your own). So where does the help system fit in Help is where you go when none of these other resources is producing what you
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By setting the scope of a workflow process, you can further refine which records the process affects. The scope options are similar to those used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM security access levels:
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Software Compression The Software Compression check box enables Routing And Remote Access to perform compression of PPP data at the software level. Leave this option enabled unless the modem connecting to the PPP client is capable of compress ing PPP data at the hardware level.
Case Scenario Exercise
Page 278 hides any toolbars and the menu bar in the Internet Explorer window. The full code for the application tag that you add to the <HEAD> section takes the form:
Obtaining a Reference to an Existing Process
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BE YOND BULLET POINTS (BBP) is making headlines because it gets dramatically better results than the standard bullet point approach that most people use with Microsoft Of ce PowerPoint . But it s no accident that BBP gets these results, because beneath the simple, clear, and compelling visual stories is a sophisticated foundation that determines everything you say, show, and do during a presentation. This chapter will explain why BBP works so well and why the conventional approach so often falls short of expectations.
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