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d. Set the HyperLink1.NavigateUrl property to Default2.aspx.
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Congratulations on completing your PowerPoint storyboard! Your nal presentation should look something like the one shown in Figure 8-34.
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Any class that implements this interface can be turned into a blocking collection where threads producing (adding) items will block if the collection is full and threads consuming (removing) items will block if the collection is empty . Of course, I d try to avoid using blocking collections as their purpose in life is to block threads . To turn a non-blocking collection into a blocking collection, you construct a System.Collections.Concurrent.
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chapter for details. The using statement is a mechanism for efficiently acquiring, using, and disposing of a class or struct that implements the System.IDisposable interface. For example, if MyClass and MyStruct are types that implement IDisposable, the syntax of the using command is as follows:
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your computer . If you are using your own computer, you probably have Administrator rights . If you are using a computer in an organization and you do not have Administrator rights, please consult your computer support or IT staff . See the Code Samples section in the Introduction for more information .
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The path datatype can also make use of nested pathelements, as shown in the definition of the all.source.path path structure. It uses the pathelement datatype to reference the locations defined by src-java and src-generated properties. Path is a typical Ant pathlike structure. When dealing with paths or classpaths, Ant s task makes use of pathlike structures to perform its function. In the previous example, you can see that the two pathelements defined at the top of the buildfile are then used by reference in the context of the javac task. The class.path path is passed to the classpathref attribute of javac to determine the classpath for compilation and the all.source.path is used by creating a new pathelement, which is nested inside the src nested element of the javac task. As a build s complexity increases so do the patterns for selecting files. Pathlike structures enable the reuse of path information and help keep the growth of buildfiles under control.
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DNS Namespace
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Now you will write code to display the shipping type and destinations in ShippingConfirmationLabel when the user clicks the Ship button. Return to Design view, double-click the Ship button, and then write the necessary code.
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In some situations, you might find it useful to catch one exception and rethrow a different exception. Here s an example:
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One of the advantages of working with open source, platform-independent technologies is that you can choose the operating system to use for development. You should be able to develop and run HatShop on Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, and others. However, this also means that you may struggle a little bit to set up your initial environment, especially if you re a beginner. When setting up the project s virtual folder, a few details differ depending on the operating system (mostly because of the different file paths), so we ll cover them separately for Windows and for Unix systems in the following pages. However, the main steps are the same: 1. Create a folder in the file system named hatshop (we use lowercase for folder names), which will contain the HatShop project s files (such as PHP code, image files, and so on). 2. Edit Apache s configuration file (httpd.conf) to create a virtual folder named hatshop that points to the hatshop physical folder created earlier. This way, when pointing a web browser to http://localhost/hatshop, the project in the hatshop physical folder will be loaded. This functionality is implemented in Apache using aliases, which are configured through the httpd.conf configuration file. The syntax of an alias entry is as follows: Alias virtual_folder_name real_folder_name
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Install and configure the DNS Server service.
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Nokia s Software Platform
static routes are enabled on the user account of the calling router and that the answering router is configured with a routing protocol so that when a connection is made, the static routes of the user account of the calling router are advertised to neighboring routers.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
AspectJ is distributed as a JAR-based installer. At the time of this writing the file is aspectj-1.5.0.jar. To run the installer simply type java -jar aspectj-1.5.0.jar The Java-based installer will attempt to determine the location of the JDK on your machine, and then it will create the installation for the AspectJ tools and documentation as shown in Figure 10-1. Follow the prompts and select a location for the AspectJ installation. After the installation is complete, a directory like that shown in Figure 10-2 will be created in the location of your choice.
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